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Kasam 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahana suspects Manpreet of having affair, Netra plans to kill Tanuja

Kasam 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with AK telling Tanuja that he made the girl wear the ring whom he loves. Tanuja asks what? AK says I love you. Tanuja says are you gone mad? AK says my love is not like Rishi, but is selfish. Tanuja says we were marrying to get Natasha. AK says yes and says he will go. Tanuja thinks AK is talking about Natasha. AK asks Rishi to take care of his princess and Tanuja and leaves. He hugs him before going.

Tanuja brings chocolate milk for Natasha and Tania. They don’t want to drink and pretend to sleep. Tanuja says she came to play game with them and says whoever finishes the milk will get kiss from me and chocolate tomorrow. They finish the milk fast and get kiss from her. Tania tells Natasha that her mother is so good. Natasha says they shall pray that Rishi and Tanuja get back together

in a room. Netra hears them and is shocked.

In the night, Ahana checks Manpreet’s phone and reads messages. She gets shocked to read Piyali’s message and thinks he is having an affair. Rishi comes to Tanuja’s room and sits on bed. Tanuja asks him to get out from her room. Rishi asks him not to hold his hand as something happens in his heart. He asks her to make tea with love tomorrow. He says they shall follow court orders. Tanuja brings tea for Rishi. Rishi makes soapy bubbles. Song plays. Tanuja asks him not to be childish. Rishi tastes it and says it is non sugary. Tanuja tastes it with spoon and says she don’t know what is happening. She makes another tea for him and asks him to go to office.

Manpreets gets Piyali’s message and goes to office. She tells him that this will happen as you loves a married man. She asks him to meet her parents. Manpreet says ok and asks what to tell them, shall I tell that he needs time to leave his wife. Ahana hears him and thinks Manpreet is plotting to leave me. Netra asks Tania not to call Tanuja as her mum. Tania says when Natasha can be lucky with two father then why can’t I be with two mothers. Netra says you don’t want such luck and asks her not to pray to Rishi and Tanuja’s togetherness. Tania says everyone wants them to unite. Netra says they are mad. Tania says you are mad. Netra is about to slap her, but stops. Tania starts crying. Netra hugs her. Rishi sees Ahana and tries to talk to her, but she ignores him and goes.

Tania comes to hall and asks where is my Mamma. Tanuja talks to her and asks what happened? Tania tells about the bad dream. Tanuja handles her nicely. Beeji gets happy. Rishi tells Manpreet that he met Ahana outside the cabin and she was rude. Manpreet gets shocked.
Netra thinks she has taken care of everyone and loved them thinking she will get Rishi. She thinks Tanuja has to die.

Tanuja sees Ahana and asks why is she tensed. Manpreet comes and asks why she didn’t meet him. Ahana says he is my problem. Manpreet asks her why she is getting angry and asks what happened? Ahana says you have no line of shame on your forehead and asks him not to touch her. Manpreet asks her what is she saying? He says we will do whatever we think right and says if you want me to leave you then I will do that. Ahana says exactly you wants this.

Rishi calls Tanuja romantically and asks her to talk sweetly. Tanuja gets angry on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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