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Iss Ishq Mein Marjawan (10~Small Punishment For Manik)

Ishita watched as Shivani went unconscious in her lap. She held her face. ‘Shivani?’ she said trying to wake her. She didn’t respond and she laid her head on the pillow and lowered her bed. She got out of the room and went to call doctor. She saw doctor looking at a file. ‘Doctor! Doctor! Shivani, she..she fainted, please come and check her,’ she said worriedly. ‘Yes I will come, actually I m checking someone’s file right now,’ he said and Ishita snatched the file from his hand. ‘Hey, check it later. Right now Shivani is more important,’ she said and he came, she followed him.

He checked her heartbeat and her pulse. ‘Her heart is beating so fast as if she got scared, what had happened?’ he asked. ‘Don’t know. She was telling her past and then she fainted all of a sudden,’ she told him. ‘Just take care of her, don’t ask about anything from which she’s scared, where’s her family?’ he asked. ‘They can’t come here, only I m her family,’ she replied and saw Shivani moving, she opened her eyes. She caressed her hair and smiled at her. ‘How are you?’ she asked her politely.

‘Fine but what happened?’ Shivani asked. ‘You got unconscious. Relax,’ she said. ‘I know you are not my Shanaya di as she died in front of me, you’re Ishita di, then why do you care about me? You wanted to help Nandini then why you are helping me?’ Shivani asked. ‘I might be Ishita in front of the world but for you, I m Shanaya, your elder sister, you are my younger sister, where and why will I go leaving you?’ she said smiling at her and kissed her forehead. Shivani smiled for the first time after she came to jail.

She held her hand between her palms. ‘I love you di,’ she said. ‘Love you too,’ Ishita said and smiled at her again. Someone came in the ward. ‘Who’s Ishita Bhalla from you both?’ asked the peon. ‘Me, why what happen?’ Ishita asked. ‘A girl has come to meet you,’ he said and she started leaving but realized Shivani is still holding her hand. ‘Shivani, I will come soon, don’t worry,’ she said and kept her hand on the bed and went and Shivani stared at the ceiling. Ishita walked out of the police hospital to the jail impatiently.

She saw Nandini and smiled. ‘Nandini, you finally came,’ she said. ‘They told me you are with Shivani and that you’re her sister,’ she said. ‘Oh, actually she said she had a sister Shanaya Malhotra who was a replica of me, so I acted to be her sister, she banged her head on the wall,’ Ishita told her. ‘Are you sure you’re acting? I don’t think so, because I came there and heard everything,’ she said. ‘Long story, is everything OK?’ she asked. ‘Today I m going to give a small punishment to Manik. A funny one,’ Nandini said smilingly.

‘But why?’ Ishita asked. ‘He’s asking me to remarry him, so here’s the plan,’ Nandini said and told her the whole plan. ‘Nice ha, you’re so funny, all the best,’ she said and they shared a hug and Nandini went outside and sat in the car and asked the driver to drive off from there. She messaged Manik the address. She was grinning to herself all the way to the hotel. As she reached, she stepped down and went to the hotel room taking the keys, she also had the same shopping bag which had Manik’s gifted dress. She saw an African lady and went to her and took her inside.

Nandini knew to speak a little Afrikaan language. ‘Haai, ons ken mekaar nie, maar ek was gewaag om ons kamer te gee aan ‘n paartjie wie ek eers saam met hierdie rok sien,’ (Hey, we don’t know each other but i had been given a dare to give our room to a couple who i see first along with this dress) Nandini said to her politely handing her the shopping bag and she took out the dress of it. ‘Sy is pragtig, maar sal jy nie nodig hê nie?’ (Its beautiful but wont you need it?)

‘Nee, jy hou daarvan, reg? So jy kan dit hou, hoekom dra jy dit nie? Jou man sal daarvan hou, dit dra, in die duisternis gaan lê om hom te verras,’ (No, you like it, right? So you can keep it, why don’t you wear it? Your husband will like it, wear it, lay down in darkness to surprise him) Nandini instructed her and she went to washroom and Nandini went out waiting for Manik to come. As she went out, she saw him coming and ran away hiding behind a wall secretly.

He went inside and saw darkness. He also saw the girl laying on the bed and assumed it to be Nandini. He laid beside her resting his chin on her shoulder. ‘Wow Nandini, how beautiful you are,’ he praised her and kissed her cheek. ‘Ek het nie ‘n enkele woord verstaan ​​wat jy gesê het nie,’ (i didn’t understand a single word you said) she replied. ‘What?’ he asked confused on her words. ‘Ek het nie ‘n enkele woord verstaan ​​wat jy gesê het nie,’ she repeated and just then the door opened revealing it to be an African man who switched on the lights.

On seeing the scenario, he got shocked. ‘Awww oolulululuuuu,’ he said and hearing his voice made the lady shocked and she realized someone else was there the whole time. They beated him black and blue and every time he tried to run he was pulled back and dragged inside by his leg. They did this several times and lifted him throwing him out. He heard a familiar laughter and saw Nandini coming to him by crawling. ‘Awwww oolululululu,’ she said making him recall the African couple and laughed hilariously. ‘Just shut up!’ he said totally irritated by her. She laughed taking his head in her lap and ruffled his hair playfully.

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