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Bahu Begum 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Noor exposes Rubina

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Bahu Begum 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Noor telling Mashuqa that when she collided with Rubina. She had kept hand on her head rather than her stomach. Mashuqa says pregnant woman keeps hand on their stomach for the baby. They think if she is not pregnant. Mashuqa tells about the hospital name hornbell. Noor asks Dilruba to find out if Azaan got any calls. She calls on the hospital number. Azaan gets many calls asking if he is singing sensation. He says he is not a singer. He gets a call asking him to give his manager’s number to contact him for the contract. Azaan thinks it is a prank call and ends the call. Dilruba comes there. Azaan asks if I am a star. Dilruba says yes, you are and shows that his song is uploaded on Voot and got 5 million views. He picks a call and tells Azaan that there is a called for U Series, talking about the contract. He gives call to Azaan. Azaan listens to the caller and tells Dilruba that U Series called him for a meeting, asks him not to tell anyone. Dilruba thinks everyone knows about it.

Noor tells Khalid that she will tell him something which will shock him and asks him to promise that he will not react. Khalid asks her to tell clearly. Noor says she wants to talk about Rubina and says she lied to you and badi ammi also. Khalid recalls Rubina adding medicine in Razia’s food to keep her in coma. He says I was adding medicine in badi ammi’s food. Noor is shocked and thinks to make him confess. She asks why did you do this? Khalid tells that they were in need of money and that’s why he did this. Noor asks do you think that I will believe you. Khalid says I tried to harm you people before also. Noor says this Khalid is different and tells that you are saying this to save Rubina. Khalid says I am ready to get punishment and asks her to take care of Rubina after that. He says if you want then you can call Police. She thinks you are trying to save Rubina as you think that she is pregnant, but she is not pregnant.

Rubina gets a call from a beauty contest, informing that she is selected as the finalist in the beauty contest, and if she wins then she will get 30 lakhs Rs. It shows Dilruba made a fake call to her. Noor comes to Dilruba and asks for what, she is selected. Rubina says she is selected for Mrs. Bhopal contest. She taunts Noor for not getting marriage and says your age is passed. Razia comes there and asks about it. Noor says you didn’t read the terms and conditions and tells that whoever is pregnant can’t take part in the contest. Khalid comes and says you shall not take part. Rubina tells that she will not tell them. Noor tells that they will do your medical check up and find out. She says you shall forget about becoming Mrs. Bhopal. She asks her to sit and give birth to kids, says your age passed to become Mrs. Bhopal. Razia says what you are talking about? Khalid says it is good luck to give birth to a child. Rubina asks them to stop it and says she is not pregnant. She says she felt that she is pregnant, but she is not. Noor laughs and says Khalid shall say something. Khalid asks if all that is fake. Rubina says no and tells that actually….Noor tears the brochure and says that’s why I was laughing. Rubina asks how dare you, and tells that she will make her have the medicine like she had given to badi ammi. She then realizes and stops. Noor asks her to say that she will do the same thing which she did with badi ammi and I will become like dead body and will be on bed all my life. Razia asks what you have said. Khalid says I thought you are changed and repenting your deeds. He says you lied to me so that I can save you from going to jail. Rubina says I am pregnant. Noor tells that hornbell hospital confirmed that you never went there and tells that the beauty contest fake call was made by Dilruba. Rubina shouts at them. Khalid raises his hand on her, but Razia holds his hand. Khalid praises Razia and says she is my badi ammi whom you tried to kill. He asks her to leave and asks her not to show her face to him again. He asks Noor to call Police right now.

Precap: Razia stops Azaan from slapping Noor and tells that Noor uploaded your song and saved this house from mortaging.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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