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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri suspects Namrata

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gauri dreaming. She sees an ambulance. She sees Thakur warning Latika that she can’t take the shivlings anywhere. She stabs him with an injection. Thakur screams. Gauri wakes up and thinks what did I see, Thakur didn’t take the shivlings, he is innocent, someone trapped him, who was that girl, I have seen her somewhere before. She goes out. Latika meets Namrata. She says injection effect is getting low, I have doubled the dose, don’t know how long will this affect him. Namrata gets angry and goes to Thakur.

She says I will end his game today, she has killed my mum and stayed alive for much time. Latika says leave him, kill him when you are ready to leave with me, leave him. Namrata says I have to kill him. She scolds Latika for not doing her work well. She

says I will kill you first. They both fight. Thakur and Lakhan are tied up. Latika throws Namrata and says you don’t blame me, you lost five shivlings, you are calling me useless. They calm down. Namrata apologizes to Latika. Latika says its my mistake too, don’t know what happened. She recalls Shambu. She says there was a Sadhu in the bus, he was smiling, I think he did this, he heard me shouting, no one stopped the bus. Namrata shows Shambu’s pic and asks was he the one. Latika says yes, who is he.

Namrata says he is Shambu baba, Rahul was saying right, he can hypnotize anyone, I think he hypnotized you, he cheated you and took both the shivlings. Latika says shivling is gone, Seth ji is with proofs, we shall leave. Namrata refuses to leave without Rahul. Its morning, Gauri comes to give prasad to Namrata. She says I was finding you to tell you my dream. Namrata asks did you find about shivlings. Someone knocks the door. Gauri says your dad…. Namrata says no one should know about shivling, else someone else will reach it first. A man gets parcel for Rahul and says its from Seth ji. She gets worried and says he is in room, I will give him the parcel. She gets worried seeing the pics. Namrata’s phone rings. Gauri calls her out.

She checks Namrata’s phone. She gets shocked seeing Latika’s incoming call with her pic flashing on screen. She recalls her dream and worries. Namrata sees her crime pics. The man says Seth ji has sent a parcel for you as well. Namrata gets tensed and reads the letter. Seth ji threatens her to give nine shivlings. He gives her more time to give the shivlings, else the parcel will go to Rahul and police. Gauri answers the call. Gauri hears Latika. Latika says its tough to keep both of them here, I will change their place today itself. Gauri worries. Namrata comes. Gauri keeps the phone back. Gauri doubts on her and gets scared. She thinks Lord gave me signs and I couldn’t understand, I was telling everything to Namrata, now I m understanding her plans, the temple way opened up in Thakur’s house and we accused Thakur, we didn’t think Namrata can be the culprit too. Namrata stops her and asks her about the dream.

Gauri says I was worried for villagers. Namrata says fine, I can understand, I m also worried, their state is worse, think of the shivlings, if you know of it. Gauir says yes, I had seen a dream. Namrata asks what did you see. Gauri says shivlings are away in some village. Namrata asks where will I find it. Gauri says there is a school and ancient tree around. Namrata says then we will go, this time I will ask Rahul not to inform police, come. Gauri says you and Rahul go there, I spoke in village, dad is unwell, I have to go there and see him. Namrata says we will go on the way. Gauri says I will go by bus, you and Rahul go to get shivlings, its imp. Namrata says fine, tell me if you need any help. She leaves. Gauri thanks Lord. She thinks I lied to Namrata and sent her to wrong place, I have to go to right place and find out.

Latika takes Thakur in ambulance. Gauri stops Latika. Latika thinks how did Gauri come here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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