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It’s a perfect dawn in London that day. Sun was rising just as hope rises in some…slowly and steadily… weather reports said that the Sun will be covered by clouds. Stars are still visible with a setting moon. Three eyes are wide awake. One was the elder man who was thinking about the previous day incidents resting his face on his hand. One was the elder woman who was ruffling the younger man’s hair so that he does not gets disturbed in his sleep. Rudra was sleeping over Anika’s lap. He was the most who suffered the previous day. Last one was the younger woman/girl who was still outside at the garden sitting over the bench and staring the sky.

Her eyes were tired but not she, she hoped to lead a life full of happiness that surrounds her di and she has only shouted over her di just to run away from everyone. A deep pain she was hiding inside her heart which she never wanted to share with anyone.

“Shivay, go and check where is Soumya… I know she is round” Anika said and Shivay looked at her keeping his thoughts aside.

“Anika you sleep for an hour at least now… or else you will get weak again” Shivay said.

“How can I sleep Shivay when I know that my fairy, my Soumya is in trouble… I know the every word she uttered yesterday was not the actual words, I know something is troubling her” Anika said.

“Okay fine… I am going, if you need anything before I come back just wake up Om or Ishu” he said looking at Om and Ishana who were sleeping leaning back.

“No no I need nothing, you just go and find my Soumya” Anika said. Shivay went away in search of the girl, Anika’s fairy.

He checked every corner, every sitting place of every floor in the hospital. She was nowhere to be found. Lastly he thought to go out and check once in the garden and the surrounding areas of the hospital. He pressed the button of the elevator and went down. He checked everywhere and only garden was left. He initially thought that maybe she went back to her hotel but he with swift steps went to the garden to find a girl sitting over a bench and staring at the star. He went and sat beside her.

“Soumya” he called her and she looked at him and soon wiped away her fresh tears.

“I am sorry bhaiyaa” she said in an inaudible tone looking down.

“It’s okay dear… we all know that there is something that is bothering you” Shivay said brushing his hand over her head.

“Bhaiyaa… when a person fears to get loved then maybe he/she reacts in that way” Soumya said every word with so much of pain that even Shivay’s hard stoned heart shook.

“What has happened? You can just share with me” he said and she rested her head over his chest and allowed her tears to flow down. He also didn’t stop her from crying and kept on calming her down by saying ‘it’s okay’ while she was just replying ‘I’m sorry’

They were sitting like that and the Sun came out from the dark. She has felt the warmth of brother’s love for the first time. She was silent. Tear stains were visible though it bothered her less as she got an elder brother.

“Soumya… let’s go up, your di is waiting for you” Shivay said looking at her.

“I have no guts to face her, I have spoke in a rough tone with my di who has done so much for me… I am scared bhaiyaa” she replied like a kid looking down and intertwining her left hand fingers with the right.

“She is your di right not a chimpanzee or ghost… she is worrying about you a lot, please come with me” Shivay said cupping her face. She just nodded and held one finger of Shivay’s hand and followed him just like a daughter follows her father. They reached up. Everyone was wide awake by then. Smile and tear both covered Anika’s face seeing Soumya behind Shivay.

“Shivay… our flight is in three hours, we should get going now… Rudra come” Om said and Rudra went with them not leaving a single chance to look her. Her face was glued to the ground. OmRu and Ishana went away and Shivay closed the door behind buh byeing them.

“Soumya… come to me” Anika called her in most affectionate tone.

“I am sorry di… I didn’t mean to… I am sorry” she went and hugged Anika and kept apologising to her while Anika kept brushing her head and back. Shivay too went close and sat near them engulfing them in a tight hug to give them the warmth of his love.

“It’s okay… it’s okay” Shivay said.

Soumya came out of the hug and looked at Anika who was staring her back.

“What has happened Soumya? Please tell me” Anika said and kissed Soumya’s hand squeezing them.

“I… I can’t share… please… please don’t ask me” Soumya said and broke down once again hugging her life-line.

“Okay okay… take your time” Anika said wrapping her hands around Soumya.

“I think, I should leave now” Shivay said wishing not to come in between two sisters.

“No no bhaiyaa… you are my bhaiyaa… if I share it with my di, then you also have rights to know” Soumya replied getting up.

“Tell us Soumya” Anika said. Soumya looked back to Anika and took a deep breath closing her eyes.

She started “You remember Ishan Acharya?” Soumya asked, Anika nodded and looking that Soumya continued “he is Inesh’s brother”

“What?” involuntarily came out of Anika’s mouth.

“Yes… yes di… he is Inesh’s brother…” Soumya paused.

“How come?” Anika asked.

Soumya continued “either Inesh or Ishan, either of them has registered a wrong surname for their benefits… I also came to know about all this the day you kidnapped Shivay bhaiyaa… di, he… I mean… Ishan, he has proposed me… proposed me…” Soumya could not say further as her hiccups and tears took the place of words.

“Drink the water… relax… take your time… relax” Anika said making Soumya to drink a glass of water. After sometime Soumya composed and continued “he proposed me… I had some soft corner for him, before that… he had succeeded in… in making me fall for him… so I was so over whelmed… the day he proposed me, I said yes… he and I were so happy… I was not expecting to see his evil side once… but he…” Soumya took break and gulped down water and then continued “you used to share everything about your plans… with me… you used to trust me… but I had broken your trust di… I am a cheater… I have betrayed you…” Soumya again started to weep.

“Tell me Soumya, and I know you can never betray me… tell me” Anika soothed Soumya and Soumya started to speak again “I used to share everything with Ishan… he had his tactics… to know… to know about your plans from me… I have shared everything with him… but he stabbed at the back of us… by sharing everything with Inesh… who was himself planning… to… to destroy the country” he stopped and looked at Anika.

“It’s okay Soumya, you have shared everything with him as you have loved him… you have trusted him, you never had any intention of betraying me… just don’t let this thinking to over power you that you have betrayed me… tell me further what happened?” Anika cupped Soumya’s face and gave her an assuring smile.

“We had a stable relationship till the day I came to know… I went to his house to discuss some matter and I saw Inesh was sitting there… I heard Ishan calling as bhai… and their mother… Inesh’s and Ishan’s mother is same… I started to doubt… mistakenly I got caught… Inesh went away and one thing I could think was Ishan has betrayed me… I never bothered about Inesh… I just went out with an disgusted face, crying and weeping… Ishan came following me… and then…


“Soumya… Soumya stop… Soumya stop I said” Ishan shouted from back.

Soumya stopped and turned back “is Inesh your brother? Tell me Mr. fraud” Soumya yelled.

“Yes… yeah… please don’t tell it to anyone… listen to me once” Ishan took Soumya aside and continued “listen Soumya… I am on a mission, I just want… want to know the secrets of police and CID so that we can…” Ishan stopped.

“We can?” Soumya asked.

“I mean I can… I can plan a great attack to destroy… this… this country… see I am sharing this, because or else if you will find this later… we may have break up… the way my mission is important to me… you are also important… please relax… by this we will earn a huge amount of money, and then we will go away from everyone and will lead a normal life, please don’t tell this to anyone… please” Ishan said.

“Okay… listen, I want double share then… I won’t share this with anyone” Soumya said smiling.

“Yes baby” Inesh said and hugged Soumya. He took out a knife from his sleeves and was to stab Soumya when she quickly shot him using her gun. Tears went down but that was not of loosing in front of a beast or not of loosing her love but of killing a man who has betrayed her for one long month.

“My di… my own di is planning to save her country and people like you are planning to kill her? What do you think of women haan? They are not your toys… they are goddess Durga at one face and goddess Parvati at the other… the way they can love, they can kill their love also… I will share everything with Inesh sir… he will himself be ashamed to be your brother… you blo*dy bast*rd” Soumya said and shot Ishan for two more times and he died on spot… quivering and crying in pain.


…I have killed him di… I informed this to Inesh but as that time I never suspected Inesh, I was hoping him to take some action and kept on repeating the matter in front of him but he in turn sent me away… and when I came back… he engrossed me in works… I had no time to share this with you also… if I would have shared nothing of this sort would have happened… I am sorry di… please forgive me… I am sorry” Soumya completed in between her sobs. Anika and Shivay kept on trying to calm her down.

Not only Shivay and Anika but another pair of ear also heard everything.

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