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Dil Se Dil Tak 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni think of Parth-Shorvari as girl’s trafficking gang

Dil Se Dil Tak 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth carries Teni to her room. Shorvari was lost in a deep thought and shares with Parth how life turned them to a point they have crossed. She was upset they had to work so hard to bring Teni out of this club and alcoholic life. She is really worried about Teni, what if she gets troubled. Parth assures everything will be fine. He shares with Shorvari that a few people recognized him in restaurant today. Shorvari was worried what if hurts herself in all this. Shorvari then discusses with Parth about a brain specialist in Mumbai and suggests to take Teni to him. She also thinks about a way to take Teni to him.
The next morning, Teni wakes up feeling heaviness in her head. She recalls she had drunk a lot last night and couldn’t sleep as well. She turns the television on. There was a news about

a gang which offers girls high salary jobs and then take them to Mumbai for girl’s trafficking. Four cases have been reported in Baroda till now; anyone in doubt about this involved couple must report in a nearby police station. Teni was tensed what if she is another target. Shorvari comes to the room and finds Teni tensed. Teni lies that it was only a bad news. Shorvari asks Teni to be ready, they have to leave for Mumbai in the evening. The news report echo in Teni’s mind. Shorvari tells Teni that Ipshita’s doctor is in Mumbai, they have to visit her. Teni tells her to go by herself, Shorvari says she is Ipshita’s nanny and has to take care of Ipshita there. Teni asks if Shorvari booked a hotel for there. Shorvari says it’s a five star hotel and leaves. Teni was upset about being caught.
In the room, Shorvari speaks to the doctor to visit them in hotel room and check Teni there. She warns Teni is a little suspicious by nature, nothing should reveal to her. Teni overhears this and cries about being caught in such a worse trap. She decides to go and tell Parth about all this.
In the temple Parth and Baa were praying together. Parth then discuss with Dadi about their decision to take Teni to Mumbai. Teni hears this. Parth says Teni must not doubt their intention. Dadi says its just a game of fate. They are really hurt while treating him like a driver, but they won’t let Teni realize he is the real son of the house. Teni was upset and decide to keep calm and think about an idea to get away from here. She turns around to throw a vase down on floor. Parth wonders if she heard everything. Teni explains to them she is excited to go to Mumbai, she came to ask if she should pack Ipshita’s bag as well?
In the room, Teni decides to teach these people a good lesson. She has to stand up for the girls of her country. She makes a call.
Everyone in Bhanushali house was shocked to see police come in. The inspector says Teni called them that her life is endangered. Teni comes from behind and says she realizes their plan well now. She complains to inspector that they aren’t as innocent as they appear. They have gathered all this property by girls trafficking. She isn’t as simple as to be taken to Mumbai and sold there. She watched the report against then in report and warns Bhanushali family to get ready and be jailed. Parth comes to Teni and says she must have a confusion. Teni slaps him hard on face.
PRECAP: Teni asks the inspector to arrest the Bhanushali family. She turns to leave the house. Parth tries to stop her but she holds a knife at his neck from behind.

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