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(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-14


Hello! I am ShonaLaado turned to Hemi! After a very long time, as I told I was busy in studies. However, I will work on this story because I have to complete it. All forgotten me and I know that. So, with link to previous parts, let us start this journey once again.


Recap: SwaSan and RagLak in respective rooms with pain. Flashback and continuation of Chapter-8. Sanskaar sing a song for Swara and hugged her in excitement!

Swara is taken back by Sanskaar’s sudden hug but she is happy too. Ragini is confused after hearing Sanskaar that he is the biggest fan of Swara. Laksh leaves from the hall, Ragini doesn’t noticed him leaving. Swara breaks the hug and feels shy. She lowers her gaze while Sanskaar smiles cutely. Ram, Sujata, Sharmishtah, Uttara and Sid seems to be very happy but Kavya just ignores. Parineeta whispers, “Sanskaar Ji was not fine, wasn’t he? Then all this? How?” Sujata who is standing near to an unknown Pari replies, “I told before too that this is only possible because of Swara! Where was my Sanskaar after that black day, who couldn’t speak properly and where is my this Sanskaar, who is now coming back to his senses! Swara, you are God’s child. My Sanskaar’s life is with you dear! God has blessed you with goodness! Stay like this only. I am always with you.” Annu shocks on her statements and is disturbed. Durga doesn’t say anything while Dadi gives looks full of hatred.

Shomi is so happy that her eyes get filled with tears. Shekhar looks at Sharmishtah and lowers his gaze as she sees him. “Yes! Yes! I know my Shona Princess is the best! She is my best friend. She is Maa’s best daughter. She is Mom and Dad’s best daughter-in-law. She is best sister…” Sanskaar stops to take breath but his last word grabs more attention of two persons. They are none other than Swara and Ragini who used to be SwaRagini. Ragini’s eyes open wide and a tear escapes from Swara’s. Both feels a deep pain inside them. Ragini gets flashes of her old memories while Swara looks deeply at a lost Ragini.

Ragini remembers her childhood, it was the time when Swara and Ragini were together as the ‘best sisters’. She remembers their first performance in a competition where their ‘jugalbandi’ was appreciated the most. Swara passionately playing her guitar, all lost in the musical world. Ragini beautifully playing her sitar with her eyesight fixed on her hands’ movements. They ended it in a wonderful manner, audience gave their best response.

“I was saying… Yes! She is best sister-in-law of Uttara!” Rag comes out of her thoughts as Sanskaar continued. Swara’s mind too distracts and she looks at Sanskaar who grins at her widely. Uttara says, “Ha-Ha! Bhai, Bhabhi is best! Ok?” Sanskaar nods in no and says, “What about me?” Uttara is laughing at him and he makes an angry face. Sharmishtah comes near SwaSan and keeping her hands on their heads says, “Swara and you are now together for ever Sanskaar. You both are tied in this very pure relation whose base is only the trust!” Sharmishtah looks at Shekhar as she feels his gaze on her. Swara turns her face in direction and sees Shekhar. Swara is still as she cannot decide how to react. It is the pain she is going through from past 3 months and it is only increasing by each passing moment. While Ragini wonders on her tears as she touches them. She is feeling bad but for whom is the thing she can’t decide.

“So, yes, I was saying that you both are one now! You both are equal. If one will stand then other will too and if one will fall then other one too! Therefore, you have to support each other. I know Sanskaar son, you are very good. Oops! The best! My Shona will always be with you, right Shona?” Sharmishtah says as she changes her concentration from Shekhar. She asks Swara and Swara nods her head in yes while hugging her from one side. She hides her face and cries silently. “I know Maa! ShonaPrincess is my best friend and she never will leave me like me!” Sanskaar says and he too hugs her from other side. Swara sees Sanskaar so him from Shomi’s back. They share small eye-lock which reduces the pain in Swara’s heart.

Ragini feels lonely like Shekhar. Her soul is crying now as she really has no one with her to console. It is not that she is feeling jealous but it is that, nothing in her life is going on like she thought. She cries inside but then, suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. She thought that it was him, her Laksh! A hope lit in her heart and she turn to see the person. However, her hopes dashed as she doesn’t find Laksh but her father, Shekhar. Shekhar wipes tears in her eyes but she wanted someone else to do so for her.

“It is the time of dinner everybody! Let’s go!” Annu says as it is getting difficult for her to handle her emotions. Swara’s eyes are telling that she has sensed Annu’s anger for her. Ragini passes a fake smile to Shekhar and takes him with her for dinner. Sharmishtah, Sid and Kavya leaves though Sujata insisted a lot to have dinner with them. Parvati too denies and takes Shekhar with him. All are having dinner. Ragini searches for Laksh and asks Annapoorna, “Maasa! You saw Laksh Ji?” Annu looks here and there but Laksh is not visible. She replies, “Where he went?” Swara hears them and gets confused. She is going to say but stops as she feels that it will ruin everyone’s mood only.

Sanskaar sits on table and Sujata serves him food. However, is this possible that our Prince can do anything quietly? Here the demand comes that he will eat only from Swara’s hands. It is not new for Ramta and Uttara but for others. Swara sits with plate in her hands and starts feeding him. Annu gets surprise to see Sanskaar obeying Swara’s each and every word. While, Ragini is getting restless and suddenly she gets the idea that Laksh might went up. She immediately climbs the stairs to her room and Annu looks on confused. Ragini runs in corridor while holding her lehenga. While in downstairs, Swara finishes her feeding food to Sanskaar. Sujata asks her to eat too but Swara refuses as she feels that no one will like her presence. However, Sanskaar has the power to stop her and so she has to agree. Ragini is in front of room’s gate and she hold the handles of the door. She is not understanding that why she is feeling like something is not right. She is worrying but why? She is already disturbed with previous events. She takes a deep breath and with much courage pushes the door lightly.

Precap: Ragini enters the room and is left shock to see… Laksh crying his heart out. Story being revealed.

Do Laksh love Ragini?

Why Ragini thinks Laksh loves Swara?

Do Swara too loves Laksh?

Why SwaRagini are apart?

Why Shekhar and Sharmishtah are not together?

Why Ragini started to hate Swara?

What happened a year ago?

How Swara got married to Sanskaar?

Lots of questions but if you WANT to know answers then stay in tune. Every review is accepted and will try to be regular as well as better!

Thank You! Bye! See you with next part!


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