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Fate Love Destiny – Ragini’s Story (Intro)

when love is true then nothing can bound it.when love is eternal even God bends his rules.
There are many myths and legends that have been talked about since ages. One of them is that our fate is written in those sparkling stars that brighten up the night sky. Our fate is the question that the God’s asks us and the choices we make are our answers which make up our destiny. Sounds simple right? But sometimes when our choices go wrong and mess up with God’s plans, entangling the threads of past, present, and future, disturbing the balance of the life/jeevan chakra.

Everybody is born with a predetermined destiny and in the way to realize that we have to complete some tasks that a part of our fate, the obstacles that we have to face, the different situations that we have to go through. It’s when we fail to do complete the task for what we have been born that the delicate balance of our karma chakra is disturbed.

In the journey of our life, we meet different people but there is this one person who is made just for us, the one who fits us, completes us like that one missing piece of a puzzle, that when put in its place gives completes the beautiful picture.Our one true love. But sometimes due to our own choices and sometimes due to situations surrounding us, we fail to meet our one true love which disturbs our love/heart chakra.

And then there is that one rare case when a person makes the wrong choices in his/her life; leaves the preassigned tasks uncompleted and fails to meet and recognize his/her one true love which messes up with the aforementioned chakras and creates a series of events that is beyond comprehension. And it is exactly what happened with Ragini;


Ragini was about to push Swara is the river. Swara’s death will look like an accident and then she will be able to marry Laksh. With each step that Ragini took forward came crashing to her all those memories of the moments, she had spent with Swara. The remembrance of every beautiful memory, each loving moment made Ragini halt and tremble in nervousness. What the hell was she doing, she questioned herself. Did she love Laksh so much that she was ready to kill her sister? Is a guy more important than her family?

No, was the answer that she got when she introspected. Tears fell down her cheeks as she realized what heinous crime she was about to commit. In a daze, she stepped aside and continued walking away from Swara not caring about where she was going. Because of her carelessness, she accidentally walked over the slippery surface which caused her to slip and fall in the river.

Hearing Ragini scream, Swara turned around and saw her sister trying not to drown as she called for help. Swara tried to help Ragini but she couldn’t do much because she herself didn’t know how to swim. As the minutes passed Ragini started losing energy and consciousness. The sound of Swara’s screams started to fade and her sight grew more hazy and blurred. Maybe this was the punishment for all what she had done. The last thing that she remembered before finally losing consciousness was an unusually bright and blinding white light that seemed to engulf her.


Precap – Ragini pinched herself in order to check if it all was a dream or not. An illusion or some kind of twisted reality. She closed her eyes and cried lightly in pain as she pinched her herself twice hoping for a desired result. But the moment she opened her eyes and find herself in the same situation as before, surrounded by the same people, she couldn’t help but say, “What the f—?!



Okay, so this is neither a RagLak nor a RagSan ff. I am gonna introduce a new male lead named ‘Sankalp’ which will make this a SanGini ff :P. But in all seriousness, this story really needed a new male lead so I introduced one. Karan Tacker is the guy I chose to portray Sankalp but you can imagine any hot and handsome dude of your liking as Sankalp 😉


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