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Chandrashekhar 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitaram worries for Chandra

Chandrashekhar 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra telling his plan to the kids. She realizes something and runs. Sitaram says Chandra took my cycle tube, he didn’t think how will I travel. Jagrani saks did you see him removing tube. He says you spoiled him. He asks her to say whose bag is this. Chandra looks on. Sitaram asks how did this bag reach there, your love made you blind, he can do anything tomorrow, don’t worry, I will ask him today, let him come. Chandra asks Sukhdev is he hiding and smoking. Sukhdev asks him to go and tell dad. Chandra says I will complain to dad, you have to bear punishment.

Sukhdev asks did I complain about you, dad is angry, why did you take cycle tube. He says I had work, do one thing now. Chandra gets ill and says I have stomach ache. Sukhdev says yes. Sitaram catches Chandra

and asks him why did he steal the tube, is the drama over. Jagrani asks did you take tube. Chandra says no. Sitaram goes to get stick. Jagrani says he may have not taken the tube, what will he do of it. She stops Sitaram and cries. She asks him to leave Chandra.

Sitaram says beating you means boiling own blood, when son becomes enemy of father, Lord can’t stop the house from getting ruined. He goes. Chandra hugs Jagrani. The kids refuses to go. Sursi says Chandra said he won’t let Hanka happen. Kaki packs the bag. She says we have to leave, don’t be scared, we will hide in our mum’s house. Patwari comes there and catches the kids. He says what shall we do, we have to do this for our stomach. He taunts them for rebelling and drags the kids. Kaki and Kaka meet Jindal and beg him to save their kids. The man says don’t worry, we will save them. Kaka says Hanka will happen, how will it get fine. Jindal says I have a bullet in my body since childhood, Watson shot me, nothing will happen to Tatya. Chandra hides the catapult. Kids come running and tell Chandra that Tatya is taken away, will he not come back. Chandra says he will surely come back. Jindal makes a plan and tells his man. He says we won’t leave Watson today. Sitaram gets some tubes and shouts to Chandra to fill the tubes in cycle. Jagrani says he is not at home, its sunday, he would be playing.

He says you don’t know what’s happening, britishers have come for Hanka, they dragged kids, our son also goes there. She worries and says I will go. He asks her to sit at home. He says no one understands what I m going here, I lost everything and turned helpless to work for that cheap Shambunath. He cries and says I don’t want to give such lives to our children, I want Chandra to get educated, we can live with self esteem, but who listens to me, I m going to find him, if he comes home, don’t let him move. Chandra gets a stone and puts in catapult. He says we all will together throw this. Stone doesn’t go. Sursi asks him to throw small stone. Chandra tries. Stone flies far. They clap.

Sitaram asks some men about Chandra. The man says I didn’t see him today. The stone falls near Sitaram. The kids happily laugh. Chandra throws more stones. Sitaram tells Manohar/Chandra’s teacher that Chandra made him sad. Manohar says I don’t agree, I will get him home. Sitaram says fine, give him some sense. Manohar says don’t worry. Manohar sees Chandra on the way. Chandra greets him. He says I was going home, dad would have come. Manohar says your dad asked you not to go there, why did you go. Chandra says I have to go, even if dad beats me, britishers kidnapped my friend for Hanka. Manohar says they always do this for hunting. Chandra says I won’t let Hanka happen. Manohar says focus on studies, once you grow up, you will know everything. Chandra says the same.

Sitaram asks Chandra not to go near circuit house. Watson shoots down someone. Chandra throws stone that hits Watson. Watson falls far. Sitaram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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