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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Insults Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma escapes accident. Bus driver applies at the nick of time, and conductor scolds if he wants to die. Uma gets into bus and sits on seat. Kanak is sitting behind him on another seat. She reminisces Uma’s love and then betrayal. Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piya Ji…People get out of bus on last stop. Conductor reminds Uma and Kanak. Kanak and Uma see each other. Kanak taunts Uma what is business tycoon doing in a bus. Uma asks why did she return, she should go back where she was. Kanak asks if the whole world is his property?, he has no right to question her, he proved his promise of achieving success in 12 days and sold himself for money, she wanted to congratulate him since 2 years, she knew an innocent Uma who just knew to cure people and not sell medicines, he has changed

so much and did not hesitate to sell himself for money. She continues tongue lashing Uma and walks out of bus. She says she has learnt to bear bigger pain and this small injury does not hurt her much, she does not need his kerchief, throws kerchief and leaves.

Uma returns home and next morning, he gets ready for work. Meera reminds him that she has invited Kanak for lunch. Uma says she invited and not him. He continues why she is messing up with Kanak, he knows she hates Kanak and saw her facial expression when Kanak returned car keys and confronted her earlier, if she tries to insult Kanak once, Kanak will insult her 100 times. Meera says at least he saw her eyes for Kanak’s sake. He searches his kerchief and does not find it. Meera reminds he tied it to Kanak’s hand. Uma leaves. Meera gets into car and asks driver to take her to govt officer Kanak Rathi’s house.

Purab sees Uma and Meera’s weeding anniversary party photo in front page with Kanak’s attendance. Payal asks him not to show it to Bhabho. Purab says Bhabho will not see it. Bhabho enters and seeing news paper angrily calls Kanak and asks why did she meet Uma again. Kanak says she is working on a govt project with Uma’s company and her personal issues should not deprive poor people from benefits. Bhabho blasts Kanak that she dies 1000 times in 2 years after Uma betrayed her and married someone else for money. She continues blasting Kanak when Meera enters. Bhabho asks why did she come here. Meera says Kanak has her husband’s item. Bhabho asks why will she. Meera asks who is she. Kanak says she is her grandma. Meera taunts she can understand where Kanak got attitude from. Kanak reminisces throwing Uma’s kerchief on him and says she lost it. Meera says she is very careless and asks if she remembers she has to come to her house for lunch. Kanak says of course she will come. Meera leaves. Bhabho packs Kanak’s bags and says Kanak will leave right now, she does not want Kanak suffering anymore, she has seen Kanak dying 1000 times in these 2 years, she does not want her to keep contact with traitor Uma..

Precap: Kanak tells Uma that till today she was trng ton convince herself,
but realized she loves only him and he should find a way. Meera enters and shouts don’t touch my husband,
return my husband back to me.

Update Credit to: MA

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