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Chandrashekhar 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra targets Watson

Chandrashekhar 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani and Chandra crossing their way. He holds the pot, while she lifts him on her shoulders to take him ahead. She says your dad and I scold you for your good. He asks does dad smile or not. She says he loves you two a lot. He says I know it well. She says we have to go and keep gangajal. They rush. Watson and other britishers arrive. The cars stop on the way. The man asks him to sit in the car, its not safe. Watson shoots around and kills an innocent villager. They get shocked. Watson says lets send this a message to them, the british are not afraid of the indian. Jagrani does the puja around some tree and keeps gangajal. Chandra talks to her. She thinks Lord is talking to her and gets glad. Sitaram comes there and hears Chandra’s voice. He sees Chandra hiding over the

tree branch. Jagrani asks Sitaram did he hear the Akashvani by Lord. He says yes, I have seen your fav Lord, come I will show you Lord. He takes a stick and goes to Chandra.

Jagrani sees Chandra. He hides his face. Sitaram asks him to come downstairs. He asks Jagrani to meet her fav Lord. She says I will teach him a lesson today. She scolds Chandra to save him. Sitaram says I know, you scolded him well, look at him, he is making an innocent face like Shravan Kumar took birth in our house. She says I will beat him at home. Sitaram is called by landlord. Jagrani asks him to go. Sitaram says britishers are coming for hunting, they will stay in circuit house, I have to get fruits and vegs for them. He asks Chandra not to roam around circuit house. Chandra agrees.

Jindal and everyone get shocked seeing the man dead. He says Watson won’t be alive now. He gets angry. Sitaram comes to Shambunath and says Watson killed an innocent Bheel on the way. Shambunath says I told you, they are heartless. They send out the deers handi out. Shambunath asks Sitaram did he arrange fruits, flowers and vegs. Sitaram says yes. Shambunath says don’t have hatred, just keep a smile and serve them, if you do mistake, entire village will come in danger, I m going to arrange wine. Sitaram leaves. Britishers arrive in the circuit house. Chandra runs to his friends and asks did Watson come, we will pull the catapult together. He checks the tube once. He climbs on the tree.

Watson enjoys the welcome ceremony. Jindal and his men arrive there to kill Watson. Jindal asks his men to stay there and goes ahead alone. He sees many guards and gets back to hide. Watson asks everyone to come for lunch. Shambunath asks where is wine. Patwani says its here. Shambunath says Sitaram didn’t come yet. Sitaram gets the fruits. Jindal says we have to go ahead, if the arrow hurts our men then…. Kaka says there is danger ahead, do anything from here, its risky to go ahead. Jindal says I have to go there, I will risk life one more time. He sees policeman and says he comes so often.

Watson says these people are stupid, I have killed a small fish/boy last time. Chandra asks his friends to pull him. Jindal climbs the tall tree to aim at Watson. He looks inside the circuit house. He gets his aim at Watson. Chandra releases the stone. The stone flies and hits Watson. He falls back. Jindal gets shocked and turns to see. Everyone gets shocked and hold Watson to know if they are okay. Chandra says we will throw more stones now. Chandra throws more stones. The man says how dare, who is this. Sursi says they will run this time, Tatya will get saved. The man asks Sitaram to clean the floor. Patwari says don’t worry, I will clean it.

He asks Sitaram to go. The man stops Sitaram and asks can’t you hear me. Patwari says no, he is not staring at you, he is half blind. He asks Sitaram to leave, why is he staring. Watson shouts who did this….. go and search, kill them all. Sitaram washes his clothes and cries for his fate. He asks would my children need to live such a life. He wears his clothes. He gets shocked seeing Chandra throwing the stones at circuit house by the catapult. He says Watson got hurt by his stone. Sursi sees Chandra and says see there, your dad. Chandra says I can just see my aim. He sees Sitaram staring.

Sitaram takes Chandra home. Jagrani asks Sitaram to leave Chandra. Kaki tells Kindal that Chandra has pelted stones. Jindal asks his men to get Chandra. Chandra gets chased and runs in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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