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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 9)

Hello again frnds… Thx a lot fr liking my ff

Ragini’s reality

Swara was unable to speak even a word. Her words were lost. How could ragini endure such pain. How could she do this. She looked at ragini who was collapsed on the ground. She didn’t have the guts to even look at her. In all this while she only thought her pain was great . But after hearing ragini’s story she had different views.
Ragini was stil crying. She was crying hard. Tears were wetting her pretty face. Her hands were clutching her mouth so as to no voice could escape. Suddenly she found a warmth. She looked at the direction. Swara was close to her. She hugged swara. Swara too hugged her back. After what seemed to be infinity ragini stopped crying. Swara wipex her tears.
Ragini: after lakshya went this is the first time i cried.
Swara: i ll make sure these people get what they deserve.
Ragini nodded. She looked out of the window.
Ragini: it’s sunset swara. You must get ready for the function. today everyone will see the real princess. Make sure you look elegant.
Swara nodded. Ragini went out of the room. Swara looked at the clothes kept on bed. She was trying to decide what she should wear when she Heard footsteps. She looked at the direction and saw sanskar standing there. She suddenly remembered their conversation near the lake side and smiled.
Swara: gratitude prince… You here… You could have called me in your room. Why did you take pain?
Sanskar smiled a little. Swara was confused.
Sanskar: actually… If you have forgotten then i ll make you remember… Swara this is my room too… This is our room.
Something struck swaraa’s mind. She looked at sanskar and then at herself .
Swara: oh god… I ve forgotten… Sorry…
Swara turned around
Swara( monologue) means now i ve to share my room with him. Oh god.. how can i share a room with him…. Where will i change… Where will i sleep… Where will i dance…
Here monologue was broken by a coughing voice.
Sanskar: so you talk to yourself too…
Swara: oh no… Woh i was thinking where will i dance…
Swara cut her tongue and close her eyes…( Monologue) swara ki bachhi… Kya keh gyi…. He is the prince… What would he think about you…. Gayi bhains pani me…
Sanskar : where will you dance?… You can dance anywhere
Swara:… No no… I was thinking how to save a drowning buffalo… Bhains ko pani se kaise bahar nikale….
Swara again cut her tongue.( Monologue) aaj to gayi… Your insult today is eternal… The one who is standing there is the prince of kingdom… Your husband.. and you…
On the other hand sanskar was smiling confusedly at swara. He had seen someone like her for the first time. She was so bubbly so chirpy so innocent.
Sanskar: don’t worry swara… I ll not touch you until you are not ready.. don’t worry about anything … Just trust me… I cou have chosen other rooms too but that will not create a good impression.
Swara at once looked at him. She looked at his chiseled jawline and his innocent face. His chocolate brown eyes were hypnotising.
Sanskar: you don’t have any problem na…
Swara: no…
Sanskar smiled. Swara looked at his smile. She suddenly felt her heart skipped a beat. She smiled and looked at Sanskar.
Sanskar: we have to get ready for the function.
Swara nodded.

Swara was sitting in front of the mirror. Many dressers were helping her to wear all the jewellery. Ragini came inside.
Swara: please leave us alone.
All the servants went out of the room. Only swara n ragini were there. Ragini looked at swara and smiled.
Ragini: i thought you will wear blue tonight. It’s sanskar’s favourite colour.
Swara: yes…i too like blue. But more than blue i like pink. So i wore the pink one.
Ragini : it doesn’t matter you wear blue or pink. You will always look beautiful.
Swara: not and never more than you.
They both smiled. Their smile was telling the tale of a new and strong bond of friendship between them. Swara and ragini were swaragini now.

Dp and ap were greeting the guests. Whole kingdom was waiting for the arrival of their would be king and queen. Suddenly they heard an announcement.

Everyone bowed down in the honour of their prince. His decision to marry swara had increased the respect for him in the kingdom. The respect and gratitude was clearly seen in the eye of citizens of the kingdom. Sanskar and swara were walking down the aisle. The couple was looking heavenly. Ap and dp looked at them.
Ap: swara has passed the last test. Maharaj…she is the perfect life partner for sanskar.
Dp: sometimes destiny plays it’s games.
They both smiled.

Function was going on in a rapid phase. There was dancing singing and celebration everywhere. Good food was being served. People were getting gifts. Two eyes were watching as swara was walking with sanskar. They were giving them all the blessings they could. Tears fell down from those eyes. It was the tears of a mother. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.
Ap: sharmishtha ji… Please don’t cry.
Sharmishtha: these are the tears of happiness.
She folded her hands in front of ap.
Sumi: now please give us permission… We have to go back.
Ap: at least meet swara once.
Sumi: if i meet her she ll be sad. And look at her shining face. I am pretty sure she has got another mother in your form.
Ap smiled.

Swara and sanskar were busy distributing gifts in the people. Swara looked at Sanskar. She was again mesmerised by his looks.
Sanskar: ohh… I have forgotten… You must be hungry by now na…
Swara denied.
Sanskar: i have a habit to eat only after finishing my work. So don’t wait for me otherwise you will remain hungry.
Swara: i ll make it my habit too…
Sanskar glanced at her eyes at once. Pure innocence was visible in them. Suddenly ap called swara. Sanskar signed swara to go.
Swara: ji rani ma
Ap: you don’t like blue colour… I thought you will wear blue tonight… It’s Sanskar’s favourite colour.
Swara felt as if she was about to get scolding.
Swara: woh… Actually rani ma… I like pink more than blue… So i wore it… I am sorry.
Ap smiled. Swara was confused.
Ap: you know… If any other girl would have been here she would have wore blue….
Swara nodded
Ap: but that girl will just be any other girl. A queen must have and stick to her choices. The decision making capacity and the guts to accept the truth is what made you different. Bless you swara.
Swara was stunned. Does these simple things matter a lot. She looked at Sanskar who was distributing gifts in the people. She smiled. Suddenly she saw a dagger which was pointed towards sanskar. Someone at the backside was pointing a dagger towards sanskar. Before swara could do anything dagger was thrown. Swara didn’t think for a second. All she knew was she had to save sanskar anyhow. She couldn’t let him have any injury. She ran towards him. Before he could understand a thing swara pushed him. Sanskar was not able to understand a thing. Drops of blood came to his face. When he finally came to his senses he saw the blood was not his. It was swaraa’s blood who was lying on the ground covered in blood.

Swara kavita face off

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