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Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 48-49

Hi guys ..So sorry for the late update ..I went to my relative’s house..I can’t give the links too ..Sorry guys..Now let me stop my bak baks ..Comeon guys ..Let’s quickly jump onto the next episode ..

Previous Episode (46 & 47) link –

Please read this if you didn’t and jump onto the next episodes..Happy Reading ..

The episode starts with Abhi kissing to Pragya’s forehead and says in his mind Pragya i will keep on finding that idiot blackmailing you and i will kill him for blackmailing you …This is my promise ..

Image result for abhi kisses pragya forehead

He makes Pragya sleep in his bed and was about to leave ..

Related image

Pragya holds his hand in an half-conscious state – You will never leave me na ?..Manchala man plays …..Image result for pragya holds abhi's hand

Abhi gets tears and nods No..
Pragya happily closes her eyes and leaves his hand ..
Abhi wipes his tears and moves from there …

Ishveer , Raina , Rabul , Adiya , were eagerly waiting for Abhi ..

Abhi arrives ..All gets happy ..

Ishani – Bhaiya what did she said ?..
Rv – Ya Abhi tell us ..Who is that idiot ?..
Adiya – Abhi why you are silent ?..

Abhi shouts – No guys ..She didn’t say anything …

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All gets shocked ..

Abhi narrates what happened when Pragya gets drunk ..

Maya – Oh God !..He blackmailed this much that she can’t even say anything ..
All gets worried..

Purab – But this is clear na ..That what you guessed all was right ..

Raghav – Ya Purab …Now we have to think something to get the truth out ..

Abhi – Whatever it may be guys..But i will not lose my Pragya ..
All consoles him…

The Next morning…

Pragya wakes up and gets her hand on her head – OMG !..Why my head is paining a lot ?..
She with much difficulty gets up and sees the whole house getting decorated ..
Pragya thinks – What is going on ?..
She sees Ishani – Ishu what’s happening here ?..

Ishani – What does it matter to you ?..
Pragya – I am so sorry for yesterday ..Please don’t talk to me like this..You are my friend na ?..
Ishani – Oh God !..Atleast you are considering me your friend..Then without telling anything yesterday you made a big drama ..and now within a few days divorce ..Please tell me what’s the matter if you ever treated me as you friend..
Pragya looks on with tears and thinks – Sorry yaar..Please understand my situation..
Pragya leaves from there ..Ishani gets tears thinks – So sorry Pragya ..You are always my friend and i can understand your situation ..But i am left with no option ..

Pragya goes to her room and cries…
Abhi enters and can’t see her cry ..
He makes a sound and enters in and Pragya wipes her tears..
Abhi – Go and change this dress and wear this jewelleries ..Today a Party has been kept as i got a big contract ….Come soon down..

Pragya gets happy and wants to hug and congratulate him but remember Ranvir’s words and steps back ..
Pragya – Who am i to you ?..Now everything is going to end between us then …
Abhi pulls her close to him and Pragya accidentally hugs him ..Allah Waariyan plays..

Related image  Image result for abhi pragya gifs

Abhi – Going to end ..Now nothing has ended right ..You are still my wife and i have full right on you ..If you want divorce then obey my words ..
Pragya goes to change rooms and gets happy for hugging Abhi and thinks Abhishek i wish that you achieve more and more in your life..
Abhi gets happy and thinks – I know Pragya you want to hug and wish me ..But don’t worry now i got your wishes …

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All gets ready ..


Image result for ishani and ranveer


Related image



Image result for rabul




Image result for shabbir ahluwalia




Pragya comes down little nervous ..All sees her..Abhi sees her and gets mesmerized ..Saiyaara plays..
Pragya goes to Ram and Priya to get blessings ..Abhi and the couples get tensed that Ram and Priya may not spoil anything..
Ram and Priya holds her from bending down and says – Stay happy ..
Pragya gets upset and moves from there..
Abhi and all the couples get relieved ..Ram and Priya signals them that they knows their effort ..
Abhi and couples gets happy…

Ranvir enters in ..Pragya turns back and sees him and gets shocked ..Ranvir removes his sunglasses and signals Pragya that she is looking beautiful..Pragya gets tensed…

Image result for pragya in black gown


Ranvir was about to go to Pragya ..But Abhi comes there and holds Pragya’s hand ..

He sees Ranvir – Hey yaar..Welcome..
Ranvir sees their hands and controls him – Hi yaar Congrats !..
Abhi hugs Ranvir and Ranvir sees Pragya while hugging..
Pragya thinks – Oh God !..Today nothing should happen to him …..

Abhi thinks – Pragya today everything will be revealed..

Pragya and Abhi have a eyelock ..

“Kya umar thi ,
Kya sama tha ,
Kya zamaana tha ,
Ek hasina thi , Ek deewana tha ” 
.. (Song from Ek Deewana Tha serial plays)

Pragya , Abhi and Ranvir sees each other..(Ek Deewana tha theme music plays)……


Precap : Pragya gets up from bed and sees Ranvir standing there in dark..Pragya says Where is Abhishek ?..Tell me where is Abhishek Ranvir ?..Ranvir comes in front of light and holds Pragya’s hand..Pragya gets shocked……

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