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Nimki Mukhiya 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tunee brings first case to Nimki as head

Nimki Mukhiya 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nimki says to Sweety that inlaws are inlaws, right? all women leave. Nimki asks diamond to leave too. Ritu takes him. Nimki says I should takes rest.

Tunee shows photos to Muaha. Tunee says I will not take photos, I didnt get my photos. Mauha says Nimki is looking nice with Abhi or Babbu? Tunee says she looks best with me. Ram says she came with respect as Tettar’s family came for her. Tunee says you just see big houses and stuff, find palace for Mauha too. Ram says yes I will sell my property for Mauha’s marriage. Mauha says I wont want a palace, I just want educated man, sell property for education. Tunee says this is difference between Nimki and her.

Nimki asks in palace how is Babbu? she says I should go to Babbu’s room. She hears some snores from one

room and opens door. She finds Babbu sleeping on bed and Dayya on floor. She smiles and says he took my sleep away and sleeping here, his room is beside me, my heartbeat would raise when I passesby here. She tries to wake him up. She makes paper planes to hit him. Dayya wakes up. Babbu wakes up too and slaps Dayya. Nimki waves from window, they are stunned. Nimki says send this Dayya away, its between husband and wife. Babbu asks him to stay. Nimki says I will never forget that you said I love to me on holi, Babbu says what? Dayya says you pretend that you dont like her and then say I love you to her? Babbu says what rubbish? Nimki says no you were with me in one bed and said I love you. Dayya says yes we all saw you one one bed with her. Nimki says I said I love you too to you, she blushes. She asks Dayya to leave as they to share flying kiss. Babbu asks Dayya to leave. Dayya says you will give her flying kiss? Babbu points gun at Nimki and asks her to leave. Nimki says uff, you look so handsome, take my life in love. Dayya leaves. Nimki says I am your pretty wife, you said I love you to me. Babbu closes window. Nimki says soon he will confess his love in senses.

Scene 2
Mauha says to Ram that Nimki was throwing planes on Babbu, she told me. Ram says Babbu loves her a lot.

Ritu sees his files and sees some papers missing (Nimki made planes from them). He says where are papers?

Mai comes to Babbu’s room and sees planes there. Ritu comes there and sees that they are property papers.
Ritu says to family that they dont know value of papers, grandma and others make planes and fly around. Mai comes and laughs, she plays with planes too. Nimki comes there and says I didnt know you would like them, I made these planes to wake up Babbu. Mai and others get tensed.

Tunee is riding bike with his friend. Diamond’s friend passesby him on his bike. Guy stops his bike, Tunee asks him to leave. Guy hits his bike, Tunee shouts at him, Tunee says you destroyed my bike. Guy says dont mess with me. Tunee says you have to pay for damages. One man says you have to go panchayat. Guy calls Diamond and tells him about Tunee. Diamond says how dare he, I am coming there.

Grandma is talking to servant and says you should put medicine in grain. Nimki comes there. Grandma says dont come near me. Nimki says this is porch and my area. Mai comes there and says this is not your palace, dont talk like that. Nimki says I was jsut telling to add pesticide in grains, she hears her phone and leaves.

Tunee calls Nimki and says Diamond’s friend hit my bike and they are asking to take it to panchayat. Nimki says what this is my first case as panchayat, great for bringing it, I mean I am coming, dont worry I will give you justice.

PRECAP- Nimki says to Mai and Babbu that some guy hit Tunee’s bike, its panchayat’s case so I have to go and decide. Mai says you dont have to go anywhere. Babbu will handle everything.
Babbu comes to village in his jeep and runs over Tunee’s bike, Tunee is hurt to see his bike completely broken.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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