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Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Chapter 4


Sameer had made a conscious effort to reach school early that day to talk to naina. He had planned to ask for forgiveness and everything would be well again but what he had not expected to see in even his nightmares was to witness this scene. Naina and a boy hand in hand and alone in the classroom. His mind was unable to process and muscles unable to move. He stood there watching the entire scene.  Suddenly he was overwhelmed with emotions and left from there unnoticed by both of them.

He wanted to go in the classroom and separate their hands but he could not after seeing that smile on naina’s face.

Prem was happy that naina had excepted his friendship and the day was going good for him. He smiled at naina.

Prem: So dost will you give me a tour of the school? There is still time for the classes to begin.

Naina smiled at him. He was a good natured and nice person. They went out of the classroom talking all the way. Prem told her about everything his old school friends and anything he could think of. She got to know that he had studied at one of the best school at delhi and had got admission here because this was his father’s and mother’s school too. He loved to play basketball Cricket and the drums. He hated tinde and loved paneer. She also got to know that he lived just three houses away from the aggarwals.

Prem: Today is my lucky day naina. I made a new friend who is quite nice and my neighbor too. I feared that I will be left alone without my friends but unti you are there I will never be alone.

Naina: Has anyone ever told you that you are mad?

Prem: Yes naina maa tells me that everyday that I am the craziest person in this world.

Prem said that so casually that she could not stop herself from bursting into laughter.

Prem looked at her and said always keep laughing. You look good while laughing.

At this naina looked up at prem with surprise and realized that in past few minutes since prem entered her life she had forgotten about all her troubles. She had laughed and it was genuine and not put up for her family and friends or for a strong image. It was in that moment that naina accepted prem as a true friend.

Naina: Thank you Prem.

Prem: For what?

Naina: I will tell you some other day.

With this the two friends moved back to their class and naina saw swati and smiled at her.

Swati: Finally after so many days you are smiling from your heart.

Swati was happy to see her friend smiling again.


Here Sameer could still not believe what he had seen. He found a quite place under a tree and thought about it. It felt like he had been stabbed in his heart. He was sure if naina had taken his heart out and thrown away it would have hurt less. He saw naina with him walking around the school and talking and he said something which made naina burst out into laughter and sameer died a little again. She was smiling and happy but he was not the reason for it. Its not like he was not happy to see her laughing but he could have done anything to be  the reason for her happiness. But she was happy because of HIM and it was in that moment that sameer realized that naina was more than a friend and he could not see her with anyone else. He had realized what he had kept denying to himself. He was in love with her and he had to win her back.

Precap: Prem makes more friends and sameer tries to talk to naina.

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