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“2gethr 4evr–Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER-14


In the Break when I met Mahi..She discussed about the Notice..

“If it’s a Dance..that means that I m going to have a Date” I mumbled

“Hey may be “Saviour ” will ask u” Mahi said !!

We made a nickname for Kunj..”SAVIOUR” so that we can talk about front of him..without letting him know..!! 😛 😛 *I tell u..its totally Mahi’s Idea*

“Who is “Saviour” ??” asked Kunj suddenly from behind

“NO ONE” I replied looking back..

His expressions changed into mad ones..

“C’mon Friends keep no secret !!” he said trying to inquire again

“Sorry but NO..I cant tell..” I said..pulling Mahi also to stand up !! He grabbed my lower arm

“Can I please know whom u like??” He asked & Mahi giggled 😛

“He is a Boy !!” I winked & went with Mahi

“He is such an Idiot !! He doesn’t realizes u like him !!” Mahi said once we were out of earshot

“WHO ??” I jumped & saw Yuvi standing behind me with an ‘Answer me Now’ look

“Where is ur Partner in Teasing ??” asked Mahi while I was busy pretending not to have heard what he said 😛

“Sitting there..lost in thoughts” Yuvi pointed towards the canteen..”Now tell me…Twinkle whom do u like ??” Yuvi turned towards me & asked me with his eyebrows up..& eyes widened..

“U can tell him Twinkle.” Mahi gave me confidence

I leaned towards his ears & spoke “Kunj”

“KUNJ…!!!” “eeeeee shhh shhh !! It’s a secret” I shouted before he could let the whole college know about it..

“Abey to ja k usko bata na..” Yuvi said giving me ‘R u Stupid’ look

“Areey nahi..I don’t know what he thinks of me…I don’t want to ruin the friendship” I said & started walking off !!

Yuvi said something & Mahi chuckled !! I turned around to see what made them laugh..but couldn’t make out !!

On my way to the class I met Kunj..He bowed a little..& went !!

I was surprised..I wanted to meet him so impatiently..the entire day yesterday went without having a glimpse of his..& here he is today not even interested in meeting me :/ His smile was lost..I missed his dimples..His sparkling eyes were sad..his Shayaries were missing !! This was the guy whom I hugged just a day before..because of whom I feel my life worth living..The only reason of my happiness now..The sole reason of my smile is not happy himself & Silly me don’t even know the I decided to go & inquire it myself..

“Kunj..wait Kunj..” I shouted as he sat on his bike ready to drive..

He did not turn..just drove off !! May be he did not listen to my calling..or may be he had an importat work..or may be he is angry..but why ?? Was he jealous of Saviour 😛 ??



Me & Twinki both were tensed about the letter & that wooden box so just to get our minds off those things I brought up the Dance to be discussed 🙂

“Mahi just say Yes to one of the boys that have asked u..The dance is just 2 days from now” Twinki said

“I m waiting for Yuvi to ask me” I replied

“What if he doesn’t ?? Smart one..” She questioned “U need to have a Date”

“Then may be…I will go..with…ummm I don’t kow” I just shrugged my shoulders

Yes its true I m waiting for Yuvi to ask me..So whats wrong in it !! Even Twinki was waiting for Kunj so why couldn’t I wait..Twinkle told me that Kunj told her to ask me to stay away from Yuvi..but what can I do if my heart choose him..I had no control over it !! No matter how much I try to make up my mind about not giving any importance to Yuvi now..Its over the moment I see him…the moment I hear him cracking a joke..the moment I see him smiling..Arrgh !! :/

-After Twinki left-

“Ye yahan chup..wo wahan chup..kuch nahi ho sakta in dono ka” Yuvi spoke on Twinki’s acceptance of liking Kunj…Twinki turned to watch us..but the expressions on her face made it clear that she could not listen what Yuvu spoke 😛

Its true..Yuvi & I knew that they both loved each other but none of them were ready to confess..& we could even tell them both because telling one would mean we are breaking the trust of the other..I was lost in all these thoughts when Suddenly Yuvi held my hand & dragged me to the other side of the canteen..which is quiet & rarely students go there..

“Areey Yuvi kahan le jaa rahe ??” I questioned well aware of the place he was taking me to..but he spoke nothing..

We reached the back garden which had beautiful flowers..& there he said “ I was nervous in front of every one”

I simply raised my eyebrows “Mahi will u accompany me to the dance…??” He suddenly spoke taking my left hand in his both hands & looking me directly in my eyes !!

I wished I could shout & scream..& just tell him that I was waiting since so long for him to ask me..Tell him why did I deny so many boys..I even had decided not to attend the Freshers if he dint ask..!!

“Mahi sayyy” He shook me

I simply jumped & gave him a hug !! My feelings overflowing & my joys knowing no limit !!

I knew now he has realized his true feelings for me so he asked me out..& was sure that he will soon propose me too !!



It was not many days left for the Fresherss & I still did not have any Partner..

So I decided to ask Payal..the scholar of my batch 😛

“Hey Payal..would u like to go with me to the Dance ??” I asked just speeding a bit to reach her..

She turned around..”Ohh Yuvi I m so sorry !!” My eyes widened “I actually m going with Arya” She told her reason & walked off !!

I was surprised to see that a girl denied me..but then I really was a fool asking her to go with me even though she was dating Arya..

“Its obvious mann !! She will go with Arya” I shook my head & spoke to myself

I then saw Mahi and Twinkle !! Suddenly I remembered that Kunj told me that Mahi wont accept anyone..this meant if I ask Mahi..she wont deny me..!! I will get a Partner too & as a fact she is not that bad..I mean already being asked by 8 guys..Ladki hai to massstt !! Repo ban jayegi apni..

So I moved forward to ask her for the dance !!



“Dear Diary

No matter how much courage I muster many times I change the lines I will speak to ask Twinkle for dance..She isn’t going to agree to come with me for the dance..She likes some on else 🙁 Some one they call ‘Saviour’ !! </3 No No this isn’t a lie..I heard it myself from their mouths..Mahi expects him to ask Twinkle for dance !!



Even Mahi did not tell me who that guy is..I was soo hurt !! I did not even wait to look at her when she called me..I ignored & drove away :/ But now I am realizing it was wrong !!

Who can be this ‘Saviour’ ??

May be some boy from her batch :/ But she never discussed it with me 🙁 Never did tell me 🙁

At least Mahi should have told me when I confessed my liking !! :/

I wonder how that guy is..may be he is better than me..surely he will be better than me that’s why Twinkle likes him !! :/

But now what ?? What about me 🙁

I wish I told Twinki earlier about my feelings !! May be she would have accepted me then..

I just wanna tell her how gorgeous she everything about her is so Captivating..& Her dazzling Hazel eyes..I just wish I could keep looking into them..get lost in them ^_^



& the way her shiny black hair fall against her fair skin..about her perfect beautiful lips..her narrow Jaw line..those long eyelashes of hers..& its not just looks..I also wanna tell how kind she is..always considers ones feelings..She is stronger than she lets on and braver than she realizes..Never believes when some one praises her..Always into Books..!! I wanna let her know all this 🙁




Now do u think Kunj will ask Twinki for dance ?? & What about Mahi ?? What will happen when she gets to know that Yuvi is just a play boy & is cheating her :/

Waiting for ur comments 🙂

Do tell me ur views 🙂

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