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The compensation – an Arshi story; Part 1 (bhai aur bairi)

The  Compensation….part 2

BHAI  AUR BAIRI(brother and  enemy)

Arnav returned home on his faithful horse ,Veer whom he had told to wait outside the forest until he comes .Veer neighed sensing his master to be pleasantly disturbed .”Nothing , chap , just a bit of magic and uh, witchcraft”. Veer  didn’t understand ,nevertheless he carried on leading arnav to Aaranya.

Aman:    hey, arnav how was your hunt? Got something worthwhile for  the queen ? what am I even asking ,of course you must have …after all you are her favourite….

arnav  : no I didn’t get anything for mother

Akash and Aman: What!!!!

Arnav : you heard me right …..

Akash : you caught jungle fever or something?

Arnav : ummm sort of … if I put it in my words I have fallen for witchcraft

Before akash and aman could say anything  a servant informed them of the birthday celebrations to have started. aman and akash were arnav s childhood friends both belonging to wealthy families of Aaranya. They were arnav ’s best friends they knew him in and out. they were never jealous of his wealth, status ,excellency in both academics and war craft, intelligence and (the list of his qualities are endless  so dot dot dot). In short they were the truest friends he could have, who more than friends were brothers to him.

On their way to the  large special hall,

They met Shyam .

Shyam:         I know you must have again brought some  awesome gift for mother yet this time you can’t beat me arnav.

Arnav :  I don’t even intend to do so brother. It is just that arnav singh raizada never learnt how to lose. And it’ s not right to compare us after all we are brothers ………….

Shyam : unhun step… mind you we are step brothers …

And shyam huffed and puffed and stomped his foot (like the big bad wolf from the story of  3 little pigs ) and went away. Shyam never liked arnav since the day their father, emperor aaryaman had promised arnav the throne. why was he promised the throne if shyam was the elder one? well it so happened that when arnav was sixteen there came news that a man eating  tiger from a nearby forest was causing terror to the people of Aaranya ,in fact he had already eaten up 7 men .shyam was sent by the emperor to kill the tiger.he was accompanied by arnav ,akash ,aman and a few handful of villagers .shyam , being the coward he was,fled at the sight of the tiger pretending to be ill   leaving the villagers at the mercy of the was then that arnav jumped on the tiger and killed him with his bare hands sustaining a few scratches. when the emperor came to know of this he decided that arnav would be the crown prince , his successor.

Everyone was giving the finest gifts to the empress ; from exquisitive gold threaded silk sarees from the south to the finest pearls from the east coast,

From expensive  oils and perfumes from the west to priceless gems from the northern mines and not to forget the ivory jewellery that the king  specially got crafted for her from the tusks of the elephant he hunted last week.

“what have you got for me ,dear”,asked the empress to arnav.

“nothing but a promise mother,  I promise my life to you…..”

Everybody cheered arnav on this.

“that s a nice puppet you ve got sister” whispered he empress sister into her ears

The empress smirked….


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