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Pyaar Ho Toh Aise (Kanchi) Episode 12


Shaadi Ki Tayari

1 Month Till Wedding
Sanchi: I have all my clothes ready, I have a plan on how to pack my clothes and other stuff, and I still need to talk to Kabir about our honeymoon and my at-home work
Jaya: TMI but call him and ask about your files
Sanchi: Hmm …
Jaya stands there looking at Sanchi
Sanchi: Go naa
Jaya: Oh right

She calls Kabir
Kabir: Hey
Sanchi: I wanted to ask you about my files that I keep at home
Kabir: I have made a spot for you in our study
Sanchi: Great
Kabir: What color do you want our room to be
Sanchi: Why
Kabir: I haven’t gotten my room remodeled yet and carpet or wood floor
Sanchi: How big is your room
Kabir: It’s a master room
Sanchi: Lightish grey and white
Kabir: Okay, I will tell that to the designer. So
Sanchi: So I am stressed about my room. I am leaving this place forever just for you. Do you know how many memories I have in here
Kabir: Well I am sorry. But we both will make so many memories here… in our room
Sanchi: You do know I have a problem sharing
Kabir: I have all that sorted. You will see when I bring you as my bride
Sanchi blushed
Kabir: I know you are blushing and you look really cute
Sanchi: Okay bye now
Kabir: Bye

*Click Click*
Kabir and Sanchi both turn around in their rooms but see no one
Kabir: Kaun??
Sanchi: Who’s there?

**No Reply**
Sanchi: Whatever

Week Of Wedding
Kapoor Mansion

Kabir: I am not a girl, why should I put haldi on
Kusum: Stop being a baby and sit down
Kabir: Maa do whatever you want but I will not let on drop of that get on me. I will look more like a human ladoo than handsome. My skin is perfectly fine
Just then Kunal and Veer come and sit Kabir down … forcefully
Kabir: Maa please ….
Kusum applies the haldi
Kabir: Chi
And one by one every aunty comes and applies some haldi and then the uncles come. And now it’s time for Veer and Kunal
Kabir: Oh god
Suraj: Kunal and Veer don’t go overboard we have to send that to Sanchi
Veer: Kunal why don’t you do the honors
Kunal grabs about half a handful and applies all that to Kabir’s face and then Veer does to same but on Kabir’s arms
Kunal: Now you look like a human ladoo
Kabir got up but both sat him down because it was time for Kabir to bathe in milk.
Savitri: Oh god, Kusum I will take this to the Mishra’s
Kusum: Thank you so much. Where is the milk??

Mishra Mansion
Savitri: Yeh lo Sanchi ki haldi
Sanchi: Oh god, if I get an allergic reaction from that I’m suing everyone who applies it to me
Jaya: Chup
Sanchi makes a sad funny face and the haldi is on her….
Sanchi: Yuck, Dad this smells
Suniel: Oh really??
Suniel goes to Sanchi and smears the haldi on her arms
Sanchi: Dad!!
Suniel: Yes I did have to do that
Sunny and Naina come and apply a little bit since they went through the same and then Sanchi went for her milk bathe but in a different room …

Later That Night
Jaya: Sanchi give me your phone
Sanchi: Excuse me??
Jaya: Sanchi you can’t talk to Kabir until your wedding now
Sanchi: We know that, which is why we have put a blocked timer for our numbers.
Jaya: Show me … okay you better not even think about meeting Kabir until your wedding
Sanchi: I know

The Next Day
Sanchi’s Mehndi

Some aunties are playing the dhol while many girls are getting their mehndi done. And so far Sanchi’s is the prettiest!!!
Sanchi: So how long do I have to wait
Isha: The entire night!!!
Sanchi: Yay!!!
Pragya: Don’t worry tomorrow, uncle and aunty are letting you sleep and then at night will be your chura ceremony. And then PARTY
Everyone looked at Pragya
Sanchi: Shut up Pragya, sorry about that
Jaya: What party are you talking about
Sanchi: Nothing Maa
Jaya: Sanchi …. Won’t you tell your Mom
Sanchi: It’s our bachelorette party and no aunties
Jaya: You won’t be going to the temple to pray
Sanchi: Maa please, let me enjoy my last few moments as a single girl
Jaya: Ok ok
Sanchi: Thank you
The rest of the night, girls were singing and dancing. Sanchi even started dancing once her mehndi was dry enough.

Next Day
Sanchi is fast asleep in her bed but then comes Jaya and Suniel
Jaya: She looks so grown up now
Suniel: I can’t believe she is getting married. The Sanchi that I brought in my arms to this room. My little princess is getting married
Jaya: She’s leaving us
Suniel: And now Sunny is also moving to London .
Jaya: Aur hum ab yahan
Suniel caresses Sanchi’s face…
Suniel: God Bless You Princess
Jaya and Suniel walk out teary eyed

Jaya’s brother comes and fulfills the chura ceremony.
Sanchi: Thank you so much Mamaji
Mama: No problem, it matches with your bridal lengha right
Sanchi: Yes, thank you
Suniel: So you showed your lengha to your Mama but not your parents
Mama: Even I haven’t seen it, I just know about the colors
Suniel: Red and Gold
Mama: Hmm
Sanchi: Sorry
Isha: So now …
Sanchi: Well I get to wear these for 3 months now
Pragya: Have fun romancing
Sanchi: Shut up, anyway let’s get ready for our party
Isha: Let’s go to my house. I have the outfits
Sanchi: Chalo, Dad already knows
Sanchi taps Suniel and tells him that she is leaving for the night

The trio changes at Isha’s house and then head to a club, where all of Sanchi’s friends are
Sanchi: Let’s PARTY
Isha: Drinks!!
Pragya: See you Sanchi
Sanchi: Hey

So the entire night (more like until 2 AM) they all party and dance their legs off and then everyone Ubered home…

The Next Day
There was no ritual or function, it was a day of relaxation and the last day as a single.
Sanchi goes downstairs and hugs everyone
Sunny: I can’t believe it. You are actually getting married. No longer that little sister whose hair I used to pull
Suniel: No longer the little princess who would beg for ice cream or chocolate after school
Sanchi: Guys you are making me cry now
Jaya: Your favorite breakfast, last time from my hands
Sanchi: Why is this so mushy and gushy? If this is how the day will go then I won’t have any tears from tomorrow
All laughed
Sanchi: That’s more like it

So the rest of the day the Mishra’s were spending their last day with Sanchi and the Kapoor’s were

Kapoor Mansion
Kusum: I like this room, nice and large, and very classy. What about
Kabir: Maa I have everything sorted. You don’t need to worry about anything
Kusum: I can’t believe my son is finally getting married!! You’ve grown up so quickly
Kabir hugged his mom
Just then Suraj came in
Suraj: Kabir… oh
Kabir: Yes Dad
Suraj: I just came to have a chat but I can come later
Kusum: Are you talking about that?
Suraj: Please come to the living room
Kabir: Is something wrong??
Kusum: No come…

Family Meeting
Suraj: Boys I … I think it’s high time I accept the fact that I have grown too old. And I am tired of handling the business. I just want to rest and spend the rest of my days with my family and God
Kabir: Dad?!
Suraj: I am officially retiring
Kunal: But Dad
Suraj: I am not done yet.
Kusum: I will continue. Listen boys we don’t know what the future will hold but as of now. We have divided the Kapoor property into two. But this house is both of y’alls. No dividing the house. Once we pass away you will inherit your share of the property. No ifs or buts.
Suraj: Kunal, after Kabir’s marriage. I will be giving you my position as the CEO of Kapoor Industries
Kunal: Dad… I…
Suraj: Relax I’m not dying or anything. I’m just old and I need to move on with life.
The boys nodded and they hugged their parents.
Kusum: Kunal we actually wanted to talk to Kabir now
Kunal went to his room
Kabir: What did I do ??
Suraj: Nothing
Kusum: We just wanted to have a little chat about your future life as a married man
Suraj: Kabir, marriage is the most precious relationship a man can have. It is a relationship that will go through all the ups and downs of life with you.
Kusum: No matter what you two have to stand by each other. And we know sometime it may seem hard but trust me, in the end you two will be together with one happy family.
Suraj: We trust you a lot my son but remember that Sanchi is leaving her family and her entire world to live with you. Give her space and time because it’s not easy starting life over with another family.
Kusum: So respect her, your marriage, her family, your family.
Suraj: And never leave her side
Suraj: Now he will know why life is a roller coaster
Kusum: Excuse me
Suraj: Nothing
Kabir: Bad timing dad

Sanchi is getting ready, her hairstylist is doing her hair the makeup artist is doing her makeup, Isha and Pragya and are chit chatting with her and doing fixing her jewelry

Sanchi: Thank you so much everyone!! But because I am a cheesy girl, selfies!!!
Sanchi takes a bunch of pictures with her girl gang before the stylists head out…
Pragya: Sanchi it’s time!!!
Sanchi breathes out heavily
Isha and Pragya go to her sides and take her downstairs where her entire family was in awe. At one point Jaya and Suniel started crying but Sanchi went to them and wiped their tears.
Suniel: You look gorgeous
Jaya: Kisi ki nazar na lage
Sanchi then goes to the mandap where Kabir was waiting for her. Kabir held her hand and brought her up to the mandap and was just lost in her beauty.

Isha Pragya: *Cough Cough*
Isha: Kabir Jiju we know Sanchi looks amazing but
Pragya: Control your eyes
Kabir looked away to the mandap and they do the varmalla then Kanchi sat down.

After all those rituals and the pheras. Sanchi and Kabir take everyone’s blessing and for a short period of time they go to different rooms with their families…
Sanchi: Papa
Suniel and Sanchi hugged each other
Suniel: You looked amazing and still do
Sanchi: This is why surprising is better
Jaya: Come here
Sanchi hugs Jaya
Sanchi: Maa I’m sorry for all the times I was rude to you. You are the best mom ever.
Jaya: Arre pagli I know you didn’t mean it
Sunny: Where is our hug
Sanchi went and hugged Sunny and Naina
Sanchi: Thank you Bhai!! You two are the cutest couple

A few minutes later… Sanchi is brought down by her family and they all are in tears
Sanchi: Papa…
Suniel: … don’t cry Princess
One by one Sanchi hugs everyone in her family and then throws the rice behind her head and slowly gets into the car which Suniel Sunny and Jaya push away as they wave their princess bye.

In The Car
Kabir: Sanchi don’t cry
He wipes her tears
Sanchi hugs Kabir
Kabir: It’s going to be okay. You can always visit them
Sanchi: But that’s not the same
Kabir: But now look, you will have a new family who is equally crazy
Sanchi laughs a little
Kabir: Shh now don’t cry. Look we are here

Kabir steps out the car and then helps Sanchi out the car and they walk to the front door. Kusum does their aarti and Sanchi kicks the kalash of rice and walks through the vermillion water. After some other rituals, Sanchi is taken to their room. And she sits on the bed. After a few minutes Kunal comes in…

Kunal: Bhabhi come with me
Kunal take Sanchi to the walk in closet and one of Kabir’s female cousins go and sit in her place and Kabir comes in …
Kabir: Sanchi, I hope you aren’t crying
Sanchi: I’m fine now …
Kabir: Hmm. I know
He holds her hand but the cousin moves her hand
Kabir: I know you are tired so why don’t you remove your jewelry??
Kabir is about to lift the veil when Kunal and some other relatives scare Kabir.
Kabir: Oh god!!!
Sanchi starts laughing as well
Kabir: Really guys and who is this … Misha?!?
Misha: Sorry Bhai
Kabir: Chalo ab OUT
Kunal: Sorry Bhai and that was so sweet of you
Kabir: Teri toh
Kunal closes the door and Kabir locks the door.
Sanchi is standing and admiring the room while Kabir comes from behind and hugs Sanchi.
Kabir: You like it
Sanchi: I love it. But this wall
Kabir: That is where our picture will go
Sanchi: That’s so cute
Kabir: Just like you, by the way you should change…
Sanchi: Hmm, once I get all of my jewelry and makeup off and all of these bobby pins
Kabir: Then let me help you…
Sanchi goes to the vanity and …
Sanchi: Kabir I …
Kabir goes into the closet and brings out the boxes for the jewelry.
Sanchi: Thank you
Kabir slowly loosens her necklace and then puts it in the case… and Sanchi removes her earrings. Then both chat for a little bit while removing the bobby pins.
Sanchi: Oh shoot my clothes are probably downstairs …
Kabir: No… they are in the closet.
Sanchi: Everything is already set here.
Kabir: A little different
Sanchi: I’m just used to doing all my work on my own. But this is fine too
Kabir: Okay I think we got all of them
Sanchi: You should go change first while I find some hidden ones
Kabir: Okay
After Kabir comes Sanchi goes and changes and is just fascinated by the size of the closet. Sanchi changes into a red night dress …
Sanchi: Kabir what is this door for
Kabir: One is for accessories and one connects it to the bathroom
Sanchi: Nice
Kabir: Now…
Kabir walks into the closet and sees Sanchi moisturizing her legs.
Sanchi: I was just about to come
Kabir: Hmm? But I came …
Sanchi: Kabir I just wanted to say one thing
Kabir: Bolo
Sanchi: I hope just because we are married, things won’t get awkward between us.
Kabir: That’s what I was about to say
Sanchi: Good because I am extremely tired so good night my dear hubby
Kabir: Not so fast. Wifey
Kabir grabs Sanchi and then carries her bridal style to their bed.
Sanchi: You forgot to turn off the light in the closet
Kabir: It will turn off by itself in 5 minutes
Sanchi: And the curtains are open
Kabir: That doesn’t matter, what matters is us. Hum aur Tum
Sanchi looks deep into Kabir’s eyes and both engage in a long and passionate kiss.
And the screen shifts to the full moon…

The Next Morning…
Sanchi and Kabir are sleeping peacefully, when they hear someone knocking the door
Sanchi: Kabir… will you see who is at the door
Kabir: Let it be
Sanchi: I’ll go pass me my clothes
Kabir reaches for her nighty and gives it to Sanchi. She quickly puts it on and goes to open the door.

Kunal: Busy night ehh!?!
Sanchi: Shut up Kunal, what is it
Kunal: Maa wants both of you to be downstairs in two hours
Sanchi: Okay
Kunal: Vaise Bhai kahan hai
Sanchi: He’s sleeping.
Kunal: Bhai!!!! Wake up
Sanchi: Sorry
Kunal: Oh god this is great!!

Once Kunal leaves, Sanchi closes the door and sits on the bed. That’s when Kabir turns around and pulls Sanchi
Sanchi: Kabir choro mujhe
Kabir: Ab toh humari shaadi ho gayi, ab kis baat ki sharam
Sanchi: Kabir, Maa called us
Kabir: In two hours
Kabir pulls Sanchi even more closer and Sanchi gives in … they both start making out

15 Minutes Later
Sanchi: Kabir!! We only have an hour and 45 minutes.
Kabir: Don’t worry…
Sanchi: Kabir choro mujhe
Sanchi loosens Kabir’s grip and goes to the bathroom
Kabir: Arre yaar!!!

45 Minutes Later
Sanchi comes out the closet wearing a red saree. Kabir looks up and gets mesmerized by her simplicity and beauty. Sanchi sits next to Kabir
Sanchi: Kabir come on, you have an hour to get ready. Go already
Kabir: After one kiss
Sanchi: If you go shower then you will get the kiss
Kabir: Am I a child??
Sanchi: Well you are behaving like one
Kabir: I will go get ready.
Sanchi: Thank you
And she kisses his cheek.
Kabir: I love you

Author’s Note:
I hope you liked this episode. I tried to add as many Kanchi scenes and hopefully made up for the short episode that was posted previously. I won’t be updating until next week since spring break is ending Sunday.

Continuation of Day
First Week As A Married Couple
Honeymoon (majority of episode)

**Three More Episodes Left**

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