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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 7)

Hi guyzs iam.back with next part of my ff. And guyzs thank u all for supporting me specially Uf3355 ,elina, varsha, anee, gopika, arju , Aafia u guyzs have been constant support thank u guyzs. Love all and I love all my readers so let’s begin

@ company

adi- why u care for me . I have troubled u a lot isint it

zoya- I don’t care for u mr aditya hooda it’s just that I am human and I have humanity left inside me. I’m not inhuman like u

adi –   I know who I’m and how I’m ok u helped me but u dint do any favour on me .

He was leaving

zoya- u are the still the same guy I met two months ago after that accident . I pity on your wife .she loved u and she cared for u . And what u did u dint even attend her funeral . U dint full fill ur duty Fter her death also. U dint even trusted her. U said that u loved her . Huh love my foot

adi angrily pined her to wall

Zoya- aditya u are hurting me

adi- miss zoya I want u to understand that u are no one to tell that whether I loved pooja or not . U are no one to cooment on my relationship .u are just another girl the only relation I share with u is of haters and my only motive is to destroy u and ur company. And in future never try or pretend to help me I don’t need ur help even if I’m dying. I prefer to die then being saved by u

he pushed away and angrily left her cabin

zoya- oh god why I met this man.

Meanwhile-akansha entered

akansha-mam adi sir went outside the office mam he was very angry mam

zoya- so whats new in that he is always angry let him go to hell

akansha- mam u have not heard anything

zoya- what??

akansha- switching on news channel) mam riots mam

zoya- wha..what?

akansha- yes mam … I Mumbai people on roads are. Mercilessly being killed man.that’s why it’s adviced to stay in housed house

zoya- where are every one

akansha- mam everyone left and I was also leaving but I’m stucked here mam it’s not safe on roads at all

zoya- aditya must have left for his house

akansha- mam I’m really scared adi sir……….

zoya- wait let me call him at his house

she called-servant recieved call

zoya- hello may I talk to aditya hooda plzz

servent– mam aditya baba to ghar pe  ni aaye

zoya – hung up the call

akansha- mam sir reached. His home safely na

zoya- no he is not at home

akansha- mam what to do now

zoya- call him and ask him to come back to office right now

akan-‘yes mam(. She called him) mam sir is not answering phone

zoya was really scred for adi now

zoya- aditya where are u .. Plzz come back… Plzzz

akan- mam this is our location na .. Mam look riots have been increased

zoya- akansha I have to go and search for him

akan- no…. No mam it’s not at all safe mam how can  no mam….

Zoya- akansha his life is in danger( she recalled what adi said today) whether he want or not I have to be with him

akan- mam- …..

lZoya- akansh a I’m leaving .. As soon I will leave na shut the doors properly and be brave ( she hugged her)

zoya left

@ adi house

harshvardhan- where is ur useless son sakshi

sakshi- I don’t know god plzz help him …

@ street

zoya- where are u aditya

she found a guy lying in. Miserable condition he was. Almost of adis height

zoya-( shouting) aditya……

She gathered courage and went near his body and turned him to her relief he was not aditya

zoya- ya Allah tera Shukkra. Hai.

Zoya continued her search but deep inside she was confused that  why she was worried for man who she somewhere hated the most

zoya- aditya …… Aditya…. Where are u ( now almost 1 hours and there no clues of  aditya) she was cring as she dint knew where was aditya and she was alone there at that condition where people was injured by goons

she fell on her knees .suddenly two strong hands touched shoulders

lZoya- ( turned behind and she gave a sigh of reliever) aditya ..  ( she hugged her) ( he hugged her to) ( suddenly she pushed him and slapped him) mr ditya hooda. Do think this is joke .what do u think that u are a super man that no body can harm u .

Aditya – zoya… Zoya ( realising her situation) calm down I’m fine . And why u came out of the office

zoya- vo… Vo… Akansh wa s scared for u so I decided to search for u. She wanted to do so but I refused

aditya – ok ..zoya let’s go  it’s not safe here riots are still not over let’s go

zoya- ok

ore ao- zoya adi chased by goons

guyzs that’s all for this part do tell me whether u all liked it or not do comment guyzs


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