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Here, is the chapter 3.


Lucus POV:

As it was the daytime, Being the Third Prince of Vamparia I had to attend every court session in our kingdom. so, I went to attend the court leaving the girl under the observation of princess.

today’s session of court was all about the battle between the vamps & werewolves at Megatopiana. Being the vampire, my thinking towards werewolves is not alike like other vamps. i think if the rivalry will turn into friendship then no power can put us down. My best friend is Antonio The werewolve. i had met him during the studies in moon world. as in moon world, fights are not allowed because its a holy place for us vamps as well as werewolves. And our powers are also at its minimum in moon world.

my thoughts were disturbed by the strong voice, “The court is adjunct”.said the king Tyson. all of the minister, n courtiers started to went their respective works. I was about to go just then a strong voice “STOP!!! Lucus!” said King Tyson or my so called Dad. “We are your REAL family, not she…… didnt u understand that?…… cant u forgive me and understand me n my situation?” he questioned me. Like seriously, whatever he had done to me. he wants me to forget that all and forgive him and … and even understand him like seriously he thinks that. I didnt said a word and just went. but i know, he had heard all my thoughts. I went to my Mom’s room,The Queen Anna. “MOM…. MOMM..” I screamed in her room. ‘your majesty, the Queen Anna had went to her mother home to handle some political issues”. said one of the slave. so, i came back to human world as their was not any reason to stay their.

she was still unconscious, so, i had to use my powers to help her in recovery. vamps are blessed with my powers, and I can even save one life until i am alive. but vamps powers on human can affect humans drastically. so, i used my powers my powers in very little amount. But, fortunately after half an hour later. she finally showed some movements in her. Their were some movements towards her eyes it was like , she is going to open her eyes. i was very much glad by this…. my situation was like a 5 year boy has got his dream candy house.

Lucus POV ends……………………………………..



Few men were running behind me in the woods to kill me and one of the goon had shooted me “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I screamed my lungs out and opened my eyes,that was a dream a nightmare. “Thank god” I said under my breath by taking a few relief few more breaths.

Then suddenly I noticed that, I am at someones home and at someones bed too. then I noticed that, two pairs of eyes is constantly starring me and recording my every single action in their video camera…. i mean in their eyes.

The owner of one of the pair of eyes was sitting near my bed,he was a man with green marbled beautiful eyes and chocolaty brownie hair with pale skin and completely dressed up as if he had camed from some meeting or from official work. and other pair of eyes was of a beautiful girl standing behind that man with blond hair and golden eyes.

” are you okayy, now?” said the girl in a very pleasant voice.

” hmm… ” i replied by blinking my eyes and nodding my head.

“Be comfortable, if you need anything just inform the princess” boy had said to me in a very concerned way.

” my name is lucus….not boy ” he giggled . wait!! how he got to know that i said him boy….

“Because u dont know our names,so…..” said the princess. how everyone can predict, whatt i am thinking , is that i am so much predictable that in one meeting this peoples can predict me? i questioned myself.

” my name is krystal….not princess, lucus calls me princess because every sister is princess to their brothers. said the krystal.

“Thank you, Lucus & Krystal for saving my life. you people had owned me. thanks a lot again for helping me, in this cruel world were your own blood is not yours and want to kill you, theirs is people like you, who saves a life of a completely stranger person , you were just as angel for me Lucus , thanks a lot”. i thanks them whole heartly.

” If the thank you, session is completed, eat something you need this” said krystal by passing me plate full of fruits.

LISA POV. ENDS…………………………..


And the discussion started between Lisa and krystal, where their are two girls no power can stop them from talking……hehehe.. . Krystal was trying hard to cheer her up and at some point, she was successful in that too… they were sharing a cute friendship bond or sisterly bond. while from two hours lucus was silently sitting in one of the corner of bed listening to their bullshits & girlish talkes.

” what’s your name?” asked lucus to lisa interrupting them.

” LISA” she answered quickly.




hey !! guys how was this part did you people liked it…… please comment below. and what u guys think why lucus is angry with his dad. and krystal is not a human as she can also read lisa’s mind. did u liked lisa’s POV. comment below and share your thoughts to me.. And sorry for the grammatical mistakes and sorry guys for late post.


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