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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet makes Amber realizes Nia’s sacrifices

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber why don’t you meet the ladies as Nia wanted. She says you and my mum are same, both wants to ruin their child’s life. Amber says Nia knows why I am refusing. Guneet asks did you ever think about her, she has changed her life for you. She says after few years, you will be like my mum. Nia will reach my age then you will ask her to search life partner for her. Amber says you told Nia about this and I understand all this. Guneet says this is a problem, you don’t understand. Upadhya tells Randeep about car bookings. Randeep asks about Nia. Amber comes there. Randeep smiles. Amber says he don’t like his smile. He asks Upadhya to give the customer details. Upadhya says everything is written on the computer. Amber asks him to enter inside the computer. Randeep smiles and says you just need to open the window. He shows him the file on the computer screen and tells that their business has an increment of 20 percent. Amber asks for tea.

Nia gives the file to Boss about her ideas for the App. He tells that he had given her a chance, but she didn’t do. He tells that he wants the new team to come up with their ideas. He says thank, but no thanks. Kabir and Kajal see that and tell that Nia needs their friends. Amber comes home and asks why her clothes are drying here. Guneet says you don’t allow us to dry our clothes there. Amber messages her and asking about the rat. Guneet tells that rat has become fat. Amber messages about the cat and tells that she can use her claws for scratching. Guneet says we shall leave them together, either will fight or befriend each other. She dries her clothes. Amber says water is coming up till here. he messages her that seems like his cat needs to be bitten by her rat. Guneet says her rat is very upset. Amber says even I am upset, when I do something which I don’t. Guneet sees Pummy and thinks they might be telling for our happiness. Amber says we shall agree for their love ones. Guneet says she can’t chat in night. Amber says he is also tired and sleepy. He says we will sleep tonight. He looks at Guneet and goes to room. Nia comes home thinking about her boss. Randeep is standing out and tells that he came to give file to her dad. Nia asks him to forget all that. He says we will meet for our dads and reminds her of the fun they had done in US. Nia says not now. He asks if she don’t want to befriend him. She thinks I am scared that we won’t be just friends. He calls her and asks her to give file to her dad. Guneet sees him and asks how are you? Randeep says good.

Nia comes inside and gives file to Amber. She says Randeep met her outside and she took file from him. Amber asks what happened, why didn’t you ask for ginger tea? Nia says nothing. Guneet comes down and asks randeep if he didn’t meet Nia. Randeep says he talked to her. he says Nia behaves odd with him, they had so much fun in the US. She says I know you love Nia. Randeep says I don’t love Nia, he wants to know about her etc. He tells that he misses her. Guneet asks why? She makes him realize his love for Nia. Randeep asks what to do? Guneet asks him for coffee.

Amber looks at Nia while they were having dinner. Door bell rings. Kabir and Kajal come there. Kajal hugs her. They ask her to come for a 8 pm play. Nia says she is very tired and will sleep. Amber asks Nia to go. Nia asks them not to force her. Amber asks Kabir why her mood is off? Kabir says manager was upset with Nia as she left US training mid way. He says don’t worry, I will take care of her. Nia brings water and gives to Kabir. Kabir tells Nia that they will meet tomorrow. He says you can tell me,if there is something. Nia says I am fine and closes the door. Amber thinks of Guneet’s words. Nia asks Amber to have food. Amber goes to his room and cries, thinking about Guneet’s words.

Guneet gets Amber’s message and checks his message. He asks why do people give sacrifice? Guneet says we had decided not to talk. Amber writes something is going on in his mind and asks her to message in the morning. Guneet replies where there is love, there is no selfishness. Amber says we shall agree sometimes, even though against our wish. He writes atleast we are here to share our worries with each other. Guneet writes yes sure, two worried souls. He writes I am ready. She messages, even me.

Precap: Guneet agrees to meet Doctor and hugs Pummy. Amber gives coffee to Nia, with OK on it. Nia gets happy and asks if he will go on a date. He signs yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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