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Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-15)

Epi 15

Ishita closed her eyes and tried to sleep , but as she closed her eyes she only saw raman , she tried to sleep and counted 1,2,3,4 and raman . this was what she ended up counting , she worried , something wrong was happening with her . she looked at mihika was sound asleep

, she went to her balcony ,and saw somebody standing on the opposite balcony, it was sandhya .she had never noticed that her balcony faced the bhalla house balcony. Actually she had never got time , she had always been busy , from hospital to house and house to hospital . she waved at her

Sandhya smiled . she signalled her to come down

Ishita smiled and went down .

Sandhya : u r still  awake

Ishita : i am very particular abt sleep i go to bed at the right time but… i am not getting sleep today , why r u awake?

Sandhya : i am very happy , so i am not getting sleep

Sandhya smiled , i dont get sleep only when i am too happy , children have slept too , so  i did not know what to do and….., wanted to tell u one thing , raman bhai is  a gem of a person . keep him happy

Ishita : but…

Sandhya : i know this marriage is just for adi and ruhi , yet i am telling u , he is very sensitive from heart ,do  think about him

Ishita murmured, thinking about him only i have lost my sleep

Sandhya : what?

Ishita : nothing , i meant to say ok  , u go and sleep , , tomorrow is ur haldi and marriage , u need a good amount of sleep

Sandhya : u r right , i should look special tomorrow…

Sandhya went

Raman and ishita were dancing passionately ,

raman woke up with a start , he was relieved that their dance was just a dream , but  why was he suddenly thinking of ishita ? that was the question in his mind .

The next day ….

Raman was taking haldi outside . he was running in a hurry . suddenly he bumped into ishita , all the haldi fell over her .he said , i am really sorry ishita , it was all by mistake. Ishita glared at him , she started wiping her face . she tried to walk away . because of the haldi she slipped and was about to fall . raman who tried holding her , ended up falling on her . they shared a sweet an eyelock

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi(bg)

Adi came and helped ishita out . ruhi helped raman .

Raman: i am sorry

Ishita who was already afraid of falling in love with raman , spoke nothing and went away quickly from there .

Sandhya’s  haldi ceremony took place

ved and vansh put haldi in sandhyas face then zakir and abhishek applied haldi. All the family members were happy to see sandhya happy

Ishita applied haldi to sandhya  . sandhya smiled .

After some time….

Ved came running and said , mumma,  papa came , shall i go and meet him . vansh came there smiling.

Sandhya was about to get up when toshi stopped her

Mrs.bhalla : no puttar , u wait , u r going to get married to him only , why so much hurry ? its not good to see groom before marriage

Sandhya: ok….

to be continued..



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