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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Padma keeps tent and creates a scene

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padma telling that where she will go leaving her husband. Kanhaiya says I didn’t marry you. Kanhaiya asks him to lower his voice. Pratap asks neighbors to go. Kunti says you will not become my tulsi. Pari asks her to sing song. Panjiri gets angry on Padma. Prarthana asks her to calm down. Panjiri says she can make Padma’s chutney also. Kunti asks Padma to leave and fold her hands. Padma says she will not ruin her respect and will not tell anyone about her identity. She tells that she will stay out of house and asks her not to keep her away from her husband.

Kunti and Pratap asks them to go. Kunti asks Kanhaiya and bahus to come inside, and says if Sarla, Meenu etc come to know then…..She asks where is Pari. Pari is sitting in Padma’s tent. Kunti scolds

her and asks her to go inside. They go inside. Padma says ghajab ki raye hai…..Kunti thinks what is happening. Pratibha says how to come out from padma’s sadma. Kunti says they have to call chaurasiya mama. Prema says he was the one who got us married. Pratap says his practice is not working. Kunti asks Kanhaiya to call him. Kanhaiya goes to call him. Kunti asks Prarthana to do special puja. Pari tells Kusum about Padma.

Kunti calls Chaurasiya and asks him to come there soon. Chaurasiya is having free food and talks to her. Kunti says lets go and see what Juhi Chawla is doing? They peep outside and see Padma. Kunti sees Sarla and closes the door. Sarla comes and thinks why this girl is here? Kunti comes out and stops her on gate. She diverts the topic. Sarla asks who is this girl and why did she keep tent. Meenu calls Sarla. Kunti asks Sarla to go else Mintu will eat with her money. Padma tries to talk to her and asks if she would like to have malpua.. Kunti is upset and goes. Panjiri tries to talk to Kunti. Kunti thinks it is a trouble.

Kanhaiya says I will throw her out. Kunti stops him. Pari says Sarla came and tells that she will tell her that padma is not Kanhaiya’s 6th wife. Kunti stops her and goes to talk to Sarla. Sarla asks her why Padma kept tent in your house. Kunti says silently. Sarla says I didn’t hear and asks her to tell. Pratap comes. Kunti says she is pratap’s drama company’s actress. Pratap says I made this play by getting inspiration from sasumaa. Sarla says what she will do in the play. Kunti asks her to sing. Padma sings. Sarla says it is good and goes. Padma asks Kunti to taste malpua. Kunti gets angry. Pratap takes malpua.

Woman organization and media come to Kunti’s house and ask Kanhaiya if Padma is his wife. They threaten to beat him with slippers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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