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Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse RAABTA (chapter 15)

The scene starts with Deep closing Arohi’s eyes by his hands and taking her somewhere.

Arohi: where are u taking me Deep?

Deep: Arohi wait for sometime dear..( he brings her near the terrace that is close to their bedroom. Deep then removes his hand and Arohi opens her eyes. She gets surprised seeing the decorations and a candle light dinner.

Deep: did u like the surprise…

Arohi: a lot.( They eat dinner)

Deep looks at Arohi eating and smiles.

Arohi: Deep why are you smiling looking at me?

Deep sings…

Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
Gungunane ki wajah tum ho
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na..
O re piya re..
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na..
O re piya re..( he asks Arohi for a dance )

O re lamhe tu kahin mat jaa
Ho sake toh umr bhar tham jaa
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye naa..
O re piya re..
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye naa..
O re piya re.. piyaa re..

Dhoop aaye toh, chhaanv tum laana
Khwahishon ki baarishon mein
Bheeg sang jaana (x2)

Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
O re piya re..
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
O re piya re.. piya re..( Arohi gets emotional and looks at Deep she then wipes her tears)

Arohi: thanks a lot Deep, the surprise was a nice one. I think now I should also give u a surprise.

Deep: that’s not needed…( He waits as she enters the bathroom to change)

After a while Arohi comes out and Deep gets surprised seeing her dress as Tara. Arohi was wearing a black and pink saree with off shoulder blouse. He couldn’t take his eyes of her….

Deep: Tara…

Arohi: yes, I dressed like her..I thought you will like it.

Deep: yes , you’re looking very beautiful

Deep comes close to Arohi and kisses her forehead. He then caresses her face and then lifts her and lays her on the bed. Deep comes very close to Arohi when he remembers his promise of not coming so close to until her wish. He then moves away and heads to go when Arohi holds his hand and nods yes at him.

Deep then blows off the candles in the room…….. and later that night they both became a proper husband and wife in all sense by taking their relationship to the next level.

Later in the night Deep talks to Arohi…

Deep: Arohi, you know the mole at your back is too cute…( Arohi blushes)

Arohi: I was thinking to remove it by a surgery…( Deep interrupts)

Deep: no …you won’t do that. I like you the way you are…and pls don’t change anything.( Arohi says ok and pretends to sleep.)

Deep (caressing Arohi’s hair): tumhe paane ki liye mujhe kitne papad belne pare .( How much effort I had to make to make you mine….)

Deep( thinking): why did I feel something strange today seeing her dress like Tara….as if I couldn’t control my emotions and also that mole….is it true what I am thinking..

Arohi(thinking):I know, that u still love Tara…you would never be able to take the next step even if u saw Arohi instead of Tara. By time you shall forget Tara and only remember me .Anyways… what happens, happens for good.( She falls fast asleep)

Next morning Arohi takes shower and comes out of the bathroom. She finds Deep still sleeping ….she then calls her bhaiyya to ask about Paro.

Arohi: bhaiyya… how is Paro..? Is she eating properly.? Does she miss me?

Bhaiyya: slow down Arohi,…. first tell me about you and Deep. Is everything alright in Shimla?

Arohi: yes… everything is fine.

Bhaiyya: your Paro is also fine….so when are you returning to Mumbai?

Arohi: tomorrow.( Suddenly Arohi feels Deeps hands on her and Deep hugging her from the back)

Arohi: ok bhaiyya bye, I’ll talk to you later..( She disconnects the call). Deep, why are you hugging me like this….( She reminisces something and gets tensed)

Deep: why what’s wrong hugging you like this…after all you are my darling….( Arohi gets shocked and frees herself)

Arohi( freeing herself): what’s wrong with u…did u have a drink?

Deep: you know darling that sometimes, you become drunk without even drinking..

Arohi: Deep, tum tumhare hosh mein nahi ho…( Deep you are not in your senses).

Deep: hosh mein toh ab main aaya hoon…( He twists Arohi’s hand)

Arohi: Deep…mujhe chodo , mujhe bohot dard ho rahi hai.( Deep leave me, it’s hurting a lot)

Deep: but your pain is way lesser than mine.( He leaves her hand)

Arohi: what do u mean?

Deep: for 2 years I was living a life of a hell…you know all because of who ?…. Because of you….

Arohi: what are you saying Deep.

Deep: stop acting now…you know it very well that you are TARA…( Arohi aka Tara gets shocked yet emotional)

Arohi: yes I am Tara…but I am not the same Tara that I used to be….( She tells the entire story)

Deep: in these two years, you didn’t even at least call me and tell me about your whereabout….why?

Tara: because, I even doubted you….that night when I wrote that suicide note…I was thinking only about you and I dropped the idea of suicide and I threw the note in the bin. I was looking at the stars at sky from the balcony… Then someone simply pushed me off…but luckily my bhaiyya bhabi we’re down the entrance of that Raichand mansion…they came there for inviting the family at his success party. They saw me falling from the balcony and saved me in the nick of time… Then we saw nindiya, bindiya’s sister’s corpse. Bhaiyya made a plan to use her dead body who’s face was completely smeared with blood and this made it almost impossible for anyone to identify her…I changed my clothes and made nindiya wear my clothes….this way everyone thought Tara had committed suicide….

Deep: today I got to know that u never trusted me…why did u play such a game….

Tara: to find the culprit, the culprit can be anyone…I can’t let the same thing happen again… even as Arohi someone tried to kill me. I need to find who that person is.

Deep: but we know that Maya and prithvi are the culprits.

Arohi: no…they aren’t that smart…also, what would they achieve by killing me?

Deep: it makes sense but then who else can it be….

Arohi: I think it’s Dr bhandari, he’s the family doctor who used to be there for my treatment. He used to give me pills that greatly had effect on my mental health and my personality. He also gave same pills to mom and so her health was deteriorating day by day.

Deep:I see…. now since your truth has been disclosed , tell me one more thing…. who is Paro?

Tara: she is our daughter. That night after I escaped from that fatal fall…on the way to bhaiyya’s house, I fainted. Bhaiyya and bhabi took me to hospital and I got to know that I was pregnant with our child. I was extremely happy and thought of informing you but then I remembered the incident and I stepped back… even after 1day I secretly came to Raichand mansion and saw everyone mourning….I didn’t see u there and I started having a doubt on u…

Deep: you mean Paro is our daughter…( Arohi nods). You kept my daughter away from me for 2 years…and also when you got to know that I was not involved in all these , still you hid such a matter from me…… how could you.. ?

Tara: pls forgive me …I know my decision was not right but it was about the safety of Paro…

Deep: I don’t want to hear anything…just leave…I don’t want to see your face..

Tara: but…( Deep throws Arohi out of the room and sits in shock closing the door)

Arohi is walking on the street. She calls her bhaiyya…

Tara: bhaiyya, I told my entire truth to Deep..but he’s angry at me.

Bhaiyya: I told you to tell it before but you didn’t listen.

Tara: I didn’t yet tell him about me…I am still confused whether I am Kalyani’s daughter or Roma’s daughter…

Bhaiyya: don’t worry….we’ll find out soon.( She disconnects the call)

Tara walks for a while and it starts to snow…she rubs her hands as she feels cold…just then someone keeps a jacket on her …. Tara turns to find Deep.

Tara: I don’t need it ….( She returns the jacket)

Deep: achha my Arohi is now showing attitude at me.( Arohi turns and looks at Deep)

Tara: after knowing my truth, why are you addressing me as Arohi?

Deep: because the one who left me is Tara…and the one who taught me to live again is Arohi…. Tara is dead for everyone and also for me and the one and only who I have in my life is my Arohi…..( Arohi hugs Deep being emotional)

Arohi: tell me Deep, how did you recognise me as Tara?

Deep: love has no language… Every time I saw you and talked to you I felt I have some connection with you… yesterday night I saw the mole on your back which was the same as Tara’s I was sure of my doubt.

Arohi: you’re really very smart…when my own familiar can’t recognize me as their Tara, you recognised me. Thanks a lot for forgiving me.

Deep: how could I not forgive you Arohi ,we will create our own little world with me , you and our little Paro….and there will be no place for tears.( He wipes her tears. )Now let’s go for a long drive…( They both go for a long drive in the car)

After sometime they both were traveling by car when an old woman comes in front of their car.

Arohi: who’s that woman….

Deep : don’t know….let’s go and see. They get off the car and ask the woman.

Arohi( aka Tara): ji aap kaun hai? ( Who are you?)

Woman: Meri bacchi ko bachaao…( Save my daughter)

Deep and Arohi look on astonished and understand that the old woman is mentally unstable.

Deep: would you like to come with us ?

Old lady: yes…take me with you…( Arohi makes her sit on the back seat)

Arohi: aunty ji what’s your name?

Lady: KKK..k… Kalyani ( Arohi looks on shocked and looks at Deep who in turn gets confused seeing Arohi’s expression)

Arohi: your end has come near……once I tell this to papa, he won’t leave you………..you are a stain for the family.
Arohi: Teri kismat achhi hai ki main purani Tara nahi hoon, agar hoti toh ab tak mein teri tukde tukde kar deyti..(you’re luck as I am not the old Tara anymore….if I were then I would have chopped you into pieces)

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