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Ishqbaaz 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer captures Anika

Ishqbaaz 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye hides from the goons. Charlie stabs the sacks with the sword. Sword reaches close to Shivaye’s face. Charlie says he isn’t here and leaves. Shivaye thinks I have to distract the goons to make a leave from here. Omru and Khanna get inside. Shivaye throws the carton. Charlie says maybe he is in that same room. Shivaye hits them with a stick and locks them inside the room. Omru look for Shivaye. Shivaye gets inside a room to pick his phone. He sees Roop coming and hides. He leaves from there. Omru and Khanna roam in corridor. They get inside Roop’s room. Roop comes in and worries seeing the safe open. She shouts Charlie. Omru and Khanna hide under the bed. Charlie and goons come. Roop scolds them and asks where is Shivaye. Charlie says he has run away. Om smiles. Roop slaps Charlie and scolds.

Om signs Anika.

Pinky asks Anika to get some snacks and water, she is much hungry. Anika smiles and says I will just get it. She goes. Shakti asks the matter. Pinky says Roop called me, she is planning something big against us. He asks what does she want now. She tells everything. They get shocked. Pinky says I don’t know what to do, I separated Anika and Shivaye by my wish, I can’t do this sin again, I regarded her my daughter, how shall I ruin her house, I can’t snatch Shivaye’s happiness. Tej says we have no other option than to agree to Roop, I hope we can do something for Shivaye at the marriage mandap. Shakti says yes, we have to think about Shivaye’s safety, we have to agree to Roop. Tej asks them to come. They go. Anika gets pakoras and tea. She thinks where did everyone go.

Shivaye is on the way. He gets Roop’s call. She says you didn’t do right, you can run away but can’t get saved, you have to remarry, see what I do with your family. He says bad happens with bad people, you can’t do anything. She says just time will show that. She calls someone and says its time to get Veer out of jail. Om says we have to tell this to Shivaye. Rudra says I will message Shivaye. She hears a sound and shouts Charlie. A man is thrown inside the cell. He sings and gives a note to Veer. Veer reads it and sees the pill. He eats the pill. He falls sick. Constable checks Veer. Inspector says take him to hospital. Roop scolds Charlie. Rudra asks Khanna to get the phone from his pocket. Khanna gives the phone to Rudra and asks for password. Rudra types the message that Veer has got released from jail, be careful, go home.

His phone rings. She asks whose phone is this, check here. Shivaye calls Omru again and says where are they, I hope they are not in any problem. Charlie goes to lift the bed sheet and check. Omru close eyes. Charlie’s phone rings. He says maybe it was my phone ringing. Roop takes the phone. The man says I did my work, police took Veer to hospital, he will do the rest. Roop says he will run away from the ambulance with ease. Veer is on the way in ambulance. He opens eyes and gets up. He beats the constables. The driver stops the ambulance and goes to check. Veer kicks him far. Veer gets down and thinks I m coming Shivaye, get ready. He drives the ambulance.

Shivaye comes home. He says there is no one at home, its time I should burn this folder, but maybe it will be wrong, I can’t trust Roop, maybe this can be used against her later on. He gets Roop’s call. She asks did you burn the proof. He says how does it matter, your game is over. She says game just started, because my son Veer has escaped from jail. Veer smiles seeing Anika. He says I told you Shivaye, our game just started, we will play hide and seek today. Shivaye says Veer will be caught up soon, I don’t get scared. Roop says you don’t know what will he do. Shivaye says I don’t have interest in knowing this, you can’t do anything. She says I know changing the game. He says game is out of your hand now, accept your defeat. She says just see your Anika, if my son Veer has…. He says stop nonsense, I will kill Veer is he touches Anika. She says Veer will kill her before. Shivaye shouts Anika and runs upstairs. Veer comes to Anika’s room. She smiles thinking its Shivaye and turns. She gets shocked seeing him. Shivaye runs. Veer pushes Anika on the bed. She tries to run. He catches her.

Shivaye looks in kitchen. Veer says Shivaye and I are playing hide and seek, I won’t lose, don’t act smart. Veer takes her away. She kicks chair and few things. Shivaye comes running to the room. He sees the mess. He gets shocked. Anika tries to reach him. Veer pulls her back. Roop calls Shivaye. He asks where is my Anika. Roop says see the game has changed. He says if anything happens to my Anika. She says calm down, nothing will happen if you agree to me, I want that evidence and a Sehra over your head, when Anika dies, you will definitely remarry, if you marry now, she will be alive, Oberois don’t go empty handed in any marriage, get that proof for me. He thinks I can burn the proof, but I can’t put Anika’s life at stake, whatever the price.

Anika falls down. Shivaye feels she is in pain. Shivaye is on the way. Anika scolds Veer. Veer suffocates her neck and says I will show you, what I can do. She faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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