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Ani you KILLED me for this update 😂😂😂 finally i m up with this how you like it…

Here i begin just because of Ani😆😆


Let’s begin….

A girl was standing in the balcony
It was the big palace……

Her Pov

Watever hpnd with me or my family…i won’t forgive you Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari…your countdown starts from now………….

Her pov was disturbed by a guy

Guy:wat you r thinking?

She turns…and was hvng a small smirk on lips…

Girl:nthng like that Rathan

And the guy is revealed to be Rathan

Rathan:i know wat you are thinking! Why you live in the bad past memories

Within no min her eyes turns red due to tears rage hate revenge

Girl:those menories made me live…until i won’t take revenge i won’t stay in peace…
She goes…

Ratan looks at her from behind:Ragini… Rag….
She hv went away

Girl:sanskar…san..plzz mujhme kya kami hai..

And a guy infront of her is revealed to be Sanskar

San:u wont change ryte….
She was nodding no like a kid

San:hmm… Why u stalk me?
Girl:stalking…😁😁😁bcs i like you..

San: no matter how many times i told you that i cant respond to you… Our status doesn’t match… You are a NS industries owner

Girl:owner ki beti….

San:plzzz i can’t Love you….

Girl: why you can’t? M i not beautiful..m i not suitable to you..M i not perfect to you

San turns and goes:u won’t understand

Girl runs behind him and held his hand: of you make me understand…i will understand..i would be your good student…
She keeps her fingers in lips and blinks her eyes

San: why are you not understanding?
Girl:arey..i said na i will understand with you…watever be hpn i would follow you everywhere.. You can’t resist me…

A guy wakes with jerk….

A girl comes to him….
And she is revealed to be Swara

Sw:again you got her memories
San looks at her: why swara? Even after she went far away.. Why she isn’t leaving me?
Sw:u r just hallucinating her…u should forget her it’s been 3 years now… And there’s press meet…
San:NS industries hv been let down…
Sw smiles: its the buisiness… Its normal to hv up’s and down’s
San smiles: i m blessed to hv you Swara

Sw smiles


Rag was sitting in front of the big TV

Here reporter:sir…how you feel when your company turned to 2nd position..your position is been grabbed by Maan singh industries

San smiles and then looks at Swara
And then faces media

San: first of all i want to congratulate maan singh industries…and abt NS industry i want to say that this is the buisiness and up’s and down’s are normal

Rag was watching with Smirk

Reporter 2:sir..is your company belongs to your late wife

His facial expressions changes

San:ha….it is her company

Reporter 2:so her death was an accident..
San:yes … She met with an accident

Reporter 2:is her death really an accident or is it u behind…..

San stands angrily: wat nonsense?! Do you know with whom you r talking!

Reporter 2: it’s just a random question sir… Bcs your wife’s death reality isn’t clear at all..

San:how dare you to speak to me like this?

Rag was enjoying seeing his reaction

Sw:sanskar calm down

San:swara how dare he?

Rep 2:aapki yeh behaviour meri doubt ko confirmation pe badal rahe hai

San goes to him and punches him

Everyone tries to stop him..bt sanskar was in no mood to leave him

Ratan:oh god Ragini..he will kill him

Guards frees the reporter from sanskar

Reporter 2:after your wife’s….death… Within no time you got married..is it not enough to know that you may hv killed your wife so that you get her properties and get married to your love… Wow wat a game plan….

San was abt to go..

Swara stops him and drags him from there

Ragini off’s the TV

Rag:peheli haar MR.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI bohoth bura laga hoga nai…
She smirks


SW calms Sanskar….

A staff comes:mam there’s a courier on sir’s name…

Sw takes it and sees a CD


Sw plays it in tv…

There was a slide show of Sanskar and a girl…… Whose face was blurred ..
San :nooo….

Sw off’s it immediately…

He goes out……

He listens a someone singing

Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahan pyar zindagi mein
Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahan pyar zindagi mein

He searches and sees an old woman…
Who was walking with the help of stick and has half covered her face…..

San goes to her and shouts; stop it..

Bt that lady continues to sing it

Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahan pyar zindagi mein

He remembers telling
“Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahan pyar zindagi mein..sanskar samjhona..aur tum tho mere pyaar ho”

San:i said stop….

Bt the lady was continues to sing

Three song was irritating him…

Sw comes running….
And tells the guard to put her out of the compound

Guards comes

Old lady: don’t ever think that you hv won everything…now the game is on.. don’t ever play with weakness of your prey.. Who know you vl be yourself a prey for them…

She laughs….

Her words hit Sanskar….

Guards out her out

Old lady sings
Har kisi ko nahi milta
Yahan pyar zindagi mein……..

She laughs…..

To be continued….


Stay tuned for the next part until i don’t end one of my fic….

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