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Half Marriage 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani recalls the past, and why she shot Arjun

Half Marriage 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maya thinking why Raj took Chandani’s name. She thinks why Chandani came here and went from here crying. She thinks something is very fishy. She thinks Arjun refusing to let her touch him and calling her Chandani. She receives Mr. Shekhawat’s call. Mr. Shekhawat gets shocked hearing her. Maya says Raj was drunk in Chandani’s sangeet and tells that she is marrying Siddharth Singhania. Mr. Shekhawat says Raj didn’t tell me. Maya says he was busy may be that’s why. She tells that they got permission to get the place vacated, but he is not showing eagerness. Mr. Shekhawat says Raj can take best decisions of business. Maya thinks if Raj’s father is hiding something from her which he needs to find out.

Chandani is in the car and recalls getting Sampath’s call.

A fb is shown, when she gets Sampath’s call and he tells her that someone took money for killing Arjun. He says we have to do this. Chandani refuses and calls Saheb ji. Sampath gets worried and calls her again. He tells her that Saheb ji left somewhere and says only we have to do this. He asks her not to call anyone and says I will come there. Chandani cries and thinks who wants to kill Arjun. She sees someone’s reflection and calls security. She tells that there was someone before. Security guy asks her to close window and says nobody will come. Chandani looks at Arjun who is sleeping and tells him that she won’t let anything happen to him. She tells Sampath that she tried to take Police’s help, but he was with goons. Sampath says we have to act to kill him. He says there is mountain near by and tells that she has to shoot him fake bullets and his men will hold him using net. Chandani says how can I shoot him. Sampath says you have to stay away from him for some days then Saheb ji will find the culprit. He assures her nothing will happen to Arjun. Fb ends.

Chandani talks to Sampath and tells that she will come home and talk to him. She thinks Arjun hates her and don’t know how she spent 2 years.

A fb is shown, Arjun and Chandani going near the mountain. Sampath is watching them. His men are waiting to catch Arjun. Chandani takes out revolver and shoots him. The men gets shocked seeing Arjun shot with real gun and is injured, they ran away. Arjun falls down from the cliff shocked. Chandani thinks this bullet is real and is shocked. She comes back to hotel and tells Sampath that she will kill herself if her Arjun is not alive. She shoots herself and finds that the bullet in her gun is fake. Sampath says killer did his work, shot Arjun. Sampath tells Chandani that they will go and get Arjun. He calls his man, who tells him that they ran seeing the real bullet firing. Sampath asks them to come there. Chandani, Sampath and Sunny come there. Sunny says Arjun fell down in the valley and they can’t search Arjun’s body as wild animals are there. Chandani tries to go, but Sampath stops her and says you haven’t shoot him. Chandani says who had fired the bullet and who wanted to kill him. She cries and shouts his name. fb ends.

Driver tells Chandani that house came. Chandani gets down from the car. Sampath tells Chandani that he don’t think Arjun will stop the marriage and asks her to do something. Chandani is in shock.

Arjun wakes up beside Maya and is see them on bed. He gets up. Maya wakes up and says good morning Raj. Arjun buttons his sherwani. Maya comes and hugs him.

Chandani calls Arjun. He takes her name. Mannu asks Arjun if he will let Chandani marry. Chandani and Sid are taking rounds, when she looks at Arjun with teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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