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I miss you a shivika story chapter 3

Sorry guys for late I hope you didn’t forget me here’s the next chapter enjoy it


Anika house****

S- tum sach me chahti ho k m yaha na ruku

A- yes , u may leave now and she about to turn she feels dizzy and fall into shivaay’s arms

S- Anika what happen open your eyes Anika

He make a call to the doctor , aftersometime doctor came

S- doctor Check her

D- mr.oberoi who is she your any family friend

S- no, she’s my my he can’t complete his words suddenly anay starts crying and crawling on the floor he pulls shivaay ,he take him up caressed his back and make him calm

Doctor Check anika came outside

S- doctor what happen

D- actually she didn’t eat properly or she is stressed also that’s why she get unconscious take care of her here’s the medicine,nd the diet chart

S- thank u

And  shivaay moved inside the anika’s room she is concious now, shivaay is angry with her ,and she knows that he can tolerate anything except her worst health

He put some medicine on her hand take anay in his arms forward a glass of water to her

S- now complete your wish be on bed don’t take care yourself,,even u think at once agar tumhe kuch ho gya to hum dono ka kya hoga

A- wo

S- not a word more

A- atleast listen to me once

S- ya tell me what you want to say

A- I’m sorry I’ll take care of myself properly now

S- good u should be

A- give him to me u must be tired go and sleep

S- I’m not going anywhere

A- your family is mustt be searching u

S- I don’t care

He changed his clothes and lay beside anika anay on his stomach sleeping peacefully

A- mujhe bhi jagah milegi

S- I’m all yours baby come here

And they trio sleeping peacefully


What you Want

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