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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman takes care of Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raman thinking of Ishita and waking up. He says I have to go to asylum, let me go, you won’t take me, I know you will tell someone. Mani says no, relax, I just want to know how is Ishita. He calls her and says she is not answering. Mihika gives the bullets which Ishita has hidden. Inspector says its not that bullet. Ishita says Raman didn’t shoot at me. Shagun says someone tried to frame me. Simmi says what will happen now, how will she save her husband now. She unpacks the bag. Parmeet calls her. He says Ishita removes the bullets from Raman’s car, his gun was empty, she has ruined your plan. She asks what are you saying, how’s that possible, I don’t want to go jail. He says relax, stay at home, I will see what can be done. She worries.

Inspector says

we have to reach the culprit, tell me if you have doubt on anyone. Ishita thinks I can’t take Simmi’s name, she will get saved and trouble Raman. She says Raina was troubling Raman, she was asking Raman to kill her husband else she will kill his family, so Raman got hyper, you will get her number in Raman’s call record, he went to meet her to beg her to spare his family, I went to see that nothing wrong happens. He says don’t worry, I will find Raina. She says case will be solved once you get Raina. She asks where is Raman. Romi says he is at home. Inspector goes to get doctor’s statement. Ishita asks where is Raman, he can’t rest when I m here, tell me the truth. Shagun comes and says Raman isn’t at home. Ishita says please get Raman, his condition is not fine. Shagun says I promise, I will get Raman here. Romi says don’t know where is he.

She says Mani has come back home, I will call him. Mani asks Raman to have tea, Shagun will call them. Raman says take me to asylum, don’t tell her I m here. Mani answers the call. She says don’t know where is Raman, do you know anything. Mani thinks how to tell her that Raman is here. He says I m busy, I will call you later. He keeps phone on. Raman says thanks you didn’t tell her, I have to go to asylum before anyone comes, I will go alone. Mani says I will enquire about Ishu, sit. Shagun gets shocked. Adi asks what happened. Shagun says I have imp work, I will be back. Raman says I have to go, move Mani. Shagun comes home and asks Raman where are you going, Ishita needs you, she has lost her eyesight. He says she has a threat from me, I can’t go there. She says she has gone blind. They get shocked. Raman says I told you let me go, if I go there, she can die. Shagun says calm down, you didn’t do anything, she is worried and asking about you, take care of her, become her strength, don’t be her weakness, just you can take care of her. Raman cries.

Raman comes to meet Ishita. She senses him. He asks how do you know its me. She asks are you crying. He says I m sorry, you lost your eyesight because of me, I shot you, they are not arresting me. She says you didn’t shoot you, your guns didn’t have bullets, I have removed bullets. He says I know you are saying this to save me, I have to go asylum, I can’t harm anyone. She says someone else shot, you are my eyes, you can stay with me, will you leave me and go, we will catch the culprit. He says fine, I promise you I won’t go. She says I love you, I need you. He says I won’t go, I m here with you. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. Parmeet looks on.

Simmi says why didn’t she die, she should have died. He says she has gone blind, what will she do. She says Raman dropped his plans to go asylum, I should have taken Raman’s fingerprints on gun. He says they can’t do anything, she will not know how we are giving pills to Simmi, just focus on Raman. She says I want to make him completely mad. He says we can’t move back, we are doing this for Ananya, our revenge won’t be fulfilled till Raman gets mad completely. Ishita shouts. Raman says I m with you, calm down. She says I have seen a bad nightmare. He says I won’t let you fall down. She thanks him and says I was very scared. He hugs her. She says I just have to smile now, you are with me. Ruhi and Aaliya come and greet her. Aaliya says we got breakfast for you. Raman feeds Ishita. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. Pihu covers Romi’s eyes and asks password. He tells many random words and says I don’t remember it, leave me, stop troubling me. She goes. He says sorry. Mihika asks what happened. He says Pihu has shut my eyes for two mins, I felt so restless, how would be Ishita feeling, she has always solved our problems, can’t I donate my eyes to her. Mihika asks why are you saying so, we can’t give up, we will do something, she has guided us, now its our turn to support her.

Ishita asks what did doctor say. Raman says he will give final report. Doctor comes. Ishita says my family loves me, so they are worried, they are with me, I won’t be hurt, tell me what’s it. He says your eyes have got completed damaged, you need an eye transplant. Raman asks can she get her eyesight, do this operation fast. Doctor says we don’t have any donor, we spoke to a young patient’s parents, we told them that their son has left the world and his eyes can help someone, but they refused. Raman asks shall I talk to them. Doctor says be careful, they have just lost their son. Raman goes. Ishita asks Adi to go with Raman. Raman meets the couples. He says my wife has lost her eyesight in an accident, I m here to request you for a favor, your son is no more, if you can donate his eyes to my wife, she would get a life. The man asks what are you saying, we lost our young son, how could you think of this.

Ishita says I have told police about Raina, maybe Raina knows who shot me, you are with Raina, I have no proof, I will find proof. Simmi worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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