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Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -27

The episode starts with the beautiful couple is shown in each other’s arms nd waking up nd suddenly Sona sees the time nd shouts
Sona : shit it’s 8 . I told ma i will come with u till 8:30 nd it’s already 8
Nd she was starts panicking nd dev was shocked to hear but Sona was in so hurry that she runs in washroom to take bath nd dev gets ready nd waits for Sona . After some time sona comes nd then dev ask her.

Dev : does ma know about ur plan
Sona : actually that time when u informed me ma was near me nd I said her that u are coming so she suggested me this idea to spent time with u nd she said she will handle at home like she will say that u will be arriving today mrng nd that’s y I went to pick up u at airport .
Dev 😳: wow that’s what I was thinking how come my wifey can become so romantic
( he says in a naughty way nd Sona as soon as she listens it she raises one eyebrow of her nd says )
Sona : what do u mean dev I guess u have seen enough of my romantic side yesterday atleast I am unlike u who took 2 nd 1/2 years to propose someone
( nd suddenly bites her tongue realising that she by mistakely said everything nd Elena warned her to not to say it )
Dev 🙄: who told u that 😤? Did Vicky…..
Sona: no actually Elena told me 😅
Dev: but how did Elena know because I didn’t shared anything to her . 🤔Vicky!😤this Vicky is gone ……
( Sona stops nd then She narrates everything how Elena got to know nd that she too by mistakely spit it )
Sona : but do u know ? That my love got increased to heights when I got to know everything . I was surprised that how can someone love me so much nd how can u bear everything like really for 2 nd 1/2 years.
Dev : actually its my love towards you nd the trust I have on it gave me strength to bear everything
Nd he cups her face nd says

Dev : but I got heart breaker when ma asked to marry u as at that I don’t know it was u otherwise I would be at cloud nine only at that time I thought that I have lost u but I was wrong as destiny had plan something else for us .
Nd he kiss on sona’s forehead nd hugs , then Sona says
Sona : dev dont u think like meeting u , being friend of u , marrying u , falling in love with u .like all was planned by destiny. 🤔
Dev : ya like the people says that god has made someone for u nd he / she is waiting for u nd just u need to to find ur partner nd then the rest work will be done by destiny.
Both are still hugging each other nd then the time flies nd making their bond so strong nd keeping their family happy. So it’s been 1 month nd both are as usual the same always fighting, romancing, caring, helping but doing everything together. Now we see everyone running here nd their nd some is on phone , some one is ordering servants , someone is selecting jewellery nd our devakshi is finding time to Romance but their bad luck as their is Vicky nd elena’s wedding in the house .
So their is small puja tomorrow nd start of first function of their wedding .
The day of puja

The puja ends happily everyone were busy dev was with guest nd Sona was serving guest helping ishwari. After some time Sona gets a call from her clients nd they ask her to come for the meeting as they will be leaving tonight nd they want to sign papers nd they set a meeting far away . ( hope u all remember that scene when Sona goes out late night to attend a meeting far away nd her car gets stuck on road nd then the fighting scene of dev with goons . So it’s the same scene)
She couldn’t inform dev as he was busy in attending guest nd then decides to say Ishwari nd go nd ishwari approves it but Sona doesn’t tell her about the location.

It was 7 nd every guest was gone nd dev worries about Sona that it’s 2 hrs nd Sona did not come back till now nd ishwari ask him to call at her office nd dev does it nd gets to know that their no meeting here . Nd then dev calls Sona nd luckily she picks it up this time nd she informs him that she far from home nd also says that her car is stuck on road nd dev ask her to wait for him nd he will be coming soon . Ishwari gets worried knowing nd thinks she did wrong to allow Sona to attend the meeting nd worries for her dev rushes to Sona nd their some goons come nd teases Sona nd suddenly dev appears nd save her nd both hug each other nd decides not say ishwari about this incident nd suddenly the weather gets very windy nd it was like the rain will fall nd ishwari calls dev nd ask her that she relax as both of them are together now nd after some time the petrol in dev car gets finished nd both walks on road nd stops at a tea stall nd have tea ( oh yeah ! I forgot to inform that dev gets angry on Sona that she went all alone to attend the meeting nd that too in this area . Sona tries to talk to dev nd cheer him up but he doesn’t talk nor forgive her )
Nd suddenly rains start nd dev thinks that it is not safe to go nd plus their is no one to help him to get petrol . So he inform ishwari about the problem nd informs that they might come late too . Their they find a hut where their was no one nd for the mean time decides to stay their . Sona stands at window enjoying the rain nd dev sits alone at corner in angry mood , Sona tries to talk but he ignores . Sona thinks about something nd smirks .

The music starts
Zara Zara Behekta Hain
Mehekta Hain Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Zara Zara Behekta Hain Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan Main
Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko Sanam Door Kahin Na Jaa
Yeh Doori Kehti Hain Paas Mere Aaja Re
[ dev who was busy in putting fire to make the place warm suddenly notices Sona is not here nd he sees her dancing in rain , but he is still angry Sona notices him nd comes inside nd dance with him but fails to lessen his anger nd roams here nd their dancing around him] Yuhi Baras Baras Kaali Ghata Barse
Hum Yaar Bheeg Jaaye Is Chaahat Ki Baarish Mein
Meri Khuyli Khuli Lato Ko Suljaaye
Tu Apni Ungliyon Se Main
To Hoon Isi Khwaayish Mein
Sardi Ki Raaton Mein Hum Soye Rahe Ek Chaadar Mein
Hum Dono Tanha Ho Na Koi Bhi Rahe Is Ghar Mein
Zara Zara Behekta Hain Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Aaja Re Aa Re
( dev is still angry nd ignores Sona nd goes aside but still Sona goes behind him nd dance nd also tries to make him dance nd dev goes away )
Tadpaye Mujhe Teri Sabhi Baatein
Ek Baar Ay Deewani Jhootha Hi Sahi Pyaar To Kar
Main Bhooli Nahin Haseen Mulakaatein
Bechain Karke Mujhko Mujhse Yun Na Pher Nazar
Roothega Na Mujhse Mere Saathiyan Yeh Vaada Kar
Tere Bina Mushkil Hain Jeena Mera Mere Dil Mein
Zara Zara Behekta Hain Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein
Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko Sanam Door Kahin Na Jaa
Yeh Doori Kehti Hain Paas Mere
Aaja Re Aaja Re Aaja Re Aaja Re
( Sona goes near window when dev goes away nd cries as he was first time so angry on her . Dev sees her crying nd comes to her nd cups her face nd wipes her tears . She then pull her ears nd says srry , dev holds her hand nd say it’s k nd both hug each other nd start their special night romance once again 🙈)

From next day both again gets busy in wedding preparation nd everyone do their assign work nd enjoys functions too . Vicky nd Elena enjoys their wedding nd also secretly do their romance nd finally the D-day comes nd both gets married nd seeing their marriage Sona nd dev remembers their wedding nd again takes their oath too . everyone welcomes Elena in grand way nd both the sisters are happy to be together in one house forever and ever . At night dev starts his mischievous romance again nd says
Dev : Sona we have take oaths again so how about doing the after marriage ritual which we didn’t do at the time of our wedding
( Sona was taking out her jewelry nd all sitting infront of mirror )
Sona : which ritual 🤔dev
Dev : that ritual which every bride nd groom does after marriage nd which we did almost 6-7 months later
Sona : oh u mean by that ritual
Dev : ya that ritual
( dev gets excited when Sona get strikes about the ritual he is talking nd Sona turns nd dev comes close to her nd then Sona runs away in bathroom to change nd says while going)
Sona : oh so u want me to make some sweet dish as at that time I made some thing else don’t worry I will make for u (then she laugh 😂 naughtily nd goes inside bathroom nd dev says )
Dev : Mrs . Dixit this is not fair u just wait nd watch now
( he says this to himself nd after some time Sona comes from washroom nd sees dev sleeping nd smiles nd then she was about to go when someone back hug her )
Sona : dev …….. when u are here then
Dev : I placed pillow in my place nd do u really think I was talking about sweet dish ritual😑
Sona : then what else is their 😏😜
Dev : so u think u are oversmart mrs Dixit then let me tell u , u are not okay .
Nd then he lifts her up nd takes her towards bed while Sona was blushing nd u know the rest 🙈😜.

The epi ends here hope u all like it nd plz give me lots of thumbs up nd ur reviews in comment box below.

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