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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Heartbreak For Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul walks to Sadhna’s room and requests her not to let Mandira in again as she has seen the consequences. Gayatri yells Mandira always did good to this house, Bulbul does not have to say anything and she should not dare trying to brainwash bhabhi. She pushes Bulbul out of room and tells Sadhna that Bulbul is trying to prove her insane, so she should not speak to Bulbul at all. Sadhna asks her to take care of household chores. Gayatri leaves yelling. Sadhna looks at her mobile and thinks how to tell everyone that Prabhath calls her.

Vijay in his office asks his aide over phone if lawyer reopened Prabhath’s case. His aide says it is difficult. Vijay holding Prabhath’s photo says he wants to punish Prabhath’s murderer, but wants to take legal route. Ritu

walks in and hugs Vijay. Vijay is surprised. She greets him and says she wants to help his party and can do anything for him, means for his party’s win, so he can give list of incomplete work, her company will complete work and let him win elections.. Vijay thanks her and asks for coffee. She says some other day and leaves waving him hand.

Ananth enjoys lunch at Baba’s house when Baba’s aide informs that Angad has come. Baba asks him to inform Angad that he will get election ticket from his party and to meet Pankaj. He then tells Ananth that he did as he said and asks reason behind. Ananth comments to eat mango and even count seeds, not to bother much.

Ananth returns home. Tejaswini says Mandira is not at home and did not prepare food. Mandira returns. Ananth asks her to sit as she must be tired, then asks do whatever she wants and be hungry, but prepare food on time for others. Mandira says she cannot understand him, why he is doing all this.

Vijay returns home. Sadhna gets Prabhath’s dream and wakes up shouting Prabhath ji. Vijay and Bulbul rush to her. She asks if he got Prabhath’s murderers punished. Vijay says he is taking legal route. Sadhna lashes him that he does not want at all as he made fake promise just to become MLA, he does not care about Prabhath’s at all and just used his name. Vijay walks out shattered and pours his heart out. Bulbul consoles him that he does not have to show what Prabhath is for him and what he is doing, he should just follow Prabhath’s path..

Precap: During lunch, Vijay says food is smelling really good. Vasuu says Bulbul Chachhi prepared it. Mandira orders pizza for all and challenges..

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