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He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 8

Hello all, thanks for reading 🙂
It’s RagSan.

“I was washing my hands, Sanskar came to me holding a hand towel. ‘Ragini, come I’ll show you our house..’ he said handing over the hand towel to me. I nodded my head in yes. He was showing me their house. First, we were roaming on the ground floor…. there was a huge balcony attached, a kitchen, a dining hall, a common washroom and 2 guest rooms….Theres a garden attached to the two guest rooms….There were so many types of flowers in that garden, it was green in color. I was still thinking about the break fast incident. Why did he remember about that? hmmm…..I’m not able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of their house because of this. ‘Sanskar…kya tum akele dhikaoge Ragini ko ghar?’  I heard a voice from behind….He is swaras papa. I smiled at him. Sanskar smiled awkwardly after hearing that ‘nai nai, you also talk to Ragini’ He left after saying that. ‘Ragini…come lets sit here, he showed me a chair infront of the garden’ I sat on that chair, he sat beside me on another one.

‘Ragini….is everything okay? You seemed to be lost somewhere’ ‘no no, nothing like that, This is my first time seeing these many flowers thats why….’ I lied ‘Oh okay.. you can always come to our house Ragini….’ I smiled hearing that. He was so friendly. ‘Ragini….do you want something? anything to eat or drink?’ ‘no uncle I’m fine…hmmm uncle can I ask you a question?’ ‘yes beta, Go ahead…’ ‘uncle….why did Swara and Sanskar got separated…’ Uncle smiled changing his gaze from me to the flowers infront of me. He stood up ‘Ragini lets walk come…’ He put his hands on his back (like stand at ease) I stood up. I was walking a two steps behind him…. I guess its difficult for him to answer this question, arey yaar kya kar di maine, puchna nhi chahiye tha :'( :'( ‘Ragini…you want to know about swara and sanskar right?….. they were not separated, infact they were never together eternally……Sharmishta…..’ He took a long break after spelling out Sharmishtas name, he stood for 5 seconds in the same place…

‘Sharmishta and I thought that swara and sanskar like each other…and asked them about it….They didn’t have any intentions about them getting married, but we both made them believe that they are made for each other….after few days of their marriage we got to know about their true feelings, and even they got to know that they don’t like each other that way…..they were hesitant to tell us about that….but later everything got settled…they divorced each other’ What what Why am I feeling happy? Oh god! save me! Sanskar never loved swara? they were together because they felt their connection to be love….. I was happy inside to hear this, but I couldn’t let my happiness come to my face.

‘Papa….Ragini ko ghar nhi dikhana kya?’ Laksh entered the garden… ‘arey haan, I almost forgot about that, Laksh take her to first floor’ Laksh was smiling brightly… ‘Ragini come with me’ We were climbing stair, there comes a two path stairs, which one should I take? right or left? hmm.. I’ll just follow Laksh… ‘Ragini, do you like our house?’ ‘Yes, its beautiful Laksh..’ I wasn’t paying much attention to the stairs…and missed a step… I was about to fall someone caught me holding my waist. I could feel his warmth, it’s Sanskar. The same warmth whihc I felt not so months back. I could tell that it was sanskar who held me without even looking at his face. He helped me in standing properly… ‘Laksh Why were you not looking after her?’ he said this with a serious tone ‘sorry bhaiyya….’

Laksh answered with concern and was looking at me to see if am hurt or not. ‘Sanskar it was my fault…I wasn’t paying attention towards the stairs’ ‘But still….’ Sanskar said this and held my left hand with his right hand ‘Come I will show you the rest of the house’ He dragged me towards him and Laksh was silently following Sanskar…..”

Sorry for the short update, I will try to upload a long one next time.

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