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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 2)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the first episode . As I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes.if there’s any grammatical mistakes I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it

If you missed the first episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 1)

Enjoy the episode

Scene 1:
Mehta mansion , Marriage hall , Bride’s room

Some kids are seen playing in the hall and they’re talking to each other .

Kid 1 : guys , today , our jaan didi avni is getting married . I’ll really miss her . Will she come and be with us after her marriage Saisha didi ?

Saisha : offo Mowgli jaan didi wont leave us . Why would she leave us ?

Mowgli : but still I want to be with jaan didi . What will happen if everything changes and jaan didi doesn’t come to sukoon ghar to meet us.

Samrat comes there

Samrat : nothing will change … jaan didi will definitely come and meet us in sukoon ghar. Now , Mowgli you wanted to meet jaan didi right ? She’s in in that room ( he points towards the bride’s room)

Mowgli : okay .

Samrat : (to Saisha) Saisha do you really think jaan didi is happy ?

Saisha : even I don’t think jaan didi is happy about this .

Samrat : we need to do something ..

Even they go towards the bride’s room .

In bride’s room

A girl in beautiful grand red lehenga is seen . She’s looking very beautiful but she seems to be sad . A lady is getting her ready .

Lady : finally my daughter is getting married . I don’t know how I’m going to be here after you go to your in laws house . Avni I’ll miss u .

The lady is asha and the pretty bride is our Avni

Avni : (smiles) I’ll miss you too mom

Mowgli , saisha , samrat and other kids come inside

All the kids : (shouts) Jaan didi !

Avni : (gets happy seeing them ) Mowgli , saisha , pinky , samrat and all … when did you guys come .

Mowgli : (pretends to be angry) didi we were here all time and you didn’t even notice me.

Avni : haha.. sorry Mowgli

Asha : you all be with your jaan didi . I’ll be back after sometime.

Asha goes outside

Saisha : (closes the door)

Avni : saisha why did you close the door ?

Saisha : jaan didi I want to ask you something

Avni : ask ?

Samrat : are you happy ?

Avni : what do you mean ?

Saisha : are you happy that you’re going to get married ?

Avni stays silent .

Samrat : it means we were right . You are not happy .

Avni : it’s not like that …

Saisha : (cuts in between) then why are you doing this to yourself jaan didi when you are not happy ?

Mowgli starts shouting

Mowgli : Jaan didi is not happy ! Jaan didi is not happy !

Riya comes inside and hears

Riya : (confused) huh what ?

Avni : Riya you don’t listen to him .

Saisha : Riya didi , jaan didi is not happy with the fact that she’s going to get married

Riya gets shocked

Riya : Avni … what are they saying ? Is this true ?

Avni stays silent .

Riya : I know … you won’t say anything and I even know why you are doing this . I know you are doing all this for Daadi.

Avni : Riya please . You can see right everyone is happy .

Riya : then what about your happiness Avni ? Why do you always sacrifice everything for others .

Avni gives a sad look

Avni : now we can’t do anything Riya.

Saisha : Actually we can … jaan didi just run away and ..

Samrat : (cuts Saisha in between) Saisha are you mad?

Riya : (thinks) Avni just go . Saisha is right .


Riya : then do you want to get married to someone for others sake and suffer life long ?

Avni : Riya ..

Riya hears Asha’s voice .

Asha : (voice) Riya and others the groom’s family has finally arrived so come here .

Riya : fine Badi ma . (To Avni) see Avni , live for yourself . Not for others . You only have two choices now . Either run or get married .

Riya and the kids leave the room . Avni gets tensed and she keeps thinking .

In the marriage hall many guests are present . the groom’s family come there ..

Dayawanti : (in a loud voice) ashish , asha , ketan , Hetal , deeksha everyone come here . Finally our damad ji arrived

Ritesh parekh (groom) comes inside and everyone welcome him . His parents Neela parekh , Manoj parekh and his grand father Hemant also comes in

Hemant : dayaben I’m so happy that you grand daughter is going to be our Ritesh wife . We are very lucky to have her.

Dayawanti : yeah . Now you all will become our relatives . And my rajkumari will become your daughter in law ..

Neela : (cuts dayaben in between) not daughter in law … but she will be our daughter .

Everyone smile .

Neela : (smiles) we will treat Avni very well and love her more than you dayaben . After all she’s our daughter too .

Dayawanti : (thinks) thank god . My Avni is getting into s good family .

Deeksha : (to Dayawanti) ma I think it’s getting late so can we start ?

Asha : yeah .. deeksha is right . I think we need to start the rituals

Dayawanti : damad ji please come in and let’s start the rituals

Scene 2
Neil’s place – At the lawn

Neil comes out as he wants to spend some time alone .

Neil : (thinks) I wish it was just a bad dream. How can he do this to us ?

He thinks about his past.

It’s Neil’s 7th birthday . Everyone come and wish Neil .

Neil’s friends : Happy birthday Neil . ( they give him some gifts)

Young Neil : (receives the gift) thank you friends.

Shweta : Tillu come here let’s cut the cake

Neil : but mom where’s dad ?

Shweta : (thinks ) ugh…. he might be coming .

Neil : but mom he promised me that he’ll come this time .

Shweta : but now everyone are waiting right ? Let’s cut the cake.

Neil cuts the cake and everyone sing the happy birthday song.

But Neil is not happy as his dad didn’t turn up to his birthday.

After the party everyone goes out .

Neil is very sad and he goes and hugs Shweta

Neil : (cries) why did dad lie to me ma ? Why he’s always doing like this to me ?

Shweta pacify’s neil

5yr old Neeraj comes near Shweta

Neeraj : mumma when will papa come ?

Suddenly they hear someone banging the door.

Shweta goes and opens the door and she finds her husband (prakash) is very angry and he’s drunk .

Neil gets happy seeing prakash

Neil : (runs towards prakash) dad !

Neil hugs prakash but prakash pushes Neil and he slaps him and he falls down and hurts his head

Neil : (cries)

Shweta : Tillu !

She goes near Neil and hugs him .

Prakash : (in a angry tone ) don’t even come near me .


Neeraj gets scared and he hugs Shweta

Prakash : (shouts in anger) you don’t talk ! Because of you I’m suffering all day! You ruined my life !

Shweta : What did I even do ! I know we started to do business but it failed because of some reasons . I know we are having a hard time but you can’t always blame me for that prakash !

Prakash : oh really ? Then you’re saying that I’m wrong ?

Prakash is about to slap Shweta but Neil comes in between

Neil : (cries) dad please don’t hit mom

Prakash : YOU DON’T COME BETWEEN US . you know what Shweta . My mom was right . You are the one who creates all the problems . I even left my family for you . Since I met you I’m only facing many problems in my life . We are facing problems because of our relation . Why can’t we end this .

Shweta gets shocked

Shweta : how can you even say this prakash ?

Prakash : yes this is my final decision . Now you all leave the house .

Shweta : (slaps prakash) (she wipes her tears ) you know what prakash . You’re right . Let’s end this .

Neil : (goes near prakash) dad please don’t be angry .



Prakash slaps Neil .

Neil runs away and cries.

Shweta , neil and Neeraj leave the house and After some time Shweta and prakash get divorced.

—flashback ends—

Neil is in tears . He suddenly gets a call from DD.

Neil : hello ?

DD: hi Neil sir . Happy birthday .

Neil : ugh … thanks DD.

DD:Sir are you fine sir ?

Neil : hmm yeah .. why did you call me now ?

DD: sir now commissioner told you to come immediately as he wants to discuss about an important case .

Neil : Alright . I’ll be there in few minutes .

DD : ok fine .

Neil takes the car and he goes .

Scene 3:
Avni’s room and marriage hall.

Avni is tensed and she remember’s Riya words .

Avni : I can’t do this … I can’t do this .

Avni takes a deep breath .

Avni : fine … I can’t get married . I need to go .

She takes her bag and starts leaving . Before that she writes a small note and keeps it on the table . She escapes from the window goes near the lawn and makes sure that no one sees her .

Avni : (thinks) now how can I get out from this place !?

Avni sees a big wall and tries to escape

Avni : I hope no one sees me .

She tries to jump . At first she finds difficult as her lehenga is heavy. Finally Avni escapes from her wedding .

In the marriage hall

Rituals are taking place . Riya and the kids are worried . Asha sees them .

Asha : Riya .. what happened you seem to be tensed ?

Riya : (tensed) ughh Badi ma … umm yeah yeah yeah no problem yeah fine

Asha : (gives a confused look) : ok (thinks) why Riya was acting so weird .

Pandit ji : please ask the bride to come .

Asha : fine . Riya go and get Avni.

Riya : fine

Riya is about to to but deeksha stops her .

Deeksha : you be here .

Riya : (gets tensed) bua why ? I’ll go and get her na .

Hetal : Riya you be here … deeksha come let’s go and get Avni .

Deeksha and Hetal go towards avni’s room

Saisha : (to samrat) What can we do now ? Is jaan didi there in room or not ?

samrat : ugh . I don’t know .

Deeksha and Hetal go to avni’s room and they don’t find her there .

Deeksha : where’s Avni ?

Hetal : (goes and checks inside washroom) Avni ?

Deeksha : did you find her ?

Hetal : no but (she sees a note)

Hetal takes it and the not says that

“ sorry , I can’t do this and I’m going – Avni “

Deeksha and Hetal gets shocked .

Deeksha : it means …

In the marriage hall

Pandit ji : where’s the bride ? It’s getting late .

Dayawanti : (to Asha) what happened to Avni ?

Asha : ma you be her I’ll go and get her .

Deeksha and Hetal come there and they’re tensed .

Asha : where’s Avni ?

Hetal : ugh….

Dayawanti : where’s my rajkumari ?

Deeksha : ma Avni is not in her room

Dayawanti and others get shocked . The groom gets up from the Mandap.

Riya and the kids see each other . Asha notices this .

Ashish : WHAT ! What do you mean ? Where is my superstar Avni ?

Hemant : what’s happening here ?

Deeksha shows the note written by Avni to ashish and he gets shocked .

Ashish : that means Avni ran away from her marriage .

Dayawanti is shocked and she’s taken a aback .

The guests start talking to each other

Guest 1 : what ? The bride ran away from the marriage ? Now what will dayaben do now ?

Guest 2 : in this generation kids do all sought of stuffs and they don’t even think about their family . Now see . Dayaben loved her grand daughter a lot but she insulted her today

Manoj : daya ji What is this ? Are you making fun of us in front of everyone ? Your grand daughter ran away ?

Dayawanti : NO! NO! My rajkumari can’t do this .. she won’t this .. she won’t ..

Asha stares at Riya and goes near her .

Asha : (in a serious tone ) Riya .. why did you act weird when I asked you whether everything is fine or not.

Riya : (gets tensed) ah ah .. ba.. Badi ma..

Asha : (in an angry tone) did you help Avni to run away ?

Riya gets shocked .

Scene 4:
Sparsely populated area – road .

Avni is walking .

Avni : I hurted everyone . Especially Daadi .

She starts crying

Suddenly a car comes and it is about to hit avni . she gets saved but she falls down near the car .

she hurts her head and she’s unconscious .

Suddenly the person who was driving the car comes out. It turns out to be neil .

Neil : (thinks) what the hell . oh my god I hit a girl. I hope she’s fine …(goes near Avni) excuse me madam … madam ?

Avni is still unconscious .

Neil : madam ? (Says to himself) Why all bad things happen only with me ? Now what should I do ?

He stares at Avni …

Neil : I need to help her

he then opens the car door . He lifts Avni and makes her lie down inside his car .

Neil : until she gets her consciousness I need to be with her..

Episode ends .

Precap : Avni and Neil have a fight . Riya tells the truth to everyone . Dayawanti gets heart attack . Ashish is angry with Avni .

I hope you all liked the episode . And sorry if it was boring . And silent readers do leave your feedbacks . I’ll try to add more AvNeil scenes in the upcoming episode . Leave your feedbacks .

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