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Meri Durga 17th March 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: A happy ending for Durga

Meri Durga 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi thanking Tanvi for her plans. Shivani says I knew this, Durga isn’t pregnant, I have seen your game. Bhagat comes there and says Dr Miloy wants to encourage you all by a talk. Miloy greets everyone. He asks them to run well, sponsors will run after them once they win. He asks where is Durga. Bhagat thinks where is Durga. He says there is very less time, don’t know why she didn’t come. Durga is still on the way. Aarti’s dad thinks I succeeded to stop Durga. Rohini says maybe Durga got emotionally weak by pregnancy and decided not to come. Tanvi says Durga won’t come, can I run in lane 4. Bhagat says no, its her right to run in lane 4, she proved it. Sanjay applies brakes when a car comes in front.

Gayatri asks him to drive faster, they have less time. Aarti

says we should go by long cut, we will get less traffic there. The race begins. Everyone claps. Durga reaches the stadium. Yashpal asks Durga to run. Bhagat sees her and asks her to come fast. Durga joins the race. Bhagat says come on, there is just 50metres distance between you and athletes, run faster. Everyone asks her to run fast. Aarti’s dad gets shocked seeing her. Durga matches up with others. Bhagat asks why aren’t you running more faster. Aarti and everyone cheer for her. Tanvi tries to push Durga. Durga speeds up near the finishing line and crosses first. Durga wins the lane. Everyone claps for her. They all lift Durga and congratulate. Aarti’s dad says Durga has come late, she should be disqualified. Bhagat says Durga has won in a legitimate way, I will decide, not you. He says very well done Durga. Durga is announced as the winner.

Yashpal says it will be good if you clap or leave silently. He warns Aarti’s dad. Aarti asks her dad to meet Durga before leaving. She says I know you have done this for my happiness, but this way wasn’t right, the truth is you never trusted me, if you trusted me, you would have not become my shield, you would have asked me to practice rather than asking me to fail Durga, I wish you believed me, I feel you raised me as Durga’s dad. Yashpal holds Durga. Aarti cries and says whatever happened is over, today its a chance to rectify our mistake, we have to do right with Durga and her family, we have done wrong till now, we will do some good today. She gives him the keys and says give the keys to Durga.

Aarti’s dad gives the keys to Durga. He goes. Durga thanks Aarti for her big favor. She says its because of you that I could run and fulfill my dream, I could return lost happiness to my family, if I could do anything in return, tell me. Aarti says I want to become athlete Durga. Durga says it will be my good luck. She hugs Aarti. Durga gives the keys to Gayatri. Gayatri hugs her. Ranjana says Durga is selected to represent the state, we congratulate her for this success. Miloy gives 5 crores cheque to Durga. Everyone claps.

Durga stops Aarti’s dad and says I have earned 5 crores by my hardwork, but I want to give this to you to free my house. She asks him to take it. Everyone comes back to Ahlawat house. Gayatri and Durga keep diyas. Everyone smiles. Gayatri gives the house keys to Durga. She says you are this house’s Laxmi in true sense, come open the door. Yashpal says my Durga has become champion today. Palak stops them and says wait, we have to take a family pic, its not the end, but a beginning. They all pose together for the pic. Palak clicks their pic. Everyone smiles.

The show ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

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