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SWASAN: FATE (Chapter 11)

Haiiii…. I’m so sorry my dear friends…. I know it’s already a few months that I didn’t update my story…. But don’t worry I won’t let the story end without incomplete….
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SWASAN: FATE (Chapter 11)

Swara comes to sense hearing the car tyre’s halt sound. She still in her wedding attire…. She have no idea how long she is sitting in the remembering her past… it’s already midnight…. Other’s must retired to bed after a tiring day but here she was sitting lost in past…

“Swara get up… You need to be strong to handle that idiot arrogant Maheswari monster……”, with that thought Swara went to washroom to freshen up……


Sanskar’s Point of View

When I reach home it’s already midnight. My home engulfed with darkness no lights at outside. Swara scared of darkness. I mentally kicked for my stupidity to be this late to home… So I quickly made my way to my room. Thank goodness I already renovate the house as Swara’s taste and made lights will turned on automatically at night at room. I hope she is alright. I entered the room with a lot of thoughts but didn’t find her. Soon I hear water running in washroom. I quickly get fresh up from guest room and made my way to kitchen to make dinner for both us. I know both of us didn’t have anything with this wedding fiasco.

After made dinner, I went to my room to call Swara for dinner. There she is sitting freshly drying her hair facing the mirror. She look so gorgeous. My heart skip’s a beat… I made my way to her slowly. She gets up when she saw me through the mirror…… I snack my arms to her waist and brings her back close to my front. She drop down her towel and clutch her bathrobe tightly while closing her eyes… I can feel her nervousness with her breathing sounds…. I admire her through the mirror…. I took sindoor in one finger while one arm clutch her waist….. “Swara……” “hmmm”, she answered in a daze. “Open your eyes…. I said huskily and kissed her earlobe…. She open her eyes slowly and look at my eyes through the mirror…… I put the sindoor on her forehead while looking at her eyes through the mirror. I turned her around and kissed her forehead lovingly while she hold my t-shirt tightly.

Than I bring her to dinning hall for dinner. All the while she was so quiet and playing with her dinner without having it… I let out sigh….. It will be a hell situation to bring her normal and accept me as her husband… but I’m also not less than her….. I’m more stubborn than her…… I pull Swara to my lap….. She let out loud gasp with my sudden action…I mentally laughing watching her cute reactions… I adjust her nicely in my lap…. I try to feed her but she so stubborn and don’t want to have her dinner…. There is no other way for me to get her eat other than blackmailing her….

“Swara….u better eat…. If not you know what I will do….”

“I don’t want to eat….” She said stubbornly….

Without waiting for a second my lip meet her lips…… I kiss her slowly and passionately……I break the kiss when I feel her need to breath…. She breathing very hard after the kiss…. I just smirking when I look at her condition…. I feed her dinner again… she give me a hard glare but still eating her dinner…. I fed her and had my dinner too… Than I carry her in bridal style to our room…. She fight hard to let me put her down… but I had fun time holding her closer to me…. I dumped her in bed slowly after reached our room…. Than I jumped on bed beside her…I pull her closer to me and hug her…

“Sanskar, what are you doing? Leave me….”

“No…. not gonna happen wifey…. So you better keep quiet and sleep…”,said Sanskar while holding his smile.

Sanskar took a remote control from his table while holding Swara in one of his hand. He switched off the lights. The room engulfed in darkness. Swara hug Sanskar tightly because she scared of darkness…

“Swara……. Don’t be scared…Open your eyes.”

Swara hugs Sanskar more tightly and buried her face in the crock of his neck…. Sanskar’s keep patting her head and pacifying her.

“Swara…. Baby….. Open your eyes…. I’m with you…. Do you believe me?”

Swara just nod her head while hugging him…. She slowly loose her hug and look into his eyes…. Sanskar cup her face and said “I’m with you… always holding your hands…”.

Swara stare him with teary eyes. Sanskar let go of his hold from her face and turn her to face upwards. Swara clutch Sanskar’s hand with excitements, happiness and so on after so a lot of stars glowing at ceiling. Moreover the room glow in darkness…..

“Sanskar….. this…. This looking so beautiful…..”.

All the while Sanskar just watch his love’s every single expression…. He is admiring her….. Swara look at him when she feel his intense gaze on her…. Both of them lost in each other eyes…. Sanskar pull Swara closer to him… So close till his breath fanning her face…. She closed her eyes with his closed proximity…. Sanskar slowly lean toward her and kiss her forehead. Swara hold his t-shirt more tightly and breathing heavily with his sweet torture…. Than he kiss her eyes one by one…. And kiss her cheeks…. Lastly he kiss in the corner of her lips and watch her…. Swara slowly open her eyes when he didn’t kiss her on lips…. When she open her eyes without waiting for any second he kiss her on lips wildly…. Slowly her broke the kiss…. He again give a peck on her lips and kiss her forehead and lastly he laid beside her and wished her good night. Swara just watch him sleeping and soon she also drifted to sleep….

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