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Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-16)

Epi 16

Ved and vansh hugged sooraj as he came inside .

sooraj got teary eyed and kissed his kids . he was meeting them after 4 years . he remembered him talking with sandhya about the babies


their dreams about their babies  and he holding them for the first time

Ishita was coming outside dressed in a beautiful saree

. she saw raman coming that way . she tried to go the other way because somewhere something went wrong whenever she looked at him . but the well educated doctor did not know that  this was love .

However Raman came straight and bumped into her

She said i am so sorry and went away

Raman felt strange, he had been with her for a very less time but yet he knew the way she conversed with him .

Adi came to raman and  asked ,  did u see ishima ?

No she went down to welcome the guests

Adi : ok i am going there , ruhi is also there with her i guess

Raman : adi , u  r always with her from the time u got to know she is getting married to me , ok , she is your mother , but u forgot me totally , i am your father

Ishita who was going inside with ruhi had heard him

Ishita : hmm….(cleared her throat )

Raman looked at her

Ishita : jealous of me raman ???

Raman : why would i be jealous

Ishita : really ? i get the smell of something burning from somewhere , no sorry , outside , am i the only one getting it?

Ruhi : no mumma i too get it and laughed

Ruhi gave a hifi to ishita .

Ishita laughed  . raman was happy to see her happy

Raman held ishitas hand . ishita was surprised

Raman : they are your children too , i am seeing my adi happy after many days , ruhi too has accepted u as her mother , u r their mother , nobody can change this fact

Ishita smiled emotinally and looked at him deeply


Madhu saw all this and once again became proud for being ishitas mother . she always  knew her ishita would take only proper decisions but this decision of ishu had doubted her . but all her doubts gor erased after seeing this happy family

Sandhya looked at sooraj as she finally came to the mandap  she smiled at him and was very happy to be back with him 

Sooraj was mesmerised seeing her beautifully dressed in a bridal lehenga

Sandhya smiled at him with tearful eyes

They exchanged garlands . after the pheras , sooraj filled sindhoor in her hair parting . he then put mangalsutra and completed their  marriage

Sandhya hugged sooraj .

All the family members smiled emotionally

Then sooraj and sandhya  posed for photographs

. this marriage was very close to their heart


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