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Ikyawann 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya and Kali team up

Ikyawann 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satya saying no, this is a murder, Leela can’t do this. Kali says Leela took revenge for Kiran, Mehul told us truth that he loves someone else, so that Kiran’s life doesn’t get ruined, you married Susheel to ruin her life right, so this way Mehul should take revenge from you, Leela got to know Susheel is safe, she tried to kill her again. She tells him about the accident. Satya says no, Dadi can’t do this. Jhanno screams Leela did this. They get shocked. Jhanno says see I couldn’t stop myself from saying this truth. Kali stops Satya from calling police. He says I will call police. She asks what will happen if we call police, if there is any proof. He says Jhanno will give statement. She says no, we have to make Leela admit, just think about Susheel, we can’t tell her,

she will break down, we have to make her win, that will be Leela’s defeat, Susheel is finding herself, she broke down, she will make her identity, come with me.

The ladies throw water at Susheel and clap. Susheel also pours water on them and says happiness got doubled now. Fighter Didi smiles. Susheel says it was so tough, I got beaten up too, then I won. Fighter Didi asks her to take care and clicks her pic. Susheel says Jessica was fast, I have to work harder. Kali says look there, how everyone is helping Susheel for her future. She asks Jhanno to stay silent, none should know about her. She asks Satya to be serious about her marriage. Sejal says everything should be grand. She checks menu and says its not good, are you doing this as its second marriage. Soumya asks her not to say its second marriage. Sejal says yes, its Satya’s second marriage, did you think I m saying about you. She checks Soumya’s phone. Soumya takes her phone. Leela comes in disguise and meets Jessica. She introduces herself. She says I came here to invite you home. She asks Jessica to eat the food, its tasty. Jessica says no, I want fruits. Leela says I will tell you about Susheel. Jessica says I will come. Soumya says you were seeing mehendi designs, sorry, see them. Sejal says you felt I m spying, I don’t like this. She smiles. Soumya hugs and says so sorry, do what you want. Sejal says just one last chance. Susheel says I will have food with Fighter Didi.

Fighter Didi comes and says I have a surprise for you, have food first. Susheel likes pickles and says I love pickles a lot. Fighter Didi says Jessica is strong as she eats pickles. Susheel says fine, I won’t have it. Fighter Didi says you have to break Jessica in wrestling ring. Susheel asks how. Fighter Didi says this has all secrets of Jessica’s fights, why she is called a killer machine, how to deal with her. Leela calls out Satya. He turns away. Kali says she is calling you…..

Leela says everything will be fine now. Satya taunts her. Kali says he means to say about your business. Leela says Jessica will be coming home for lunch. Kali says I will stay back. Leela says no, you go to clinic, Satya is with me. Satya says I have imp work, you can stop mum. Leela calls out Jhanno. Jhanno answers. Leela asks who answered. Satya asks why did Jhanno answer. He says Jhanno is talking, the day is really good, mum check Jhanno fast. Kali asks Jhanno to talk again. Jhanno says Leela ki jai. Leela gets shocked. She hugs Jhanno and dances. Satya says good will win over evil.

Jessica comes to meet Leela. Susheel sees the videos and says how will I make Jessica lose. Fighter Didi asks her to return to Satya’s house. Susheel says I didn’t mean that. Fighter Didi says then watch and learn. Kali asks why are you known as the killer machine. Leela says she wrestles good. Jessica says I play according to my strengths, people are scared. Leela says Susheel has no fear, she is superhero. Kali gets a call from clinic and goes. Leela says you kill Susheel, I will give you money. Jessica gets shocked. Leela says Susheel is my enemy, you kill her. Jessica holds her neck and says I m a sports star, not a murderer, I don’t fight to kill anyone. She goes. Leela says Susheel has to die by your hands.

Fighter Didi says you should know all moves. Kali says you have to win. Leela sees Jessica and says she has to agree to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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