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our love story RAGSAN part 14 LAST EPISODE

San:hey guys wat happened
Riavinay:v both r angry on u
Ragsan together y
Riavinay :wat y
Vinay:u both r in love since our college days but didn’t tell to us
RRia:and more over u were fooled us by romancing daily in library
Ragsan smiles at her statement
Vinay :see they doesn’t care about it.. They were smiling
Rag :goes towards them and pleads them
Vinay :k only for my ragu..
Rag hugs them and cries(reminding her act)

Ria:who were smiling since yet, felt bad for her And consoles her

@sankar’s home
Sujram faked their angry on Ragini but Ragini consoled them by her love

Sujram shekjanaki were discussing any ragsan marriage which is going to happen tmrw.. They were doing the things

And screen shift to sanskar who is trying all the way to speak with her Ragini but she is just enjoying with her frds Ria Vinay.. And riavinay chuckles by seeing his situation and teased him

San:frustratedly k guys I’m leaving to my room.. U people carry on
Rag:wat happened? Y he suddenly went
Vinay hits his forehead
Ria:ragini u r tube light
Vinay:he wants to spend time with you but u he smiles
Ria:u were spending with us that’s y he went she also smiles
Vinay:scarcitically I don’t know Wat u people going to do after marriage
Rag:k guys now enough of teasing.. I’ll go now

@sanskar’s room
Rag came and saw sanskar standing in balcony
Rag:smiles and goes towards him
San:fake angrily y did u cum ?u should b with ur friends na
Rag:yeah but I thought to spend time with you
San was silent
Rag:k I think u want to be alone. K u enjoy. I will leave by saying she turns
San immediately holds her wrist and pulled her.. Ragini hits his chest.. Both were looking lovingly
San huskily :stay here
Rag :breaths heavily when his hot breath touches her ear.. Kyun
San:smiles and kissed on her chin, she shivered by his touch, he rubbed her lips with his thumb and Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch, when he about to kiss her they hear a knock.. Both get departed
San opened the door
Vinayria smiles Sry guys,, actually aunty asked u both to come downstairs
San”y vinay
Viay:wat y?? Tmrw is marriage na,, regarding that only
San:k tell her I will come after few minutes vinay:oops I forget to tell this she told me if u didn’t cum early, marriage will get postpone San widened wat??by saying he went to downstairs
Vinayria rag chuckles

And their marriage happened with elder’s blessing
San came and saw his love sitting in the bed, he smiles widely and goes towards her
San holds her hand,, do you know Ragini? How happy I’m today? At last v r together, our love story ends in a good way
Rag removes her veil suddenly but I don’t like this end .,she pouts
San:confusedly looks at her
Rag smiles and cupped his face, how it will be a perfect end sanskar? It doesn’t unless v had our love in our hands
San confused for a bit and gets her point and gives a teasing look to her
San:acha k how many love u want in ur hands
Rag blushes and scanned the room and acts like thinking, may b this room full
San:smiles and pulled her in to a hug, I think my naughty girl is back
Rag nods and hugs him tightly.. Both were lost in hug and after few minutes Both break the hug and looked each other lovingly

San without any warning captured her lips
Rag widened by his sudden act but started responding to it
After 10 min
Rag breaks the kiss and breaths heavily
San smiles and again goes close towards her Rag:placed her hand in his chest ,,San looks at her
Rag:breathing heavily stammers wait
San:huskily I can’t wait any more by saying he again kissed her and both fell on the bed without breaking the kiss
Rag:is pulling him more towards her
San breaks the kiss and looks at his Ragini intensely.. She blushes and hugs him
San smiles and removed his jewellery one by one.. Rag closed her eyes by his touch
Sanskar started nuzzling her neck with his nose and inhaling her aroma.. And kissed her sensuously from her shoulder to chin.. And his hands playing with her skin..

Rag moaned his name by his love.. Sanskar loses his control and pulled blanket over them and they made love

After 4 yrs
Rag is playing with 3 yr baby happily
And Sujatha came with 2yr baby,, see ragu ur son is not obeying his Nani
Rag chuckles
And she made both the children to sleep
After few minutes
Sanskar came with 8 months girl baby
San:ragu she she ate her food, I only make her to do, he proudly says
(guys they have 3 babies with 1 yr age difference of each)

Rag is sitting in the bed San came and back hugs her
Rag jerks
Rag:go and sleep in sofa (strictly)
San:pouts u only said u want room full of our love.. V have produced only 3
Rag:blushes silently I will regret for it.. Now go and sleep.. Becaz of u everyone is teasing me,, I didn’t thought every year u will, she cuts her sentence
San teases her
Rag now enough go and sleep
By saying she kept her 8 months baby in a toddler and other two boy children in bed and slept beside tgem
San pouts and sleep in couch by murmuring

After few minutes
When Ragini turns to opposite side, saw sanskar staring at her lovingly
Rag :eyes him to sleep
San:pleads her through eyes
Rag blushes and said no
San fake angrily turns other side
Rag smiles

After few minutes he again turns to see Ragini but she is not in the bed and pillows are arranged around the children

San smiles by understanding and immediately she saw her standing beside him
Both smiles and sanskar sit
Rag immediately sit in his lap and peck his lips
San sensoullay passed his hand inside her waist
Rag shivers,, when San is any to kiss her in her lips, Ragini covers his mouth with her hands
Rag:i want to speak to u
Rag::im I’m
San:wat I’m im
Rag:i don’t know how to say this ??she hits him because of u everyone is teasing me
San:dont say again u r pregnant
Rag :nods
San shocked excited too but how when
Rag Wat y r u asking like this
San:smiles I’m just kidding yaar,, just want to know when that’s y
Rag:2 months before like today u did ur nasty things that day she pouts
San:glares her am I doing nasty things.. U r only provoking me to
Rag:cuts him kk enough
San:yeah correct y v r wasting our time by saying he kissed on her lips
And kissed on her belly. .cone soon champ.. Our family is waiting to see you
And covered themselves in blanket

@next day evening
San who came from office saw Ragini playing with all the children
He smiles widely and hugs her back tightly
Rag :blushes
San:wat u said in our first night is right ragu
Ragini break the hug and turns towards him
San:perfect end of our love story today only.. I can feel it
Rag nods and hugs him tightly

Episode ends with hugging of ragsan and with their playing children

End… Thank u so much for ur support for this ff.. Tmrw I’ll post missed love
Do comment it means a lot to me

Hope u like it

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