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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 7)

Then swaras parents said it will be better if u ask her and we will also tell her about it,we had never force her,so it will be completly her decision…..the next day it was diwali,swara loved it a lot because in this day no house remains dark,but that day she has no mood to celebrate the evening because her heart was filled with sorrow and darkness and no light can make it bright,sanskar has gone out and he asked swara and her parents to take care of pari,,,,it was about 10 pm everyone was on the lawn in the backside of their house her parents and neighbours were celebrating diwali they have also arranged a dinner party,and they were calling swara to come in the lawn,swara gets ready to go and she also makes pari ready and she went to the lawn,she then remember that she left the key of gasstove open she ran to the house and put it off she goes to open the door,just then her doorbell rang,she quickly open the door sanskar was standing there,his eyes were sollen,he was holding his head by one hand and by other hand he was grabing the door,he looked up smiled to her and pulled her cheeks,he said with a bright smile”shona”,she could easily get the smell of wine,he again said”where is my pari and he began to shout pari,pari my angel”,swara hardly controlled him he was heavly drunk and she said pari is with ma baba,he smiled to her and said”u took so much care of pari,i….i….i love…….”,before he could say anything he fall down,swara hardly managed to take him upstairs to his house she made him lye in the bed,she was about to leave from there when a strong hand holds her right hand she turned to him,he was still lying on the bed and closing his eyes,but he was murmuring”i met her again,i hate u ashi(by listning the name ashu she was shocked,she her the name before too)u destroyed my life,but i got my life back,now i will not leave her again,she will be with me always, she is my shoooooo……”by this incomplete sentence he again sleeps,swara managed to slip from his grip and she came down,her papa asked her”what happened shona???”,she said”papa wo actually….sir will come home late today so he called me and asked to keep pari with us tonight”,then said”ok,now come we will have our dinner” and they had their dinner but during this time swara was continuously looking towards sanskars house “if somehow he came down like that then he would be surely thrown out of their house”(as everyone was in the backward so they didnot saw drunk sanskar coming in their home) this tension was crepping in her mind,she did her dinner and after 2 hours they go to their house,

swara was continuously thinking about him and in about 4 am she got up,and slowly moved upstairs,a sweet,gentle air was blowing outside,she opened the door of sanskars house and got inside,she opened the bedroom door and she saw that sanksar was already awake the bedroom light was on,sanskar saw her and he slowly moved towards swara,at first swara was standing still but when she saw that he was coming closer and closer she moved backwards,a little bit of fear came in her heart,she hit a wall and he pinned her to the wall and she was caged between his hands,he was looking in her eyes with lots of affection,his heat of eyes were saying something but she cant read it,there was a little gap between them,she was afraid so she closed her eyes but she too dont know why she did not struggle to get out of his cage,why she was feeling protective in his arms???he comes more closer and  keeps her hairs aside and asked”why u r here so late”,he asked slowly,she said”r u still not in ur senses sir”,immediately he left her,he feeled ashamed of his act but he asked again”why u r here swara???”,she said”because u never drink like this,what happened to u i dont understantd,is this the outcome of ur past happenings???”he slowly turns around and said will u marry me swara,she was shocked by his question,she did not even move,he comes near her and said”do you want to know about my past,then come i will tell u today”….sanskar hold swaras hand and takes her to the balcony,a coold breeze was touching their face and was playing with her hairs,he slowly said,”swara today i was heavily drunk,so sorry fot that i will never repeat it again”,he then takes a cigratte from his left pocket and light it,puffing the cigratte he said”today i meet ashi”,listning the name ashi again from his mouth swaras world was turned upside down her mind takes her 7 years before,but her thoughts were interrupted by sanskars words,”i know u will be thinking who is ashi,she…she is…she is my ex wife”,he said it by stammering,swara knows that sanskar will say that thing,he continued his talks,i went to buy sweets in the sweet shop,there she was with her husband and her child,she saw me and came forward and asked me”how is pari?so i came to know that u have find someone for her,i think she is ur new girlfriend or ur new love or ur personal pr*stitute what was her name yess yess i know swara sharma righ”,after listining her words i cannot control myself,i hold her hands and pushed her to a corner and give her a tight slap,i warned her to stay away from my life,she said that she will snatch pari from me,as she feels that child cannot be grown up without a mother,but if i am able to find a good mother she will not do that,i am afraid swsra pari is my life line i cannot live without her”by saying so he looked her she was standing with tears in her eyes she did not even speak a word but consoling herself,she again asked him,”why u left ashi,i guess it was a love marriage”,sanskar said”i didnot left her,she left me,and yes i too thought that that it was a love marriage,but it was not”,swara was shocked and said”what???????”

Guys u will surely get all ur answers soon….there are a lot of things which r still there to reveal,i hope u will wait for that….thnk u and comment down…..if u dont like it then tell me i will surely try to make it even better…..i guess u r not liking the ff guys….i dont want to dissapoint u but i will surely make the next episodes better…🙂

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