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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu declares cats raising campaign

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with reporter saying about Chaitu calling off rat killing campaign. Public complains to them. Puttan says change is the law of nature, whatever has come has to go. Reporter says Chaitu has disappointed many. Chaitu gets tensed. He says I can’t say sorry. Jha says yes, people will say you don’t deserve to become CM, why did you get this campaign. Monica says what will we do of crops shortage. Imli says don’t take tension, see how your face got small like a rat. Chaitu says its not easy to become CM, my BP is dropping.

Rajneeti gives him some salt to taste. She says I think its because of the saint. Chaitu asks what shall I do. Imli gives the idea that rat will die by natural way, if we leave cats after rat, saint won’t be upset. He asks how will we get

cats. Malai says then import it. Puttan says get the tender out and import cats. Monica says we can have cat raising campaign, it will give employment to people. Chaitu gets glad and proud of his family. The news comes on the channel. Chaitu says this news channel is indeed fast. Puttan gets the Japanese client and cats. He says this man is from China, its chinese cat. Jha says problem is something else.

Puttan says you are the problem. Chaitu asks Jha to get tea. Jha says you are ruining people’s money on cats. Puttan shows Mongolian cat. The news reaches the channel. Puttan says its very fast channel. Genda says they are doing everything to earn money, Puttan and they are making plans to get money. She says I will use my mind. They laugh. Genda says we have to import cats too, what’s the difference between theft and politics, ask the men to collect all types of cats, we will enter Chaitu’s house. Chaitu calls out everyone. He gets shocked seeing the cats. He asks how did the cats come here. They all complain about the cats. Puttan says cats are ruling the state.

Chaitu says my idea is working, cats will eat the rats. Khoji says the grains are disappearing, they are saying its rats behind this, cats have created a havoc here, rats are not dying. Jha and Monica share the problem with Chaitu. Puttan comes and sees Jha complaining about him. Puttan justifies himself and expenses report. Jha says this cat raising campaign was wrong. Puttan scolds him for spreading communalism between animals. He says it will take time for imported cats to adjust here, just chill. Chaitu says I m getting nervous now, what do I do now, my bp is dropping. Puttan says CBI. Chaitu hides. Puttan says it was a prank. Chaitu says my BP got high. Puttan says go I did this prank, hand over the state to cats, cats will help you. Chaitu gets shocked seeing the cat on his bed. Reporter covers the news of Chaitu’s nose getting bitten by the cat. Imli says I think opposition is behind this.

Chaitu talks to Puttan. Jha says Mongolian cat has bitten Puttan. Puttan says the cat has bitten me badly, I will get treated and come. Chaitu says he said he can’t show face to anyone, how shall I go out like this. His men also get bitten. Jha asks him to control the cats. Imli says befriend the dogs and make the cats run away. Jha says dogs will have a shortage. Chaitu says there can be shortage of anything, but not of dogs. Jha asks what about crops shortage, its still the same. Ghotali says farmers should be given some benefits, stop the crops theft and don’t import crops, will you do this. Chaitu asks Jha to consider her suggestion.

Jha asks on whom did Ghotali go. Imli gets shy. Khoji says Chaitu and Puttan will answer us today. He asks Chaitu about the cats policy. Puttan gives him questions list to ask Chaitu. He says its 4G these days, we are relieving you of questions and you are doing a drama. Khoji asks the questions written by Puttan. Chaitu answers him and makes them feed snacks to Khoji. Chaitu says cats are adorable, we have love for cats. Puttan says Chaitu’s answers have everything, just ask him. Puttan scolds Khoji. Chaitu says ask questions fast, I have to go. He sings a song and leaves. Everyone feeds snacks to Khoji to shut his mouth.

Chaitu discusses about naming a bridge. Imli asks Puttan to name the bridge on their dad’s name. Chaitu refuses. Puttan opposes Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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