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INTENSE LOVE (SwaSan) CHAPTER 10 by Marsuu

Recap: swara discharged from hospital and swara talked to sanskar’s dadi.

After One Month:
Sanskar’s pov:
I slowly open the main door and entered inside as it’s mid night and i don’t want to disturb swara. The lights of the hall are onn and here she is lying on the couch and sleeping. Nothing can be done of this girl, she could have slept in the room comfortably. I remove my coat and place on the sofa. I was busy with the work as we both are leaving to USA after two days so i was doing all the arrangements. I stare her for a second, finally her injuries are cured. I lean on her and kiss her head. Next I soflty place my lips on her and started kissing. I felt her right arm move around my neck. I deepen the kiss when she responded back. After a min, i broke the kiss and she open her eyes. ” sorry i disturbed your sleep” i apologise because of my kiss she wake up. Swara shook her head. ” why are you sleeping here??” I asked further. ” i was waiting for you” she said. I smile at her gesture. Though I’m lying on her but still i make sure not to lie my weight on her. ” finally we are going in two days” i said. ” I’m so excited” she sequealed and her eyes are shining.

I heard the doorbell, so i got up and went to open the door. Who can come at such odd hours. I got shocked to see shanaya standing at the door. My blood boiled seeing her, due to her swara suffered alot. ” yes? what you want?” I asked rudely. I had filed a compaint against her last week. She is still free because we don’t have proof against her that she is the one who shot swara. ” whose there??” Swara asked coming close to the door. Swara look at shanaya confusedly. Ohh she has never seen shanaya so she didn’t recognised her. ” she is shanaya” i said and swara’s eyes widen. She got nervous and i held her hand to relax her. May be after that accident, she is scared of her. ” actually i came here to say sorry ” shanaya spoke. ” stop your drama” i shouted. ” please listen to me once” shanaya requested.

I was adamant not to listen to her rubbish but swara said ” Okay”. I give her unbelievable look and she smile back. Impossible girl!!!!. ” actually i was stubborn to get sanskar and when he married you i got angry and in anger i planned to kill you but after i shot you, my dad gets to know about my doings so he made me understand that i can’t snatch sanskar from you when he is happy with you. My marriage is fixed by my mother and i want to start my life afresh with him. I just want to say if you can take your case back that will save my life and reputation ” shanaya told us story and to be honest I’m least imterested in her talks. “are you lying??” Swara asked.

Wooww!! This girl must have planned to forgive her. “yes i swear, I’m regretting. Please swara forgive me” shanaya pleaded. ” if you are guity then i can forgive you” as expected swara said. ” I’m not going to take the case back” i said interrupting them. ” sanskar give her chance. She wants to start her new life” swara tried to convince me. ” but..” before i could continue, she said ” for me” and that’s it, i can’t go against her now. She is very smart to use my weakness. I rolled my eyes and unwillingly said ” okay i will take the case back but don’t you dare to come in our lives again” i warned her at last. ” thank you” shanaya said smilingly. ” all the best for your future ” swara said and she nodded. Swara close the door once she was gone. “swara what if she was faking all this drama” i said running my hand through hairs. “she was not, i can read truth in her eyes” she told me. “huh!! Truth reader” i said sarcastically. She make weird faces and moved towards the bedroom.

I came out of washroom and went near the bed. I intentionally lie on the side where was hardly any space. Swara, who was lying on her side look at me and said “sleep on your side” she said. I ignored her words and slip inside the comforter. “Urgggg” she signed in frustration and slightly move towards the other side. I sheepishly smile and hug her tightly nuzzling in her neck. This is the best time of my day when we cuddle with each other and sleep in each other’s arms. ” good night ” she whisper. ” good night ” i replied kissing her neck.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

Swara’s pov:
We are all set to leave for airport as we have flight in the evening. I’m going out of the country for the first time so I’m nervous but sanskar is there with me so i don’t mind. Kunj and twinkle came to meet us and just now they left. ” come swara” sanskar said as he dragged the suitcase out of the house. I followed him and we left to airport.
After completing the formalities we both are sitting in the waiting area. My passport is with sanskar and I’m confused why we are sitting in the area where flights for paris are going. ” sanskar” i turn to look at him. He was busy on mobile but as soon as i called him he turn of the phone ” hmm” he wrap his arm around my shoulder. ” we are going to USA na?” I asked for confirmation though i know the answer is yes. Sanskar took deep breathe and shook his head. “Means??” I asked totally perplexed. ” we are going to paris” he told me. ” why??” I asked again. He is seriously confusing me. ” for our honeymoon ” he whisper in my ear. My back stiffened as the words left his lips. ” we will live there for one week then will go to usa” he further told me. ” ohh!! So it was a surprise?” I asked raising my eyebrow. ” yeah it was” he nodded. ” thank you” I placed my head on his chest. Sanskar planted a soft kiss on my hairs.

After the tiring flight of several hours, here we reached at the hotel where we are going to stay for the next one week. Sanskar took the keys from reception while i was busy in admiring the beauty of the hotel. He held my hand and we moved towards the room.
” it’s beautiful ” i exclaimed looking at the room which seems to be comfy and decorated as a honeymoon suit with candles and various varieties of flowers. It’s late night and we changed ourselves into cauals. I came inside the room from balcony and the lights were off and room was dim with just candle lights. Sanskar is lying on the bed. I instantly jumped beside him. He turn towards me and stare in my eyes. “would you mind if we take our relation ahead??” He softly asked. Our lips are just inch apart and i can feel his breath hitting my cheeks. Since when he became so gentleman types to ask all this when he never ask before kissing. Above all we are here for our honeymoon and soul purpose of honeymoon is this only. Btw who must have made this honeymoon thing???” swara” he bought me back to the world. ”” i said placing my arm around his neck. He smile brightly and kiss my lips softly. Everytime we kiss, there is new feelings and it’s always magical. I never thought that i will fall for someone like this. A month ago when he reminded me of the contract after my confession, i was not having answer to give to him.

Sanskar stare at me for few seconds before whispering ” you are forgetting something” i got perplexed because i don’t know what I’m forgetting. ” what??” I asked. He took deep breath and join his forehead against mine. “Your marriage contract ” he mumble and then capture my lips. Ohhh shitt!! I forgot about it. Sanskar was busy in kissing me but i didn’t responded as i got confuse what to answer him about the contract when i had already confessed that i love him. He broke the kiss and look at me. ” which contract?” I asked pretending as if i don’t know anything. ” huh!! You don’t know??” He asked and shock was clear on his face. I innocently shook my head. ” stop your drama swara” he said getting serious. ” i tore the contract papers when i realized i love you” i whisper playing with my fingers.
” and who was supose to tell me?? What if i had given you divorce?” He asked shocking. ” you would have left me??” I asked still astonished. He would let me go that easily?
” never it’s just I’m reminding you about your childish acts of signing the contract” he chuckle teasingly. ” it was not childish” i frowned and twitched my nose. ” so you want to live with me for life long??” He asked holding my hand in his. ” yes” i nodded and kiss his cheeks. He hugged me.
And i lost the challenge but I’m happy after losing because i won the best husband in the form of sanskar.
Flashback ends.

I open my closed eyes as sanskar’s lips parted from mine. My heart is beating like anything. The mere proximity of sanskar is enough to make me senseless. His eyes buried in mine and our breathe hitting each others face. ” what happened??” Sanskar cups my face. ” just nervous” i was hardly able to whisper. ” relax” he rub my hand. I nodded taking deep breathe. The sound of zip opening echoed in the silence of the room when sanskar removed my shirt. “Ahh” i gasp as lips kissed my cleavage. His uncountable kisses are making me uncontrollable. Sanskar throw away my clothes exposing me infront of me. I’m not feeling shy as he had already seen me. He slightly got up from me not breaking the eyelock. My cheeks heated up when sanskar removed his shirt. He is too hot!!! My mind complimented. ” staring is rude Mrs Maheshwari” he said and again lie on me.
” i can stare at what’s mine” i smirked. His eyebrows raised in astonishment because he must not have expected such a bold reply from me. “ahan, i like it” he smile. His smile is so contagious that anyone can fall for it. Sanskar touch my naval with his lips. I had worn ring for him as i know he like it. “sanskarrr” i mourned his name as he sucked my naval. His lips lingered every inch of my body. Sanskar opened the button of my jean and instantly removed it. I fisted my hands and clutched the blanket when sanskar kissed my thigh. This is freaking hot.

” swara” he called me when he found I’m crying. ” it’s pai..ning” i trembled while saying. ” it will be fine” he kissed my lips. My whole body was set on fire. It is very new experience for me. With each passing second, the pain subsided and soon pleasure became dominant. Sanskar joined his forehead with me and wipe my almost dried tears. “I love you” he whispered several times and it was so soothing. He was very gentle and soft. I hugged him tightly as he poured his love. I rub my legs against his being restless. ” you are fine?” he asked me.
” hmm” i kissed his chest and closed my eyes in utmost pleasure. ” it was the best feeling and moment i ever had” i mumble.
” me too” sanskar kiss my head and he lie on his side. I turned and he engulfed me in his arms covering both of us in the comforter.

I came out of the washroom wearing only a white shirt of sanskar which is hardly covering my skin. It has been two days since we are on bed. We just have our meal, make love and sleep. This is the best place and we don’t even want to go out. It’s morning and i came after fresh up. I didn’t put efforts to wear good cothes because sanskar is going to remove them. This mere thought is enough to make me blush. I leaned at the door and sanskar is half lying on the bed. Let me seduce me. I thought and smirk at him. He gazed me from top to botton. ” what?” He asked when i crossed my arms at the chest. I move close to him and after leaning on his chest, i ran my finger on his face. I feel it so funny but i want to seduce him so i suppressed my laugh. The next sanskar was laughing rolling on the bed. ” why are you laughing? ” i frowned. ” what were you doing??” He asked while laughing. ” seducing you” i whisper looking at my lap. ” and who told you this??” He was still laughing. ” stop making fun idiot!! I had seen in movies” i hitted his bare chest. ” don’t touch me” i said. Sanskar pulled me closer. His grip is so tight that i was not able to come out. ” you are cute ” he rub his thumb against my lips and then quickly kiss my lips. His dark brown eyes are enough to melt me. We hug each other and lie on the bed. ” tired?” He asked me because at night we hardly slept. I nodded because I’m seriously tired. ” good night” he said. I smile at him as its early morning. Sanskar kissed my forehead and we slept.
I was excited to start my new life with him.

The End.

Sorry for being irregular. There is no epilogue for this. I will give last parts of my all previous stories. I don’t want to make you all wait so I’m ending most of them.
Thank you

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