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Pari and Veer were standing close to each other , Their bodies were pressed , Her arms were on his shoulders , And his hands holding her waist , He’s moving his mouth near , More near , Just near lips .
She closed her eyes and was calm .

He was reaching to her , Suddenly someone knocked the door

, ” Sir , Did you ordered lunch ”

They got disturbed , Veer ” Oh ya ! Come ”

Man : Here’s your oder , And the amount is 200/-

Veer : Pari , Could you please go and get my wallet

Pari : Yup , Why not .

She goes upstairs to the room .

Veer : You delivery is quite fast Ha !!

Man : Yes , Sir , But today our timing was wrong .

Veer : Oh really , Food smells delicious .

Man : Sir , May I give you a tip

Veer : You are giving me a Tip !! , I thought you would asked me to give it .

Man : No Sir , Next time please use  room or at least close the main door .

Pari came down and overhead ” Akhh!!! Akh!!! , Veer your wallet ”

Man : Okay thanks mam and sir , Continue , Bye .

He left .

Veer : So , Let’s continue

Pari : I’m Hungary let’s have food now

They sat down on the dining table .

Veer turns on the television
” Breaking news , Around 7 people died in riots , Out of which 2 were minors , Huge firings , Mobilisations across Mumbai ”

Pari was terrified , Her face looked shocked ” Veer , What’s happening it’s just due to me ”

Veer : The most horrible thing is if law kneeled down on seeing this mass mobilization, Then they would leave khan ..

Pari : No it can’t happen

Veer : What else we can do , There’s no other clue against except that video .

Pari stood up and turned off T.V and threw the remote hardly on the floor .

Pari angrily ” Whatever I do , All goes in vain , I don’t know why God always tests me , Why ! ”

Veer : He is testing you because he wants you to be more strong .

Pari : I can’t be strong anymore now , I’m tired of all this ish , It’s a … !!!

Veer : Listen to me , We’ve to be calm okay !

His phone rings

Sameer : Veer they allowed me , They’ve transferred me to Mumbai .

Veer : That’s good !

Sameer : I’ll be there tomorrow

Veer : Okay , See you soon .


She quickly stood up and again turned on the box .

Veer : what are you doing ?

Pari : We’ve to be updated about what’s happening every moment .

Now the news said ” The high court has issued a notice stating it’s ready to hold a hearing in this case , But still yet No case has been filed against Khan ” , ” If within 24 hours anyone filed a FIR , Then fair judgment would be done ” , ” The whole city is asking for the Anonymous to show his / Her face ”

Pari : F.I.R , There’s no FIR against him .

Veer : How can court function then .

Pari was Panic now , She hold her head All those thoughts , When she was thrashed by Nikhil , Raped , Beaten , Tortured , She cried a lot , Began to rush into her mind .

She stood up , Her hairs were tangled , Face wet by watery tears , She was in pathetic condition .

Pari : I’m dead now , I’m living in the world where , People don’t care about their daughters , They can easily be manipulated .

Veer eyes were little wet , He was seeing his wife completely broken , He hold her and keeps his hands over her face , To make her feel warm , Secure and lively .

Veer : Pari , We both will fight , Till the end , For all those innocents , For Your parents .

She hadn’t ate anything , Her heart was beating , Body suffering from fatigue , As a result she fainted .

Veer : Pari ! Pari ! Listen to me .

He immediately hold her and made the feeble body lay on Bed .

He called A physician .

Veer was holding her hand , And doctor was treating her .

Veer spoke to himself ” Don’t worry , One day we’ll win , We’ll go through this mess , Just we want is each others support ”

Doc spoke – Mr.Veer , She’s little weak , It’s nothing but a Panic attack .

Veer : Thanks doctor for coming to home

Doc : It’s my duty gentleman , Take care of her .

The doctor was respectively taken to the door and seen off .

The day passed and Moonlight covered the whole sky .

Veer moved to the kitchen to prepare some vegetable soup for his wife .

Meanwhile , Pari laid unconscious under the effect of anesthesia on bed .

But she was moving , Her face , Moving left to right , Sweat on her forehead .

In her mind she could hear the voices

” I died because of you , And you say you’re my friend ” – Sophia
” You are parent less child , Poor baby , Your mom and died because of you ” – Nikhil
” I was innocent , Completely , But I was killed ” – Kavya

She stood up and hold her hairs , She spoke loudly – No , No more deaths , I can see

Immediately Veer came and soothe her , He came and sat with her . She was powerless and kept her head on his shoulders .

Veer : Everything would be all fine

She was thinking in herself ” Now , Time has come , I’ll do what my Plan was , And it would began right from tomorrow , I know what I’ve to do now ”


After a hour he felt that she had slept now , He made her sleep and covered her with quilt . Then he moved down and sat near the window , ” What should I do now , I can’t see her like this , I want her back , Smiling ”


Veer : Oh lord ! help us .




While Pari hasn’t slept , She lied . She woke up , Opens her bad and takes out a little box out of which she took out Something and says to herself ” Now this is my last hope , I just wish I win this time ”

Pari : Tomorrow can be a bright sunny day or A dark cloudy day for me ….
















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