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Sanky ki dulhania (part 9)

Next day Swara was sitting alone in her room hugging her knees, she was lost in her thoughts sometime she was smiling and sometime her expressions change to sad one..someone was observing her standing in the entrance of the room.

“Swara..” said that person.

Swara raised her eyes and looked towards  the direction from where the voice came. Ragini was standing there.

Ragini came near her and sit beside her.

Ragini: Swara what’s the matter?? I never saw u this much sad and lost..what happened to u? please tell me.(she said placing her hand on Swara’s shoulder)

Swara placed her hand on Ragini’s hand and said ” I am ok di..nothing like that”

“Swara diii!!!!!!! come let’s play cricket ” said some kids from outside.

Swara: I am going di..today it is  Sharma uncle’s window’s turn

Swara winked and ran downstairs before letting Ragini speak something.

Ragini looks her going with a dull smile

In front of Swara’s mansion she and some other children were playing cricket.

Someone’s car stop there and that person was looking her from the car.

Now Swara got out.

All children: Yayyy!!! yayyy! Swara di got out!!!

Swara: Noo no..I am not out..It’s cheating yaar  the baIl didn’t touched the stumps

Children: It touched..u r out

Swara: I  am the captain of the team I am not out!! Understood if u r making me out then I won’t play.

Just then that person who was looking her from the car blew the horn.

Swara and other children ooked in that direction and that person stepped out from the car. He was Sanskar.

He came near Swara and said”so u do ur dadagiri on the small innocent children also..I mean saying that u r the captain

Kids: Yes she does it always and sometimes she hide somewhere and makes us to hear the scoldings when she break someone’s window on the sake of being captain but then also we love to play with her only.

Swara: shhh…shut up..it’s not like that.

 “Can I also play with u all??” asked Sanky.

Everyone along Swara: Yes why not.

Then they all started playing Swara was doing fielding and Sanky was doing batting.

Then Sanky hit the ball and it was approaching  in Swara’s direction but she was looking Sanky who was taking runs by running.

“Swara diii catch the ball..!! ” said those kids.

But when Swara came back to reality i got late and the ball already crossed the boundary giving Sanky 6 runs.

Children of Swara’s team: Shit…!! What Swara di we lose..

Swara: sorry

Sanky smiled looking them.

Now as everyone got tired all the children went to their respective homes Swasan left alone there.

Swara: So why u came here??
Sanky: I came here  to ask u whether u will go to meet Kavita with me??

Swara(with dull smile):Yes Sanky I also want to see who is that lucky girl who have a lover like u

Sanskar smiled.

Swara: But the problem is that Baba won’t allow me then??? he will kill me if I went somewhere without his permission. U ask his permission he won’t say no to u.

Sanky : haha ok but what I will say to him?

Swara: Anything don’t u know any good excuses..

Sanskar: umm…nope I am not genius like u in these matters u tell what I should ask him?

Now they went inside , Shekhar and Shumi were sitting on the sofa in the hall and Ragini was standing there.

Sanskar; Uncle as u know that we shift here this month only so I don’t know much about this place..dad also lives busy so can u send Swara with me to help me in visiting the city?? I assure u I will take Swara on my responsibility. I will also drop her back to home.

Shekhar(laughing): Sanskar I have full faith on u, u r my best friend’s son and about Swara so nothing can happen her even when she will go alone…something can happen to the people  wherever she is going but to her no no..u can take her but take care of urself and also of the people where she is going.

Sanskar smiled and said thanks to Shekhar after that Swasan went from there.

In the whole journey to Kavita’s home Swara was looking Sanskar only she was remembering how they met first time, how she said that he is her enemy, the way she tortured him , their handshake, her prank of being faint. She was smiling recalling all these incidents but when she remembered Sanskar telling her that he loves someone else her smile got vanished. She started looking outside the window now..

Just then Sanky told her that they reached.

They both stepped down from the car and saw a girl in a very fashionable dress and with a wide smile was standing there.

She  came running to Sanky and hugged him 👿

Swara curled her fingers in a tight fist seeing it.

Sanky then broke the hug and said

Sanky: Kavita meet her this is Swara my best friend. She is the one who is helping us.

KAVITA : hiii

Swara( with fake smile): Hello..

Kavita: Come inside u both…

Kavita holds Sanky’s hand and took her inside with her. Swara saw their hands and her face turned red due to anger.

Swara also came in.

Kavita: So Swara this is my home..I live in this home of 15 rooms,35 slaves ,alone..my mom dad live in USA..come we will sit in my large garden . ( She said stressing the qualities of her home)

Kavita and Sanskar went in garden and Swara was also going behind them thinking about the  show off which  Kavita is doing.

Swara : What she wants to show?? If her house have 15 rooms ours have 20. If her house have 35 slaves our have 40..so what? I am not doing any show off like her.huh…

She reached the garden and glanced it.

Swara:  our garden is also bigger than hers..

Swara sat on the chair in the garden and Kavita and Sanskar where sitting on other chairs.

Kavita served them juice.

Kavita: Sanskar…when u are going to marry me? please talk to ur dad about us.

Swara was getting jealous now, she  clutched the glass in her hand and started looking in other direction or else her anger  and jealousy will make her to do murder of this Kavita.

Kavita then looked towards Swara.

Kavita: umm..Swara I know  u r helping us and I am thankful to u also but can u leave us alone for sometime is u don’t mind.

Swara(gritting her teeth): yeah why not..

She stood up and was about to go out but something strike in her khurafati brain. Of course he wanted Sanky to be happy but Kavita irritated her so much that she wouldn’t stop herself to teach Kavita a lesson

When she was passing by Kavita’s chair she dropped the glass of juice from her hand and it fall down on Kavita’s dress, the pieces of glass also got scattered.

Kavita: Oh my new dress..!(She stood up from the sofa) Just go to hell..! U spoiled my dress didn’t u know how expensive this dress wad..huhh.! .

Swara: I don’t know the way to hell please give me lift…

Kavita: Huh Sanskar how u made this girl ur friend she is just..ah..

Sanskar; Kavita don’t say like this..Swara I am asking sorry from her side.

Swara: No it’s ok…the fault was mine…Kavita I’m sorry.

Just then Sanky’s phone started ringing..

Sanky: It’s dad call wait I am coming just now here it’s network problem

He went outside and here Swakav were alone.

Swara: Now let me answer u the question u asked Sanky that how he made me his friend. He found himself feel comfortable by talking with me..but u can’t start or end any talk without doing ur so called show off.
U know what Kavita.. see these pieces of glass (she said looking towards the broken pieces of glass lying on the ground) sometimes glass glitters more than diamond because it has more to prove..

Kavita(angrily): Swara!!!
That time Sanky came there..
Sanskar: What’s going on here??
Kavita: Actually sanky Swara was about to place her foot on glass pieces so I was awaring her.
San: Swara now we have to go home fastly. Dad called me there immediately.

Swara looked towards Kavita and nodded her head .
Kavita hugged Sanky while Looking towards Swara angrily.

After then Swasan went from there.

Kavita smirked seeing them.

Precap: Boom!!!!!! 

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