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AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode 12th

  Aankoon mein Teri


Recap : Ahil decided to take his decision back , Naina is reluctant to tell her feelings ,Rai family is going out , Grandfather is not well.

THE NEXT MORNING.. ʀᴀɪ’ꜱ ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ
The family was ready to leave .

Ahil ( Bantoo ) : Naveen Ji we’re leaving today we would not stay here now !

Kamini : what , why ?

Abhay ( Ratan ) : Actually , We’ve got some urgent work so we’re leaving today only

Naveen : But , What about !!

Ahil : Please , I don’t want to have any other conversation

Naveen : Okay then , We’ll give the keys to Pinky after you’ve left she’ll lock the house

Abhay : what is the need , Naina ?

Ahil : Ratan , Shh!!! okay .

The family sat in the car and left for HARIDWAR .

Abhay goes to his room , And he saw Ahil was keeping his clothes in his bag .

Abhay : Ahil are you sure ?

Ahil : Please don’t ask me the same again

Abhay : Ahil at least once talk to Naina .

Ahil closed the Zip and keeps the bag away , He spoke with a dejected tone

AHIL : What ! What ! what should I talk to her , Should I say That you’ve to love me , It’s LOVE , Not a joke .

Abhay : No ! but

AHIL : what Abhay ! , He was grief stricken ” Naina is the first girl whom I’ve loved so much , But love is not one sided , It’s about two hearts ”

AHIL picks his bag and drags out ,,, Abhay was yelling at him .

Abhay was keeping his luggage in the car , While Ahil stood at the threshold of the entrance of the house , Looking at Naina .

Naina couldn’t see but she was also looking at Him with aching heart and numb mouth which was sealed under terror .

[ Background music – Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..
Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan ]

Ahil to himself : Just for once say , Please for once stop I’ll be there for you

Naina to herself : Please Ahil don’t go , Please don’t go .


Grandfather’s heart wasn’t responding , He was huffing badly ,The oxygen mask which was on his weak , Sensitive, Almost dead Face seems to be of no use .

Nurse : His Body isn’t getting supply of blood

Another Nurse : Heart’s dying

Nurse : Doctor said now nothing can be done , If heart isn’t transplanted .

Another Nurse : Give him Injection , I’ll go and inform his Son .

After some times , She returned ” His Son isn’t answering , Now what ”

Nurse : Wait , Call at his home .
She calls at landline ” Hello , I’m speaking from CITY HOSPITAL , Mr. Pavan Rai is in a very critical situation , He’s almost in deadly state  , Please come as soon as possible ”

ʀᴀɪ’ꜱ ʜᴏᴜꜱᴇ

Ahil and Abhay sat in the car and The driver took to road .
Suddenly Pinky ran from inside and Shouts ” Naina ”
She tells Naina about the call from Hospital .

Naina was jolted and unnerved . Naina didn’t moved for few seconds as if her soul has escaped from her body . Pinky vibrated her ” Naina what should we do now , Naina ”

Naina didn’t uttered a single Alphabet and ran away behind Ahil .

Naina shouts AHIL , She was running furiously without even knowing where’s she . Then Suddenly Ahil sitting inside the Car felt some uneasiness , turbulence in his body , He exclaimed ” STOP ”
ABHAY: what happen Ahil ?

AHIL: USKE DIL NE MUJKO BULAYA HAI , USE MERI JARURAT HAI ( Her heart is searching for me , She needs me ) .

He shuts the door open and Ran towards Naina’s house . After stepping forward a few steps he saw Naina, Who’s coming towards him .

Naina comes and hugs AHIL tightly .


AHIL : I knew you’ll come for sure .

He keeps his arms on her back and hugged her warmly . Then Naina spoke in weak , Lame and sobbing voice , She hold Ahil’s hand

Naina : Ahil you’re my best friend Na ! please Save my grandpa .Please .

Ahil : Yes, Yes , I’m your best friend , But be calm and tell me what has happened .

Naina : Got a call from City hospital , Grandpa is in critical situation , He’s not responding .

Ahil : Don’t worry there are doctors to take care of him

Naina : No the doctor who was handling he’s out of town and other doctors dealing with the same are on a strike , Now what’ll happen .

Ahil: Don’t worry , Believe me , Come let’s go to hospital .


AHIL to receptionist : We’ve received a call from here , About Patient Pavan Kumar

Receptionist : Yes , Please go to ward No. 13

Ahil holds Naina’s hand and they both rushes to ward 13

Nurse standing outside ” Are you Mr .Pavan’s family members ”

Ahil : Yes ,

Nurse : Sir , He’s now out of control , And all the doctors are on a strike

Ahil : What has happened ?

Nurse : Months ago his heart was blocked , His son didn’t allowed a heart transplant , Instead he said to keep him alive under medicines and machines , But now it can’t work for long

Naina cries : Please Nurse do something , Save my grandpa , Please .

Ahil : Now what can we do ?

Nurse : At present we’ve no other way rather to call a doctor .

Abhay : Ahil , Our family doctor , He’s a cardiologist , He’ll help us

Ahil : Yes , Yes , Abhay go and get him hurry up .

Ahil screams : What kind of hospital it’s Ha ! You don’t have doctors here , They’re on strike , What is this !

Nurse : what can I do in this case ?

Ahil : Your hospital dosen’t care about anyone’s feelings actually

Nurse : See , Sir , We’ve already told Mr. Naveen Rai to go for a operation but he didn’t paid any  head to it .

Another Nurse comes out and tells ” Listen Patient’s breath is going away, He’s not responding ”

Nurse : Excuse me sir

Naina faints on hearing this
Ahil ” Naina , Take care of yourselves ” He holds her .
He made her sit on the bench and gave her some water to drink .

Naina : Ahil you’ve always helped me can I ask you for one more time

Ahil : You needn’t ask I’ll do it

Naina : Please save my grandfather , There’s no one who’s dear to me than him

Ahil : You can count on me , Our family doctor is very professional , He’ll handle it with ease .

Ahil wipes off her tears ” You’ve said that I’m your friend and it’s a beat friend promise to you ”

Naina : I don’t know how’ll I repay the amount , How’ll I repay you all that you’ve done for me

AHIL : Shhh !! don’t say this , I’m doing this for a friend whom I love .

Naina : I want to say something

Ahil : What ?

Naina : That I also want to say that …

Abhay comes with doctor .


Doctor : See Ahil , I’ve temporarily settled him , But it wouldn’t work for long

Ahil : So what’s next Sir

Doctor : We need to transplant his heart within 24 hours .

Naina : But in this short time how can we arrange

Doctor : That I’ll arrange but it would cost around 18 lakhs .

Naina : What ! But how can I get such a large amount in short time , Oh god now he’ll not …

Ahil : We’re ready , Start with the operation .

After that The operation began and it was successful .

Doctor : Congratulations operation was successful , He’s fine now .

Abhay : Thanks a lot doctor

Doctor : He’ll be conscious in some time till Then please do the formalities .

Ahil and Abhay goes to do the requisite . While Naina was sitting beside her grandfather .

Naina spoke to the unconscious laying man , Whose wrinkled hands she was holding ” After you Ahil is only one who has helped me , Cared me like this , How’ll I repay him this ”

Naina : I’m so lucky to have a friend like him , And I’m feeling blessed . If something would had happened to you I would have died .

Naina : I’m sorry Ahil I talked to you like this but still now I couldn’t get that How can I be loved , What’s in me , Why A rich man loves me , A Blind girl , Is it really love or what ?

PRECAP :- Naina hugs and thanks Ahil , After almost several months Naina meets her grandpa , He’s worried about her safety beacuse of a reason , Pavan requests Ahil to keep her protected . Pavan says to Ahil that he has a secret about Naina . Ahil promises to Grandfather that he’ll Love Naina forever .

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