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Bhootu 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shona Pushes Anandita From Balcony

Bhootu 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu gets Shona caught for copying. Teacher thinks her as Pihu and drags her to principal. Pihu thinks Shona us spoiling name. Pricipal and teacher take Shona/Pihu to Anandita and inform about Pihu copying in exam. Anandita says her Pihu will never do wrong deed. Shona misbehaves with principal. Teacher says she misbehaved even with her in class. Principal says no wonder Pihu got wrong upbringing from overconfident Anandita and says she is restricating Pihu from school. Vikram pleads not to as academics have just started. Principal says she cannot risk other students’ lives and leaves. Anandita asks Shona if she cheated in exams. Shona pushes her and runs. Vikram says she is spoilt child now. Anandita runs behind Shona and confronts again. Shona bites her hand and runs again. Gopal tells

Pihu that everything happens with a reason. Pihu hears Anandita running behind Shona and runs behind, but they disappear. Shona runs on street shouting she does not want to stay with bad mamma. Anandita continues running behind. Pihu runs up a builder. Anandita follows her up to balcony and searches her. Shona pushes her from behind and and she falls into garbage truck. Shona arrogantly shouts she told not to trouble her and send her to sakool/school, every time studies and exam. Anandita collapses after injuring her head. Garbage truck leaves. Shona yells Anandita calls her dirty girl, now she will call dirty mother.

At home, Vikram asks Neelam and Sooraj if they saw Anandita. Shona returns. Pihu asks where is her mamma. Vikram asks Shona if she saw Anandita. Shona says she fell into garbage truck, now she will be call dirty woman like she called her dirty girl. Vikram is shocked. Garbage truck supervisor orders to throw garbage in recycling furnace and burn it. Vikram speaks to govt office, officer says he cannot help. Sooraj says half trucks go to bin and half to recycling. Barbie scolds Shona if she knows what she did to her mamma.

Vikram and Sooraj search Anandita on roads. Anandita’s bangle fall on road. Pihu notices it and throws in front of Vikram. Vikram follows route. Anandita is stilll unconscious while garbage is unloaded in dustbin. Anandita opens eyes. Vikram and Sooraj reach garbage area and asks if they saw a woman in garbage truck. Watchman says shey may also have been thrown in furnace with garbage. They both run towards furnace and seeing garbage burning tries to run into furnace, but guards and Sooraj stop him. Pihu shouts mammaa…

Precap: Pihu pleads Gopal to cure her mamma. A new entry enters house.

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