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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Farmers keep their demands

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu getting stressed. The family takes care of him. Chaitu gets a call. Imli asks what happened. He tells about the farmers’ suicide. He goes. Imli says its not easy to become CM, he is not able to have roti. Malai says we can also help him. Jha comes to Chaitu. He says farmers have come to meet you. Chaitu says I was going to their village, tell them to wait for me there. The farmers come with a request. Chaitu says I understand your problem, how can someone die by eating grass, its healthy, were the farmers sick. He asks Jha to do enquiry and know how the farmers died. Farmer says they died by having poisonous grass. Chaitu asks what’s happening, I wish to resign but I won’t, I will import good quality grass for you. Puttan likes the idea. He asks Chaitu

not to meet farmers and attend a minister’s party. A farmer gets angry. Khoji gives the news bytes. A farmer jumps inside Chaitu’s house. Guards catch him. Khoji gives the breaking news of the young guy attacking Chaitu.

The guy says I m a farmer. Khoji says this guy is a farmer. He asks the guy to face his camera. Chaitu scolds farmer. The farmer says we are breaking by fate and nature, farmers will end from this country, please save us. Chaitu says arrest him, he broke the law. The guy runs. He threatens them and asks them to back off. Chaitu asks everyone to get back. The guy says I will pull down my shorts if you don’t listen to me. Chaitu asks what’s this madness. Chaitu asks Imli and others to go inside. He asks farmer not to say his problems this way. The guy says I m also giving you a last chance to understand our pain. Khoji says farmers are increasing Chaitu’s problems. The guy keeps his demands. He says you can fulfill all demands, just think well.

Chaitu asks Imli to see the list, they are many demands. Chaitu calls Puttan home. Puttan asks Jha to sit on his bike. Jha falls down. Jha comes after him running. Jha says you didn’t let me sit. Imli asks Puttan to see that guy. Puttan says this is a farmer. He says I will handle this guy. He asks Khoji to stop the news coverage. Puttan goes and threatens the farmer. The guy doesn’t get scared. He says if you slap yourself, I promise I will leave. Puttan gets angry. He slaps himself and asks the guy to leave now.

Imli and Malai get sad seeing this. The guy says I will not go. Puttan says you won’t listen to me, you promised you will leave. The guy says govt. also didn’t keep their promise. Jha smiles. Chaitu asks Puttan how did he surrender. Puttan asks Chaitu to ban crowds. Jha doesn’t think the idea will work. Genda and her party workers talk about the farmer who came to make Chaitu dance. People see the news on tv. They discuss about farmers. Khoji takes the farmer’s interview. The farmer tells his problem. He speaks about his college life. Janta sees his interview. Imli gets food for farmer. She asks him to wash hands. The guy sits to have food. Malai says have food and then go. Farmer thanks them. He says I m feeling sleepy, I will go tomorrow. He sleeps. Jha says farmer is saying he will keep his demand tomorrow. Puttan says we will solve this matter today, I have a plan. Chaitu says call the farmer’s fav heroine and end this matter.

Puttan says this guy will be gone today. Heroine dances. Farmer dances with her. She asks him to take a job. Farmer keeps his strange demand in front of Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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