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Here is the last chapter:


“Ragu bacha how many times you want to ring the bell?” asked Vikram who was holding Ragini up so that she can reach the bell of the temple.

“Bhayyu. Some more” she said pleading him. “Ruk” said he and made her sit on his shoulder. “Owe” she stumbled then sat comfortable on his shoulder.

“Your legs will pain na. Now araam se ring how many times you want to” said Vikram and Ragini nodded her head smiling looking at her brother.

“And this one” she ringed the bell and placed her finger on her chin and thought. “Haa this one for my Bhabi who is somewhere I don’t know. But let her be happy and let her come in my Bhayyu’s life soon. So that I’m spared of his torturous love” she chuckled.

“Hogaya tera?” asked Vikram. “Ha ha finished” she said and he brought her down carefully. “That last wish was necessary?” asked he biting the banana. “Of course that’s the most important wish” she said chuckling.

“What so funny?” asked he. “I’m just imagining Bhabi’s condition after marriage. You will not let her step on the carpet also. Jaan this carpet will prick your soft legs. Let me spread rose petals first. Tell me where you want to go?” she imitated Vikram.

“Ragu ki bachi” Vikram chased her till home. “Maa maa” she hid behind Sumi. “Arrey arey” Sumi said annoyed as she was stuck between the brother and sister again.

“Maa tell this zombie. Always makes fun of my care” said he panting for breaths. Ragini showed her tongue dangling her hands across his neck.

“When I won’t be there na around you will realize” said he crossing his arms. Ragini walked and hugged him from back placing her head on his back. “Where will you go Bhayyu. I won’t let you go and nor I’m gonna leave you” she said as her eyes filled with tears.

Vikram brought her front and cupped her face. “If you forgot me then?” asked he and she looked into his eyes with her tear filled eyes.  “Can I forget breathing? Even if I forget breathing I will not forget you. Because you stay here” she pointed her heart.

He dragged her in to a warm hug and kissed her hair lovingly.

Laksh squeezed his hand in Dr. Kapoor’s cabin. “What happened to Ragini doctor?” asked Yohan worried. “She…” he squeezed his eyes shut.

“She had lost her memory again. Her brain is like a white paper now. Nothing from the past. Nothing at all” said he controlling his emotions. Vikram collapsed back on his chair.

“The state you found her years ago Vikram. She has reached the same stage. She doesn’t remember anything” said he nodding his head.

A sour lump formed in Vikram’s throat and he stared at Laksh blankly.

“And there are chances she will never remember anything. We have to be patient with her. If we pressurize her it can be risky to her life” said Laksh.

“I will take her back to Indore. And I hope she will recover soon there” he did not realize his words had hurt some in the cabin to an extent that they could not recover from the shock of it.

Ragini was convinced by the doctors that she is related to Laksh and she was ready to leave to Indore.

“Why are you still silent Bro?” asked Yohan to Sanskar. He was happy that Ragini did not remembered anything. No matter she forgot her each memory with Sanskar he was happy that she won’t have to take the blames. She will not suffer the guilt. She will build new memories and will be happy.

“You won’t understand my reason for happiness Yohan” said Sanskar smiling through his tears. “You are happy that Ragini is going away from you?” asked Yohan and Sanskar just did not answer him and walked away.

Ragini was in her room and was staring everything curiously. He couldn’t hold his emotions and walked inside her ward. She jerked finding him in the room.

“Hey Dumbo” he knelt in front of her. “I know you don’t remember your dumbledore but I’m happy just to see you all safe” he smiled at her. She was confused.

“No matter what I will be happy that wherever you are. You will be safe. Promise me you will keep yourself safe” he forwarded his hand. She just stared at his palm blankly.

Mai tenu samjhava Ki….. Nai tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyar mera…. Mai karu intezar tera
Tu dil tu yu jaan meri……

She placed her palm on his and he surprised her with a hug. He suppressed his cry pressing his lips against each other.
“Will miss you” he stood up and ran out of the ward.

Ve Changa nai kitha biba dil mera thod ke
Ve bada pachthaya ankha naal tere jod ke

He collapsed leaning to the pillar and covered his mouth suppressing his cry. He felt suffocation as his throat was not in taking the oxygen and started hyperventilating.

He hit the closed fist to the pillar to control his pain. She will go away from him and he was ready to not to turn back if it could save her pain. She had already gone through a lot and he did not wanted her to tolerate more.

Mai itni dur chala javunga tujhe yaad na avunga. Par yeh sach hai sanam tujhe bhul na pavunga.


Sanskar stood at the terrace staring the same black sky which resembled his life. Ragini was going to be discharged the next morning. His heart was crying and he was so ill fated that he could not express it.

As he got tired he walked to his room and lied on the bed trying to get that sleep which was long gone.

He found a light at the horizon and kept walking towards it. Ragini stood there stretching her hands towards him. “Sanskar don’t let me go please” she pleaded and he just smiled at her through his tears.

“Trust me you will be happy” he said cupping her face. “Like earlier you just know pushing me away from you” she said staring in his eyes.

“Let me only go away from you this time” he said back walking. “No” she tried holding him but he was not in her reach.

“Jaa Sanam mujhko hai pyar pe intezar. Mai karungi tera intezar.” she looked at him painfully.

Mai itni dur chala javunga tujhe yaad bhi na avunga. Yeh alag baath hai ki tujhe mai bhul nahi pavingi.

He found on his right his memories with Ragini. Her blabbering and he looking at her annoyed.

Tumse hi thi meri zindagi lekin yeh kya hua… Tum bin bhi mai jee raha hu mai kaisa hu bewafa.

Jaa sanam lautke aayegi yeh bahaar…. Mai karungi tera intezaar….

Shayad kabhi kahi tumhe meri mile khabar… Karlena yaad bass mujhe mumkin ho yeh agar

Jaa sanam tere saath meri jaan hai mere yaar… Mai karungi tera intezar….

Mai itni dur chala javunga tujhe yaad bhi na aavunga…..

He collapsed on the hard ground and that light of his life was gone and again he was covered in the darkness. Which never wanted to end.  What he had in his life was now only darkness a never ending darkness and he did not mind it until his Ragini was happy and safe. Not happy may be at least not pained.


Ragini was all ready to leave with Laksh but her heart knew that she did not wanted to go. Her eyes scanned across to find anyone who will look familiar to her but she did not find anyone.

Vikram stood in front of her. She was so happy for an unknown reason. She leaped forward and hugged him. Vikram’s painful eyes softened.

“Happy and safe journey” he smiled at her and she smiled through her tears. Laksh took her with him as the cab arrived.

She kept walking looking back at Vikram. Squeezing her hands she struggled to control her emotions and that emptiness from growing inside her. It looked like she was leaving a home after spending 20 odd years there. Vikram just smiled at her hiding his pain. She doesn’t know how but she could see his pain behind that smile.

Blood could define such relations but Ragini and Vikram’s relation was above those blood bound relations also. And reason was just undefinable. Undefinable like the existence of God. Undefinable like why do we have life.

She released herself from Laksh’s hold and ran back to Vikram and jumped to hug him. She did not knew why was she doing all this. Only thing she knew was Vikram meant something to her. Someone who was above all even above her God.

She covered him not  wanting to let go off.  Vikram who was still shocked looked at her. She was crying bitterly. “Ragu” he brought her out of the hug and cupped her face. “I don’t know you. But I don’t know why I can’t go away from you. I want to believe that you are my bhayyu though all are saying me to go with him” she pointed at Laksh.

“I don’t want to go Bhayyu. I don’t want to. I don’t remember you sorry. But I don’t want to go away from you. Please” her eyes burned and Vikram smiled through his sobs.

He dragged her to a hug and placed his chin over her head. “Please” she whispered. Sumi looked at them tearfully. The people related to Vikram by blood could not be with him. Some left him and some were snatched. But Ragini broke all the ties which held her away from Vikram and rushed back to him.

Were there any words, emotions which could define their relation? Absolutely no. Sumi placed her head on his shoulder and he touched her head with his head. His unbreakable word was defined in that one moment. That one moment contained his life.

“More than where she should stay it matters where she want to stay.” Laksh smiled at Vikram and bid them bye and walked to the cab.


Yohan rushed inside Sanskar’s room. He was sitting lifelessly. “Bhai” Yohan hugged Sanskar all happy. Sanskar looked at him confused. “You know Ragini did not leave to Indore” he said happy and narrated everything to Sanskar.

His eyes widened with shock. “You aren’t happy she is not going?” asked Yohan confused. Sanskar pulled his hair frustrated not answering Yohan.

“She has to go away from here Yohan” Sanskar held his shoulders looking painfully. “Have you lost it? Even destiny want you to be together and you are pushing her away. Why?” asked Yohan.

“There is nothing called destiny Yohan. It’s just all our imagination” said Sanskar annoyed.

“You cannot deny it Bro even you tried going away from her she had walked to you” said Yohan looking at Sanskar.

“Let me test this then” said Sanskar looking determined. Yohan just stared him confused.

“You can’t do this to her Bro. Though she has forgotten the memories of her mind. What about her heart?” asked Yohan as tears formed in his eyes. “That heart is Diya’s Yohan. That’s why she feels for me. Like Diya moved on even Ragini will move on” he said smiling sadly.

“I can’t convince you Sanky Bro. But one thing is sure you are not testing time and destiny. You are testing Ragini’s love and you will fail” Yohan smiled with twinkling eyes. “And I will be the happiest person if I lost this battle Yohan” he said closing his eyes.

Every expression of hers crossed his mind.

She lying in the pool of blood in the accident spot played and it pained him. Then she entering his office for the first time and her smile seeing the fountain passed his mind. She screaming assuming he has hearing problems made him chuckle.

Then her annoying talks and illogical draggy explanation made him nod his head. Their first painful eye lock just before the truck hit him sent shivers. Then the Diwali night where she brought that light to in his life brought a smile on his face.

Then she getting the panic attack on Yohan’s marriage made his heart pain remembering her state. He remembered her confession and their first kiss. Then the beautiful moments they spent together.

He remembered her broken state when he tried pushing her together Sahil. Her makeover and the drunken Ragini and then the painful confession.

It looked short span of time but his time with Ragini was enough for him to spend his life away from her. Will he be successful to do that? He did not knew.

“Bhayyu” Ragini looked at Vikram who was standing at the airport. “Ragu bacha we will go home okay. Just come with me. I have to talk to my friend” said Vikram and they walked inside the airport.

He made her sit in the waiting area and walked to Sanskar who was near the check in area. Sanskar felt her presence and turned to find Ragini who was analyzing everything around her.

“Sanskar” Vikram held his shoulders. “Why are you doing this? Can’t you see her love?” he asked painfully. “I can ignore her love Vikky. But can’t see her pain” said he glancing at Ragini with painful smile.

She smiled looking at a small baby and he reflected her smile. “Why do you think your presence will bring in her life” asked he. “She is suffering Vikram that she can’t remember you and if I stay her and my presence make her feel more guilty she forgot me. She will suffer more” said Sanskar.

“So?” asked Vikram. “So I’m giving chance to our love again. If what he had between was love then we will be brought together again” said he determined. “And if it doesn’t happen?” asked Vikram. “I will accept my fate that we were never meant to be together” said he painfully smiling.

“And I know you will lose. Surely. And I will be waiting to do the Kanyadan of my bacha when you return” said Vikram smiling.

Sanskar smiled at him and his gaze fell on Ragini who was now playing with the kid. He looked at her one last time filling her memory in his mind he turned to walk further.

Her heart beat suddenly raised and she saw his back which disappeared with the time. She don’t know why a tear tripped her eye. She was confused as she was happy just a second ago. It felt like someone very dear to her had gone far from her and she don’t know who it was. It was the worst feeling when you don’t know what you are losing

“Jaa sanam tere saath meri Jaan hai mere Yaar…..
Mai Karungi tera intezar. …..


Sahil was broken. He remembered his last interaction with Sanskar.

“Why are you punishing us in all this mess?” he held Sanskar’s collar and asked him furiously. Annapurna sat sad and Avantika was consoling her. Sanskar released his collar and hugged Sahil. He eventually cooled down.

“I know I always mess up your life but I don’t have any other way Sahil. Will you promise one thing?” asked Sanskar ans Sahil nodded his head. “Will you take care of Ani, Ansh and Ragini?” asked he. “And what about her?” Pari spoke controlling her emotions pointing at her baby bump.

Sanskar walked to her and knelt to the baby bump. “Hey Baby. You know Chachu loves you the most. You are his only hope to save his Ani. You will save your sister na?” asked he and Pari felt the baby kicking. “She kicked” she said with wide eyes.

“My baby understands her chachu’s words” Sanskar placed his hand on the bump and again the baby kicked and he smiled through his tears. He stood up and side hugged Pari. He then hugged Anjali and then Kishan. He hugged Adarsh and then DP and walked to Annapurna. Touching her feet not waiting for her to react he moved away from there.

Sahil landed back to present. Wiping his tear he walked to his cupboard. He removed the wooden box and took out the Kalash. “And this is all due to that girl. I will turn the whole world upside down to search her. Though Police did not find anything other than her bag in the accident spot. Once I find her I will punish her for all the mess in my Sanky’s life. Every mess. Then only my Kumud will be happy” he said looking up.

Time had a strange pattern of web connecting them. Sahil did not knew who messed his Sanky’s life. He did not knew Sanskar went away from him to save the same person. He did not knew whom he wanted to make pay was his Sanky’s life. And punishing her will pain Sanskar more.

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