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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Big blunder in Kaira marriage

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying no, its my bridal lahenga, how will it look if it gets torn. Kartik says my sherwani can’t tear, I have no other sherwani at home. They pray. Dadi asks pandit what’s this, can’t you say that its not safe to keep food here. Pandit says what can I say, temple committee have fixed a board here. Manish says its small, how can we see it. Pandit says we can’t stop animals from coming here. Bhabhimaa says we would have got food for them. Pandit says you mean its my mistake. Suwarna says no, prepare for the marriage, we will arrange food. Naira and Kartik leave. Naira says I m happy. Kartik asks driver to drive fast, Dadi will not leave him if mahurat passes. Naksh fixes the flowers. Pandit asks him not to hit nails or fix tapes. Naksh says don’t worry, its double tap. He asks Samarth not to put weight on the pillar.

Manish asks are the temple bells fine or fall over our head. Pandit asks him not to say this. Surekha cries and says Lav and Kush left, they would be coming. Vansh says the garland isn’t of gold, why did they make us watchman. Kairav says a camel had eaten the garland in mum and dad’s marriage, now Naksh feels the cow will come and eat it. Kartik collides with some groom. He says sorry. The man says oh no, same sherwani. Kartik says its no issue, my sherwani is torn, I have to change it now. The man thanks him and goes. Kartik asks the shopkeeper to give him a sherwani, his wife is leaving. The man leaves. The driver says Kartik has come, he got the sherwani soon. The guy Kamal’s driver wait. Surekha says Lav and Kush didn’t come. Dadi asks her to leave it. Bhabhimaa asks them to hurry. Kairav says I have to go to washroom. Vansh says we don’t go anywhere. Naira comes. Kairav runs to her. He goes to get her. Din shagna da….plays….

Everyone smiles. A couple comes. The girl says we should have got a varmala. The man says we ran in a hurry, look around. They pick the varmala. Manish says Kartik would be coming. Kartik gets a sherwani and says Naira, you are lucky to get a handsome husband. He goes and falls. The door knob breaks. He recalls the past. He says its happening like it happened in first marriage. He asks someone to break the door. Naira waits for him. Kamal reaches. He says I reached, my family didn’t agree and come, its okay uncle, your family is mine now. The man asks Kartik to have patience. Kartik asks him to just break the door, the mahurat will be gone, where is my phone. His phone is inside the car.

Kamal says why did Monica buy much expensive lahenga, when we decided to not spend more, so many people here. Kartik asks the man to call Naira. He tells the number. Kamal stands with Naira. Manish and Dadi compliment Kartik. Kamal thinks they are so cute people, my family doesn’t talk to anyone well. Kairav says just start the marriage soon. Kamal says he maybe Monica’s brother’s son. Pandit asks everyone to put phone on silent. Gayu says I have Naira’s phone in my purse. The man says no one is answering. Kartik says I won’t reach my marriage, why didn’t you say there is duct here. The man says yes, but be careful. Dadi says groom and bride won’t see each other till marriage. Kairav and Vansh hold Kamal’s hand.

Kamal thinks whose kids are they. Samarth says once marriage happens, we will go on honeymoon. Gayu says we won’t go, Lav and Kush are coming. He says we will go after some days. Surekha cries and says my heart is beating, I m going to see Lav and Kush after a long time. Manish asks Akhilesh to make her quiet. Kamal thinks who are Lav and Kush now, Monica didn’t tell me. Kartik comes out from the duct. He thinks to take lift. He says no one is pitying me. He shouts for help. Dadi does aarti of Naira and Kamal. Kamal sees the money and thinks I will fight with Monica today itself, look at the clothes and jewellery like in films. Naira thinks how is Kartik so silent, he didn’t compliment me. Kamal thinks Monica is silent since long. Kartik runs on the road.

He says its Naira’s mistake, she wanted to marry on the mountain top temple, I need lift, I can’t go there. He asks for lift. He says its limit, no one is helping me. He sits on the road to stop the auto. He says they are shameless people, they aren’t giving me lift, I have to run before mahurat passes. Manish asks are the girl’s family ready to give us a good competition. Everyone dances on Mere saiyyan superstar…. Kamal also dances with them. He thinks they are so sweet, no one came from groom’s side, they made their team, wow. He holds Dadi. Dadi feels strange. Kartik climbs the rough stairs to get short cut. He says Lord, send some car at least now, pity me.

Pandit says stop, groom and bride exchange varmala, time is passing. Surekha says not so soon, my Lav and Kush will come in 5 mins. Manish says they will come, let varmala happen. Suwarna sees the dry garlands. They get shocked. Suwarna asks Vansh and Kairav. Kairav says we were there. Devyaani asks did Gaumata eat garlands. Naksh says Gaumata won’t leave dry garlands. Akhilesh says someone did this. Kairav shows the varmala with the couple. Naksh and everyone stop them. The guy apologizes and runs away. Suwarna says let it be now. Gayu says other varmala can’t come now. Dadi says I told them not to keep marriage here. Kamal says but elders decided to keep marriage in temple, aunty ji. They ask whom did you call aunty. Kamal says I called her aunty, didn’t she like it. Naira removes the sehra. They get shocked seeing Kamal. They ask who are you.

Naira asks who are you, where is my Kartik. Kartik shouts I m coming Naira. Naira shouts on Kamal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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