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Savitri Devi 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer leaves Ayesha on Mandap to rescue Pragya

Savitri Devi 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer coming to Sanchi’s house and thinks why did I come here. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi comes out. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she hopes their relation of friendship will not change. She sees Veer in car and hugs Dr. Kabir. Veer gets jealous and drives the car. Savitri prays to God for Veer’s happiness and says he had been betrayed big. Jaya comes there and asks her to pray for herself. She tells her that you have kept snakes under your sleeves and have been betrayed. Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri come there. Gayatri asks Savitri to come. Jaya says I am not yet done and tells that very soon truth will be known and the guilty will be exposed. Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra get tensed.

Sanchi thinks Pragya haven’t come and calls her. Ayesha is having Pragya’s mobile and rejects

the call. Sanchi thinks where is this girl. Ayesha then messages Sanchi that she is unwell, and will come late, and puts phone on sofa/couch. Jaya asks Sanchi to get ready as baraat would be coming. Sanchi says yes. She gets worried for Pragya.

Ayesha tells the parlour ladies that she wants to look best and that Veer shall look at her. Gayatri comes there and asks ladies to go out. One of the lady asks her son to come out. Her son keeps the phone on couch and call goes to Satish mistakenly. Satish picks video call and hears Gayatri and Ayesha talking about Pragya. Gayatri says Pragya didn’t tell where is pendrive. Ayesha says if that pendrive goes in anyone hands, your entire truth is there.Gayatri says she wants to kill her with her hands. Dr. Malhotra comes there and scolds Ayesha for bringing pendrive there. He scolds Gayatri for doing mistake and says you had done a mistake, until now nobody knows else

Jaya and Sanchi wouldn’t have kept quiet. He says we can’t do mistake of leaving Pragya alive. Gayatri says you are right and she tells that she will ask her goons to kill her after marriage completes here. Satish gets shocked hearing everything and calls Sanchi thinking she can only save Pragya, but Sanchi is lost in thoughts and doesn’t pick the call. Jaya comes to Sanchi and takes evil eyes off from her. She tells her if Sunil would have been alive today then would be very happy to see you as bride. Kusum blesses Dr. Kabir for a happy life. Jaya takes Sanchi. She goes without taking her phone.

Priya brings Veer and Ayesha to marriage altar. Someone takes Jaya with her. Veer and Sanchi looks at each other. Priya signs him sit. Veer and Ayesha sit on the mandap. Just then his phone rings. Pandit ji asks him to keep hand under Ayesha’s hand. Priya says today is your marriage. Veer follows the rituals. Veer checks his phone and reads message. He gets up saying he needs to make an urgent call. Dr. Malhotra asks him to sit. Veer walks off and the ghatbandhan gets opened. Ayesha gets up upset. Veer calls Satish. Satish tells him that Pragya’s life is in danger, Mrs. Gayatri has kidnapped her and kept her in her farm house. Veer is shocked and assures him that nothing will happen to Pragya. He walks out from Shagun gardens.

Sanchi thinks about Veer’s confession. Jaya comes there and thinks if she tells about Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra’s confession then she will not marry. She tells Sanchi that Dr. Kabir is good guy and is suitable for her. She asks her to move on and says Veer has already moved on. Just then a lady comes and says the other groom eloped. Sanchi and Jaya are shocked.

Furious Ayesha comes to Sanchi and Dr. Kabir wedding side and shoots Sanchi as Veer left her on marriage altar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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