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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Daali rages at Kanhaiya

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some man seeing Kanhaiya and asking you here, driving a rickshaw. Kanhaiya says we will talk later, my wife is here, just go. The man asks what’s going on. Kanhaiya says its fate, I can’t get beaten up more, its my time to stand up, thanks for what you did for me. The man asks won’t you ask about her, who comes every week and asks about you. Kanhaiya asks who. Badimaa and everyone out Shringhaar items for Daali and sing a song.

The man says she comes even today, she asks about you, why won’t she find you. Kanhaiya says enough, I respect you a lot, but I can’t talk, the time hasn’t come, its close, Daali is my time. The man asks who is she. Kanhaiya says my wife, that little girl, you remember….. He recalls Daali. He says I can’t stop now, go

from here. Daali says fine, I m going in taxi. Kanhaiya apologizes and goes. The man says God bless you, I won’t let anyone hurt you, what shall I do about that woman. Badimaa falls sick. Vaijanti makes her sit. Badimaa says don’t tell Daali, else she will just be with me.

Everyone welcomes Daali home. Vaijanti does Daali’s aarti. Kanhaiya says do my aarti also, I m the son in law. Vaijanti argues. She refuses to do his aarti. Janki says fine, I will do his aarti. Janki does Kanhaiya’s aarti. Daali says I wish to beat him, see how he is laughing. Janki feeds sweets to Kanhaiya.

Daali scolds Kanhaiya. Janki asks what does this mean, if you don’t stay happy, you won’t get any property. Daali says we are very happy. Kanhaiya says Daali respects me a lot. He lies to Janki. Daali and Kanhaiya go to her room. Vaijanti says this Kanhaiya will sink this house. Daali asks how dare you and pushes Kanhaiya. He jokes on her. They argue. She says I hate men. He asks why do you hate men, what did I do. She says you didn’t do anything, I married a servant, don’t try to take advantage, there is no place for any man in my life. He asks why, was there anyone before. She cries and says yes, someone told me that he will always be there, but ….. He asks about whom are you saying, did you love him. Daali says yes, I loved him, he promised that he will come back, but he didn’t come, he didn’t keep his promise. He gets emotional. He holds her. She angrily slaps him. Janki comes and says you slapped your husband. Daali says I mean…. Kanhaiya is a servant. Janki says you left everyone and married him, why are you slapping him. Kanhaiya says its fine, this happens between husband and wife, its love.

Kanhaiya expresses his wish. Janki and Daali get shocked. Janki asks Daali to fulfill the custom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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